From The Message Boards: What Do You Do About Hair Down There?

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have one thing in common: we’ve all got hair down there. It doesn’t matter how much you hate it or how much it embarrasses you: it’s always going to be there. Well, unless you do something to get rid of it, that is.

Which type of girl are you: do you shave off all of your pubic hair all the time? Do you wax? Would you or have you ever gotten is laser treatment? Or do you embrace those hairs and stay all natural? We saw this post in the message boards and we want to know how you girls feel about hair down there. Read what these girls had to say and let us know: should you get rid of it, or leave it as is?

dance2themusic asked:
Okay, so I know that everyone says its up to you whether or not you keep your hair “down there”. But I want to know if YOU personally shave or wax. And if you do, how much?

sweetness said:
I shave the bikini line and trim the rest too. I think that doing away with it entirely is a little bit odd… that’s what little children look like. If a guy wants a real woman- he’s gotta want the whole thing and real women have hair down there. Also, even in X rated movies mostly the women HAVE hair there. so… i guess choose what you feel comfortable with. A guy won’t be turned off by hair.

Mad4Boys said:
I shaved all of mine two days ago. It looked really weird at first when I looked down (not so much in the mirror), but I’ve got used to it now and feel so much sexier!

What do we think you should do about your pubic hair? Well, it’s really entirely your decision and it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t shave or wax just because you want to impress a dude! Only take it all off if that’s what you like.


What do you think girls should do? How do you deal with hair down there? Tell us in the comments!


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  • janijan14

    i just trim and shave the bikini line only

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  • Matilda

    I usually trim it with some scissors and shave along my bikini lines, especially if I am going to the beach and going to wear a swimsuit.

  • anonymous

    I personally shave it, because it is less pain than waxing it. I tried plucking them with tweezers but it hurted alot lol so I just wax it ;D haha

  • summergurl

    I know you should go with what makes you comfortable, but my question is .. what do most boys prefer? Just like hairless, bushy or trimmed ?

  • loveyourself_96

    i shave and it gets annoying. but i feel like a better person. it makes me feel sexier, and i dont feel so embarrassed as to when i have hair down there. i know its normal, but hair down there is so, well, ugly. but it does get irritating sometimes. but i just go with the flow. <3

    • skmswim

      That is what I want to know. Soon I will be getting laser hair removal..and I am not sure just how much to remove!

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  • Missy

    Well honestly i really don’t want any hair down there. it’s jst my preference but also I do need a little protection for anything that could possibly give me an infection or something along those matters. so a little hair is ok. not too much o.o

  • say it loud and proud

    wax that stuff off myself!!! gots a landing strip…that is all. hate shaving cause i hate bumps and that is the very next day. waxin is the key.

  • Shelby

    I honestly hate having any hair down there. I can’t afford waxing or laser treatment so I just shave once a week or so. Evolutionary there is no need for hair down there anymore. We had it in our ancestors to help prevent infection. Now that we have such good sanitation as well as the ability to take showers frequently and keep ourselves clean there is no need for it. Why keep something there is no need for? Also having pubic hair makes your lady parts smell worse because it traps odor molecules. Because of all the facts, and because I dislike it, I shave very often and keep myself tidy.

  • shain1041

    I think its not good for shaving because it will cause ingrowm hairs

  • alice_doll

    I’ve been shaving for a while. I like it a lot more, it just feels more clean. Plus I like the smooth feeling.

  • Ann

    I just leave mine alone, even though some people would consider that gross. I’m just not up to the razor burn that accompanies shaving it, and if somebody is turned off by it, it’s their issue, not mine.

  • Elle

    I like being hair free everywhere. It feels a lot cleaner, im more comfortable in bikinis and it doesn’t get itchy. Overall, being hairless down there makes me feel a lot better. Most girls I know are that way too. Then again, they’re all on the swim team so I guess that’s why lol

  • A

    I just trim to keep it neat, shaving and waxing are too painful. It doesn’t bother me or my boyfriend and it doesn’t stick out of my bathing suit, so why should I?

  • Jaime

    I wish I could shave it all off but I can’t!!! I’m allergic to the metal in most razors!!! It’s such a pain (lol, it really is), so alot of the time I get by with either leaving it (ie. Just trimming) or waxing my bikini line and trimming the rest. Personally I’m very self consious of my hair down there and would honestly get laser treatment.

  • Neicy

    I trim the entire area. I used to trim it a little long but I know I trim it all the way down. I would shave but I have really sensitive skin and I tend to get rashes when I shave my legs. I’m a little afraid to shave my other area. If I did it would be for a special occasion and I think a rash would be a turn off.

  • EmmyGween

    i want to get all the hair off, but my only choices are shaving it…and that doesnt work for me so much…helpp!

  • Ashley

    I don’t like removing hair from anywhere on my body. Shaving or waxing is too much work, costs money and takes up too much time just to look “how a girl should”. I have a sexy, wonderful boyfriend that treats me like a princess and I’ve never shaved since I’ve known him. Once we actually had HIM shave everything while I stayed hairy to really make a statement for everyone. :p. If a guy (or girl, girls do more actually!) say you NEED to shave then they are just listening to cultural norms that girls+hair=dirty and you need to snap him/her out of it or not pay attention to them because they are shallow. Shaving is probably actually more “dirty” because you can get razor bumps, ingrown hairs, infections, etc more easily. However with that said with my pubic area I DO remove the hair sometimes (Preferably waxing because it is easier, lasts longer and is smoother) because it is FUNCTIONAL (instead of purely cosmetic) to do so for me. Waxing my hair down there makes masturbation and sex feel better for ME because it’s bare and all super sensitive afterwards (that may be because I hardly do it tho idk), and easier for my boyfriend to navigate down there :p.

    • Ashley

      Oh and I also agree that it is kind of weird that our culture is obsessed with girls shaving it all off because it makes us look as if we are little girls again, before puberty. That just makes me think of child molesters…Maybe it is a sign that men cannot handle or don’t want to deal with grown aka powerful and independent women in our culture.

  • Missfiction

    i try to but i get really itchy at night! my mom says i shouldnt do it though and told me not to.