From The Message Boards: What Do You Do About Hair Down There?

It doesn’t matter who you are, we all have one thing in common: we’ve all got hair down there. It doesn’t matter how much you hate it or how much it embarrasses you: it’s always going to be there. Well, unless you do something to get rid of it, that is.

Which type of girl are you: do you shave off all of your pubic hair all the time? Do you wax? Would you or have you ever gotten is laser treatment? Or do you embrace those hairs and stay all natural? We saw this post in the message boards and we want to know how you girls feel about hair down there. Read what these girls had to say and let us know: should you get rid of it, or leave it as is?

dance2themusic asked:
Okay, so I know that everyone says its up to you whether or not you keep your hair “down there”. But I want to know if YOU personally shave or wax. And if you do, how much?

sweetness said:
I shave the bikini line and trim the rest too. I think that doing away with it entirely is a little bit odd… that’s what little children look like. If a guy wants a real woman- he’s gotta want the whole thing and real women have hair down there. Also, even in X rated movies mostly the women HAVE hair there. so… i guess choose what you feel comfortable with. A guy won’t be turned off by hair.

Mad4Boys said:
I shaved all of mine two days ago. It looked really weird at first when I looked down (not so much in the mirror), but I’ve got used to it now and feel so much sexier!

What do we think you should do about your pubic hair? Well, it’s really entirely your decision and it’s all about what makes you feel comfortable. Don’t shave or wax just because you want to impress a dude! Only take it all off if that’s what you like.


What do you think girls should do? How do you deal with hair down there? Tell us in the comments!


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  • naykid1

    I started shaving designs into my pubic hair 40 years ago and I liked the smooth feel of freshly shaved bare skin. As times changed I gradually shaved more and more body hair off until I was smooth from neck down. I love that super smooth feel that a fresh shave produces, I shave 3-4 times a week, sometimes more if I want to be with that special person. You’d be surprised at the looks I get when showering at the gym even crude comments to which I respond “man up or shut up”. Usually ends it right there.

  • Cathy pigeon

    I’m a girl..Guys should trim there pubic hair and not shaving it all. I’m hairy down there. I like it with a little pubic hair

  • Rick

    I like women who keep it bare. I tried shaveing then waxing finally just lasered it. It is great

  • Maryanne

    I trim and shave my bikini line but going all the way?

  • Hannah

    To be honest, I LOVE my pubic hair! It makes me feel sexy and it makes me feel like a woman. I shave my bikini line and trim my hair but I’ll never get rid of it entirely. I used to shave it and I felt like a little girl.

  • kingyut

    i dont know what to do about my pubic hair

  • Alex

    I shave my bakini line and trim the rest. Personally i don’t feel the need to shave/wax it all completely. When you think about it, everyone has hair there for a reason, to protect your vajay. To keep all of the nasty bugs and germs away from your sensitive lady parts. The same was you have eyelashes I suppose. Plus I think some guys would be a bit squemish about having sex with a hairless woman, it might feel more like a child? It’s completely up to you what you do, everyone is different and should just do what makes them feel good:)

    • Chaz

      From a male perspective, I’d rather have trimmed than a full bush or shaved! The idea of a bald beaver doesn’t bring an appearance of maturity(child’s play)!