Etsy Finds: 15 One Direction Accessories We Heart

What makes you beautiful? Aside from your winning smile and super cool personality, I am guessing it’s your sweet 1D accessories. That’s right our love of handmade Etsy finds and One Direction have combined (finally!) to form really cute charm bracelets, necklaces, and basically the most amazing pair of sneakers ever!

I might lend you the headband but you are not borrowing my “Keep Calm And Love Harry” necklace! Check out our fifteen most hearted finds–and if you’re tempted to buy any of these just click on the source and you’ll be covered in Harry, Liam, Zayne, Louis, and Niall!

1D Custom Sneakers

Keep Calm And Love One Direction

{a href=""}

1D Bottle Cap Necklaces

{a href=""}

I Heart 1D Scrabble Tile Ring

1D Hearts And Music Notes Charm

Beaded Bracelet

Woven Bracelet

{a href=""}

Keep Calm And Love Harry

Bow Tie Headband

Who is your favorite One Direction member? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatar NHSEO says:

    A very important thing regarding No Hands SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING is that after you have your personal profiles input simply success the start switch and you can let it stay running forever.

  2. avatar kylie Malik says:

    Zayn malik is my hubby i love him so much and yes his name is spelt zain but he spells it zayn because he thinks its fancy and like louis he pronces his name louie but spells it louis

  3. avatar Mikayla Ballard says:

    I love Louis!!!!!

  4. avatar jessicamuggleton says:

    i love 1D

  5. avatar Anna Stylinson says:

    Vas’ Happning? It’s Anna Stylinson again!!!!!!!

    Zayn (Zain) Javadd Malik- Sisters: Doniya, Waliaya, and Saffa- Jan 12-Bradford England. Harry Edward Styles- Sister: Gemma- Feb 1- Holmes Chapel England. Louis William Tomlinson- Sisters: Charlette, Felicite, Daisy, and Pheobe- Dec 24- Doncaster England. Liam James Payne- Sisters; Ruth and Nicola- Aug 29- Wolverhampton England. Niall James Horan- Brother: Greg- Sept 13- Mullingar Ireland.

    I Told U I Knew ALL of that Info.!!!!!!!!!!! Bye!

  6. avatar Anna Stylinson says:

    I love “Larry Stylinson”!!!!!!! I have One Direction infection!!!!!! I’M A TOTAL DIRECTIONER!!!!! I even know ALL their middle names, birthdays, where they were born, and ALL of their siblings’ names!!!!!!! I love U 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • avatar Nina payne says:

      congratz, if u dont know all that u arnt a directioner, so its not a big WOW that u know that

  7. avatar Mrs. Fuzy says:

    I love one direction! But , where can I buy one direction accesories at Malaysia?

  8. avatar Danise says:

    I love One direction..guess I’ve got an infection and I don’t wanna cure it…

  9. avatar Yasmine says:

    Yeah, Screw Bieber Fever, I’ve got One Direction Infection!!!!!! Although I still luv JB!

  10. avatar Jess says:


  11. avatar Veronica says:


    • avatar kylie Malik says:

      hell to the no back off hes mine i called him first i have loved him sence one direction was created

  12. avatar Alexia says:

    Louissss<3 <3 <3 <3

  13. avatar AsianIggs1 says:

    I love Harry, but no one is my least favorite. It just goes in order of how much I know about them individually ♥

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  15. avatar Alicia says:

    How come only Harry gets the individual special treatment? Maybe someone would like a Keep Calm and Love Louis, or Niall Glass Pendant, or maybe a Zayn and Liam Dog Tag…

  16. avatar Drue says:

    I am IN LOVE with One Direction!!!!!

  17. avatar mary styles says:

    His name is Zayn, not Zayne…

  18. avatar kristine says:

    i love the bottle cap stuff.but niall is my all time favorite member.he is sooo cute

  19. avatar Missy says:

    oh no they ddnt for the last one! XD omg i liked justin bieber but it maybe true that i was cured of the Bieber Fever and now i have One Direction Infection??! [even tho it sounds sorta creepy xD ]

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