How Can I Get Rid Of My Acne Quickly?

Cartoon girl with acne

If your acne is worse than a single zit once in a while, try using products that are a little stronger. A great brand that doesn’t require a prescription is Proactiv – as long as you use it every day as instructed, you’ll start seeing a difference in your acne (hopefully just in time for prom!). The face washes are great and work for a lot of skin types, plus it’s not going to cost you a ton of money.

But if your pimples are out of control, you should probably take a trip to the dermatologist. Your doctor can check out your skin type and prescribe some products that are super strong. It can be expensive, so maybe make this your last option.

And keep this in mind: you’re always going to notice the zits on your face, no matter where they are, but that doesn’t mean everyone else is. Stress only makes acne worse, so don’t worry about it too much. One or two pimples aren’t going to ruin your appearance!

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This post written in partnership with Proactiv. But even if they didn’t sponsor us, I’d totally mention them because this stuff works! xo, Heather

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  • Sue

    Everything is very open with a clear explanation of the challenges. It was definitely informative. Your site is very helpful. Many thanks for sharing!

  • Daisy J

    Hey everyone, I am a YouTube beauty blogger with 12.7 MILLION VIEWS. I have suffered with acne all my life, so I completely understand everything that you are going through. After going through hundreds of different treatments, this is the ONE THING that works Receive $5 off your order with the coupon code ‘comment’

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  • Tammy

    I have found this amazing spot clearing treatment. I could not believe it when I saw the results.

    Its so small and fits in your handbag, its portiable and discreat and runs on 2x batteries.
    It works in 2 minutes and it cleared my spot in 24 hours. I could not live without it now.

    I bought it on

  • Evangaline

    I’ve used St. Ives Naturally Clear scrub and it works wonders! Then afterwards I use that St. Ives Fresh Skin that gives me a nice soft clear look. Then in the end I use an Aveno facaial mosterizer. MAGIC!

  • Sammy

    The new Garnier pimple roll-on stuff worked for me they were gone so fast like in 3 hours you roll it on your pimple and it dissapeared!! It’s also really easy to carry around.

  • mya

    Sea Salt: helps heal acne faster and is really good for the skin.Take the sea salt pour it into a pot of water, let it boil, rest your face over it, this will help open up the pores and gets the toxins out, do this 1 or 2 times a week. After steaming wash your face with a cetaphil soap which is a antibacterial or jason tea tree soap or pears soap which is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. After follow up with a toner and lotion. Apply lots of good quality moisturizer such as 99% Aloe Vera gel while avoiding harsh and un-natural products. If you want more information, go on to

    Good luck!

  • David Todd

    girls have it easy. they can just throw make-up concealer over the pimples. guys dont have it that easy. there arent any magic quick fixes out there. although some brands are taking notice and offering up zit camouflages for dudes:

    get rid of pimples quickly

  • ice

    I have suffered from acne for eight grulling years before I found a solution on this website— Thank almighty GOD I stumbled on this website. You should go check it out.

  • Sarah

    What I used to do before I got on Birth Control was use those Stridex pads and wipe my face down with them and on the pimples that were there or about to form I would put a dab of Clearasil acne cream. I would apply those before bed and would RARELY get pimples. If I didn’t have any pimples I would just wipe down with the Stridex pads. Worked for me! :]

  • pumpkinprincess

    Tee tree oil clearils your face and helps get rid of dandruff too but if you you have oily skin you will break out more. lemon juice and strawberries work for zits on oily skin these treatments worked for me I hope they work for you

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