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Show your BFF how much you lurve your friendship by sending a best friend ecard. Just pick your friend’s outfit, hair, and the best friend pendant that matches their personality and you’re set! Then all you have to do is send it off. Hit share and send to your BFF! Guaranteed to make your bestie’s day!

And if you think of Gurl as your bestie (you know that we’d love to BFF ALL of you up!), send us a card at or post your card in the comments!

Much love,

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  • jennifer

    You are my best friend in the while wide world! You were my first friend too! I love you soo much and I cant wait to go to hs with you because we can talk about the sane ppl and teachers and ask the same questions. Ik we have had our ups and downs but that is what makes our strong friendship! We will protect each other through all the tough times! Especially through break ups! Hipefully we will have a friend group in hs tht we can hang out with so we are not alone! I will never betray you! And I hope you know that!
    Watch us fight over the same guy!!!

  • bribri

    Ilove this game omg I just got a text hahahah he said he will go out with me awwwwww bye

  • natoeoreoswag16

    Really cool that they didn’t

  • boomtiing_ox

    so they didn’t really take any advice from the gurl’s for this game…

  • akeila smith

    nice !!!!! lol

  • mzz domplez