Flashback: 20 Games From Your Childhood You Probably Miss

Sure, board games like Cranium and Apples To Apples are super fun. And yeah, video games and iPhone/Android apps are pretty awesome, too. But in my opinion, nothing beats the old-school board games we all grew up with in the ’90s.

That’s why we’ve rounded up 20 of the best board games from our childhood. Some of these games have been given a little bit of a makeover and their newer, 2000-friendly versions are still available to buy. But these are the original or ’90s versions of the games– in other words, the best versions. Check ’em out and let us know: which was your favorite growing up?


Ask Zandar, 1992
90s Games
Before Harry Potter, our favorite wizard was Zandar. He totally told the future, you guys.


Dream Phone, 1991
Electronic Dream Phone
Talking to hot dudes to find out who your secret admirer is? Only the best game ever invented.


Are You Afraid Of The Dark: The Game, 1995
Are You Afraid Of The Dark Board Game
As if the show wasn’t cool enough, there was also a board game–and it was pretty scary, guys, don’t lie.


Girl Talk, 1995
Girl Talk 1995
Who played regular old Truth or Dare when you could play Girl Talk’s version instead? Most importantly: DO YOU REMEMBER THE ZIT STICKERS?!


Party Mania, 1993
Party Mania Game
Max and Luke helped you do your chores and get to the party on time! Who ever knew chores could be so fun?


The Lion King Board Game, 1993
The Lion King Board Game
Basically, this game was all about pretending you were Simba… I mean, helping Simba defeat Scar.


Mr. Bucket, 1991
Mr. Bucket Game
This is a game meant for really little kids, but don’t act like you didn’t play it through middle school!


Pretty Pretty Princess, 1990
Pretty Pretty Princess
I don’t know about you guys, but when I was little, my main goal in life was to be a princess. And I never felt more glam than when I was wearing these ridiculous accessories and playing this game.


Thin Ice, 1989
Thin Ice
I don’t know why, but I LOVED this game. It should have gotten old quickly, but that just never seemed to happen.


Splat, 1990
Splat Board Game
“Splatting bugs is where it’s at!” Bugs hate getting splatted, but we really loved splatting them.


Don’t Wake Daddy, 1992
Don't Wake Daddy Game
This was the best game, because sneaking into the kitchen while trying not to wake up your dad? That totally happened in real life!


Shark Attack, 1988
Shark Attack
When you think of this game, the only image that should come up is a plastic shark eating fish as it “swims” across the board. Awesome.


Hungry Hungry Hippos, 1994 Version
Hungry Hungry Hippos
This game has been around forever, with a few different versions. It was the perfect game to release all of that kid energy you had.


Gator Golf, 1993
Gator Golf
“What could be greater than golf with a gator?” Nothing. Nothing can be better than that.


Electronic Mall Madness, 1990
Electronic Mall Madness
Who didn’t love this game? You spent fake money on awesome things. It was like real shopping, only with no debt!


Jumpin’ Monkeys, 1991
Jumpin Monkeys
This might have been the most frustrating game ever, because you basically had no control over those little monkeys. Still fun, though.


Barbie Dream Date, 1992
Barbie Dream Date
As if playing with your actual Barbie dolls wasn’t enough, there was a board game too! This allowed you to create Barbie’s perfect date with Ken. Could Barbie be any more lucky?


Slumber Party, 1990
Slumber Party Game
The whole point of this game was to make you have one seriously epic slumber party, and it worked. Why isn’t this around anymore?!


Topple, 1983
Topple: the ultimate game of balance. This literally brought hours and hours of fun to any kid.


Jumanji, 1995

Don’t act like you didn’t imagine yourself in the movie as you played this game!
Which game was your favorite? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!


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  • JW

    worst list ever, what about Pictionary, games that teens and even adults would play not these mostly small child games. So frustrated because I don’t think I seen one game on that list that was popular. Was hoping for games played in the 90’s, likely some still sold and still played.

  • danny mo

    And monopoly me and brothers played that as kids, blood would be spilled

  • Rexanne Edmonds

    My daughter played a game that was an elephant that blew out butterflies

    • Kim

      That was called Elephun

  • jenny

    I had the don’t wake daddy game I loved playing it it was so much fun.
    I know officially miss it

  • Ali

    You forgot about Mousetrap!