My Wide Hips Won’t Get In My Way

wide hips like a wide load truckThe saddest part? I didn’t see how things could ever be different. My hips weren’t going anywhere, and I assumed that I’d always hate them – that being comfortable in the world would always mean being pretty uncomfortable with my body. But then something happened: I stepped outside the mainstream, just a little. I took up yoga, hip-hop and modern dance, putting my years of ballet training to use in a place where my hips were an asset instead of a shameful flaw. I cultivated a taste for classic movies, where classic beauties flaunted their curves without shame. I bought vintage clothes from the 1950s – back when my petite frame and small waist was a dressmaker’s dream – and twirled in front of the mirror, finally seeing my curvy lower half in a different light.

This isn’t to say that I never have days where I pound on my outer thighs with a frustrated fist and growl at them for being so damn wide – even with mature confidence to match my mature curves, shopping for jeans can still be a real pain in the pelvis. But then I remember what I’ve got: a closet full of incredible vintage duds, a seriously committed yoga practice, and a husband (yup! Someone awesome wanted to marry these hips!) who thinks that my “child-bearing” figure is sexy as hell for reasons that have nothing to do with reproduction.

Which means that narrow beauty standards and body insecurity can kiss my oh-so-womanly ass.

Do you have wide hips or trouble fitting into jeans? Tell me all about it in the comments!

This Girl’s Belly Makes Her SEXY–Really!

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  • Crystal

    Wide hips are on my mom’s side of the family. I have always hated them. People try to tell me it’s sexy, but they make me feel so unusual and embarrassed. I know people stare at me everywhere I go and I hate that. I have gained and lost weight over the years and no matter what I do, they don’t go down much. I know I can’t get rid of them, but it’s so hard to appreciate them when I feel like a freak. I guess if I had something like yoga I would probably be more comfortable with my body while getting healthier. I’m glad to know there are other women out there who feel the same way as me. I really feel alone in it.

  • Sue

    If only the pear shape granted us Skinner thighs I would have lived peacefully, although not contentedly, with my wide hips .. at 42 Inch for hips 32 for waist , I’m stuck wearing those baggy tunics and straight cut Jeans .. I’m 5’7 and I Weigh 68 Kg. Yet, I can’t help feeling disappointed with my body .. I’ve lost 20.kgs but that did nothing to my self-esteem *Sighs* I go to gym daily and I’m on a diet and I rarely sit down so my hips don’t go wider .. I still see cellulite and Ugly curves when I look at The mirror .. I can’t stand my thighs and I’m ashamed to sit in public without covering them with a pillow .. I pray that one day I’ll be at peace with my body 🙁

  • Gracie

    I’m 14, 5′ 3.5″ tall, 111 lbs, my hips are 36″, and I’m only a pathetic B cup. I’m as pear shaped as they come. I went all the way down to 96lbs and didn’t look AS pearish, but still like a pear. Then Christmas came around a week after I FINALLY looked the way I wanted, and here I am :(. The only boy that has ever liked me after I hit puberty is my boyfriend. We’ve been together since before I lost a ton of weight (just to put it all back on) and it wasn’t until recently he admitted to me he’s asexual. Meaning that he physically cant look at bodies as hot and sexy. No matter what it is or how you’ll find him, you’ll find a guy that looks past your insecurities and into your heart 🙂 Because let’s face it, we’re living in a horrible society where stick figures are preffered.

  • Wendy

    oh yeah I have the hip and butte promblem. I am so pear shape that pear should be my name. I do have trouble buying jeans, If you buy them to fit your waist they are to small in the hips, if they fit your hips they are to big in the waist. What gives urg?! I mean who wants a big gap in the back when you sit down. But I have taken up a gym class that helps tone those areas that are less appealing to the eye sight. When I say I am fat my wounderful husband tells no your phat. I know he loves all this, and says I have a curvery body, and nobody wants to lie down next to a stick with fake tata’s that feel hard as a rock. I had people all my life I mean growing up where all the girls looked liked they just came from the bathroom from expelling everything they just ate and wore a size 0. I have never wore a size 0, not even when I was born. I weighed 9lbs 10 oz. But now I just want everything to be firm and not flabby, I know that means that I have to work harder than most and that okay with me. Don’t get me wrong every now and then I get what I call as the white girl syndrome where you think your ass needs to be as flat as well as everything else on your body.

  • Danielle

    Wow I’m in middle school and I have huge hips, bigger than my friends who obviously hit puberty already. And they tell me abut my wide as hell hips, and it’s embarrassing! I hate them! All my pants don’t look good on me and I can’t find any that does! I’m super insecure and I’m paranoid about them
    Flat booty+wide hips= a girls worst nightmare

  • Nessa

    I have child bearing hips, but my thighs don’t even touch!! It’s like I’m open for business 24/7!!! I guess this article helped me alot, I mean I don’t feel all that insecure anymore(‘:

  • Jessica

    I also get quite big hips.. At the beginning I also thought they were HORRIBLE. But as more I hear from people thats its so sexy, I just start loving them 🙂

  • Kristin

    I have very wide hips and love them! They give me curves, vicious, sexy curves. Embrace that you have those hips and a more womanly figure! A lot of girls wish they had one.

  • EmoGirlsRule!

    Who cares if your hips are wide!! With mine you can kinda see the bone line, and it looks odd but who cares!!!!! Love your body no matter what!

  • Alex

    I love wide hips ! me and many men’s… i don’t think wide hips are staying in your way…
    i really believe that the hips are so so so beautiful. let them how they are…
    wide hips are like drug to men