What Not To Say In The Swimsuit Shop


She said: Um excuse me? Could you grab me one size bigger?













She said: Do you guys have this in any other color? Something more basic?












She said: I’m over string bikinis; I want something with an underwire and legit clasp.












She said: Do you think I should try the monokini? It seems like everyone is wearing them.












She said: I don’t even try them on in the store anymore—I just buy what I like and try it on at home, under decent lighting.












She said: I know you don’t want tan lines, Jules, but I’m not sure a thong is really . . . you.












She meant: Buy that and you won’t tan anyway—everyone will be hovered over you teasing you until you burst into tears and flee the beach. Just like last year.











What kind of swimsuit will you get this year? What’s your funniest story from a swimsuit shop? Tell me everything in the comments!

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