Ask A Guy: What Do Guys Really Think About Periods?

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Dear Ethan,

What do guys think about periods? Do they find them totally gross? Are they a huge turnoff? Will a guy still want to have sex with a girl if she has her period? Or will he not even want to make out with her?

Sure, immature guys may think periods are gross, but these are usually the same dudes who deny the fact that girls “go Number 2.” The vast majority of men understand that your period is just a natural part of womanhood. Any guy who’s turned off by the fact that you menstruate simply isn’t ready for sex in general.

With that said, there’s no need to flaunt your period and talk too graphically about it with someone you’ve just begun dating (or have dated for a long time, if your boyfriend is the uneasy type who gets queasy on roller coasters and at horror movies). Just as you could probably do without your boyfriend vividly describing the size and smell of his latest bathroom creation, your boyfriend doesn’t necessarily need to hear every detail about your time of the month.

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But when it comes to hooking up during your period, male perspectives can be subjective and circumstantial. For example, if you’re comfortable with it, many guys I know have no problem putting their hand “down there” as long as you give them a heads up. On the other hand, though it’s theoretically safe to do so, most guys I know would rather not perform oral sex during menstruation. And vaginal sex seems to split both guys and girls down the middle, as some seem to prefer to wait the period out while others have no problem with it whatsoever. Of course, all of these scenarios also depend on how heavy the flow is.

Speaking of which, I should make a quick public service announcement and mention that regardless of personal preferences, you have to use a condom every time you have sex–even when you’re on your period. Contrary to popular belief, it’s still possible to get pregnant if you have sex on your period, and you have an even higher risk of STD infection during menstruation. The more blood and bodily fluids (i.e. saliva or natural lubrication) involved, the more easily a virus can be transmitted to either partner. True facts! So make sure you’re both protected if you choose to engage in any type of sex–even during your period.

Oh, and if a guy refuses to make out with you at all while you have your period, then he’s probably an ignorant jerk and he’s definitely not for you!

Good luck!

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  • Dave

    I literally rather bleed through my dick than hear another woman talk about her period.