Reader Hookup Confession: My First Kiss Was SO Awkward!

If there’s one thing girls can always bond about, it’s an embarrassing hookup story. Trust us: we all have them. So don’t be shy! Read this OMG reader hook-up confession, and then send your own to

I was never really experienced in the ‘art of kissing‘, and just thinking about it made me terribly nervous. But practice makes perfect! Even if it IS dreadfully embarrassing. Like what I’m about to tell you:

It began behind a tree during school. My boyfriend, some of his friends and I were all just chilling and taking it easy. Next thing I knew, the guys were all making bets on if my boyfriend had the guts to kiss me – with tongue and all!

That’s when he turned to me, and started leaning in closer… and closer. I, being the official airhead I was, didn’t quite realize what was going on. Honestly, it happened in a matter of a few seconds – I leaned in too and then our faces met.

However, I wasn’t really prepared, so I didn’t open my mouth or anything, and he ended up basically LICKING my face like a dog. Our foreheads hit each other and my face was covered in saliva. I recoiled in shock, and both my boyfriend and I reddened in embarrassment as his friends were bellowing out laughter.

It was really, really awkward.

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  • Jordyn

    Oh God.. My first kiss was yesterday on November 1 2014. He was my best friend who eventually became more then that but there wasn’t a title we just knew like “you’re mine” which I didn’t really care for one bc the bond was there. Anyways he broke his ankle a week ago so me and my friend went to visit him at his house. We were in the basement watching movies on Netflix lol, every now and then we touched me in places haha and would flirt with me but ya so we were there for about 3 hours when my mom got there to pick me up at 6. I said “my moms here” and immediately he started saying bye to my friend trying to get her to leave the room. She cock blocked me for a while but eventually left the room closed the door and turned the light back on, as she left. So he said to me “turn the light off” I got up and did that and then he said “c’mere” and I did that too lol I sat in the chair next to him and he turned to me grabbed my face and kissed me.. He like shoved his tongue in my mouth and it was my first time so I didn’t know what to do with that my eyes were open for most of it and it lasted for what seemed like forever until my friend opened the door and we both stopped. All I remember was his tongue in my mouth and me trying to pull away lmao, we were kissing on the weirdest angle so I wanted to reposition which didn’t turn out how I wanted it to but ya there was no rhythm, he was kind of a player but treated me like princess so I knew he had plenty of experience it would’ve been better if we just kissed and didn’t makeout but he didn’t know he was my first until afterwards so hopefully we can do it again properly lol

  • Shannon

    My first kiss was terrible, looking back on it its actually hillaious although I thought it was really rather funny at the time as well! It was earlier this year and we were both seventeen! It was in a game of truth or dare- I’d used all my truths:S , my friend knew this guy liked me and I didn’t like him.. being a little shit that she is she dared me to snog him what was worse was that it was the first kiss for both of us so neither of is knew what we were doing. Basically after ageeeess of just awkwardly staring at each other we went In for it… He proper shoved his tongue in my mouth, I thought it was sooo funny that i laughed and bit his lip… Fair to say the rest of the night was pretty awkward xo

  • Sharona

    Ok so my first kiss. I was 14 and he was 16. At the time he had a girlfriend. (I know, it’s kinda cheating) but anyway. One night he offered to give me a ride home from Wednesday night church gathering. So I took it. We had been talking for the past 8 months so I considered him a really good “friend” (I wanted to be more than friends and so did he) so here we are driving around town because he wanted to make out. I had told him before that I had never kissed anyone before so we settled on just a quick kiss. So he parks on this random street and we sit there and talk awkwardly for a while. He then scoots over and gets closer. I was like freaking out in my head. Next thing I new our lips were touching and I didn’t kiss him back! It was really awkward cause I wasn’t expecting it and kinda pushed him away. And besides he had a girlfriend who was SENIOR. And he was the 2nd hottest guy in our highschool. Like why me? But I just couldn’t believe it. I had kissed one of the hottest guys in school as a FRESHMAN. It’s was the best. To this day I haven’t told anyone about this as it would not end well. Sorry that was really long!

  • Nicole

    Mine was with my first bf and we had obly been dating for two days, we were at a nail salon because i had to get ready for a wedding i was part of. When i was waitig for my friend he sat down next to me, put his arm over me and pecked me on the cheek but started moving towards my lips,. I couldnt even enjoy it because i was so scared i didnt know what to do, i was glad no one saw bc the salon was pretty empty but it was just slimy and gross and im glad it only lasted like 3 seconds. But then later on he tried to make out with me and wanted to french kiss me so i tried to get into it(i couldnt… it was just…. ughhh yuck), and he thought i was but really i was just trying to push him away bc i hated it. I broke up with him no little than a month later

  • Maybe I shoodnt hav done it

    Eek my first kiss was just a makeout. He took me into the stairway and kissed me. A French kiss and I didn’t even know wat I was doin. I tried to make it look like I done before but I don’t think it worked cuz he stopped kissing me and ignores me every time I see him in the hall l. I’m not sure if he thinks I’m a slut or if I’m bad at kissing lol

  • Marcy

    My first “kiss” was on my crushes b day when I gave him a small b day present he was so euphoric he tried to snog me but when he leaned over to snog me he completely missed but likewise I grabbed his shoulders and said ” you missed” and I kissed him anyway

  • kay dee

    Mine was stupid and kinda funny,he was.16 I was 14 we were at the my friends homes with more of our friends so he came where I was hanging with my best friend with and asked to talk to me PRVT,so I said kwl then I held his hand and we went at the front of the house to sit on the stoop,we started talking about random things. SO he started playing with my hair and gently puts his hand on my face and kissed me so I pulled back cause I wasn’t planed for this so i went back to friend en told her what happened so she said I stupid to do that and told me to go back to him. I got there NO words NO nothing and KISSed HIm went to the sofa and he pined me down and kiSsed me MY friends mom and my MOm walked in HAHAHA Drama Began

  • Ana

    omg, mine was at some random guys party when i was 13. I was at a friends party with my best friend (everyone was around 19 there) when my “crush” texted me to go to this other party and i did but when i got there everyone was around 14 so my best friend was kinda disappointed! Here in brazil EVERYONE hooks up at parties so i kinda expected it to be my first…i got there and we talked for a while in the corner and he leaned in and kissed me, straight frenching. I was so freaked out but i started going along with the kiss an we hooked up like 8 times and it was fun…but i guess i was a terrible kisser cause some people told me thats what he thought of me lol

  • Ivy

    omg mine was last week and it was awful. I didn’t open my mouth because I was expecting a little peck that was all cute. But then he leaned in with his mouth open and got me all wet. We tried again and it was a little better, but needless to say it was the most awkward thing of my life!

  • sunshine

    so i had my first kiss today me and my boyfriend just started going out about 24 hours ago/ k so all of band just got back from a band competition and all band members go into the band hall but the band hall is completely dark because the powers off plus its night so its pitch black outside and set my bag down and was about to start looking for my bf but it turns out he was behind me so gave a hug like usually do and wheni went to go pull away he grabs me and very quickly kissess me but since its dark we couldnt really see and i was not prepared for the kiss so the next i know he is kissing my bottom lip and my chin HE MISSED MY LIPS so i had no choice but to pull away and after i did i layed my head on his shoulder then he grabbed my hand to lead me to the hall which is also dark but i knew my dad was waiting for me outside so itold him i had to and gave him little kiss on his lips and left

  • Marie

    Oh my gosh that’s embarrassing!!!! >...< but it was better the second time except……My top lip was under his nose and my bottom lip was in his top lip!! V.V

  • Janice

    Haha my first kiss w/ my bf was kinda ackward we wher sitting on da floor in his living room & he accidentally pinned me 2 the couch…. He got a lil sobber on me but it was da best night of my life sooooo I’m not telling him bout his slobber ^,.,^ <3

  • Savvy

    Mine was terrible! It was with a guy I barely knew at this stupid teen club my cousin had dragged me to. She was dancing with this guy (who she didn’t tell me she was meeting up with) and I was standing on the side alone. This guy came up and asked me to dance. I didn’t think he was overly cute, but hey it was better than standing byself, right? WRONG. We’re only dancing a few minutes when he leans down and kisses me….. his face was all sweaty and I was freaking out like, “I don’t know you!” I didn’t even know his name and he didn’t even ask me mine. He kept following me around all night and trying to kiss me again *shudders*. Plus my couisn wouldn’t leave early cause she was on a date, thanks cuz.

  • imunique1398

    aha aww i wouldnt have kissed my boyfriend infront of my or his friends espicially if it was a first kiss& i get nervous just holding hands with my boyfriend xD

  • Gigi

    well i bet it wasnt worse than mine.. i was at friends house (who i had known for 2 days, and i barely knew his first name) and my bestfriend + her bf was also there. so me and my friend were playing xbox and we had been drinking a little (but we werent drunk) and then he just leaned over me and started frenching me and i just panicked cause i didnt have a clue what to do! i didnt even open my mouth i just sat there awkwardly and said “ermm what are you doing” and he was like “oh im so sorry” and i was so embarrased..poor him he was really cute too.. i cant describe the extreme awkwardness afterwards. the word awkward got a completely new meaning after that

  • Emily

    Oh my gosh I feel so bad for you! Especially since all his friends were there! I mean like, who kisses people right in front of their friends like THAT. Eww. 😛 I’m so sorry! D;

  • Musiqnote

    Omg!! That’s sounds extremely awkward!

  • Elizabeth

    At least your first kiss wasn’t in the girls’ bathroom in your middle school while you and your boyfriend were skipping Religion class. Been there, done that, and it wasn’t the best experience I’ve had…