Paw-Some: 10 Interspecies Animal BFF’s

Animals aren’t like humans (surprise!) and they generally stick to their own kind. That’s why it’s so surprising to see these animal pairs together – I mean, who would ever expect an elephant and a dog to be best friends?!

Check out these animals who adorably defied the odds by becoming BFF’s. Besides being too cute for words, it always has a nice message: everyone can be friends regardless of what they look like or who they are. Watch these videos of interspecies best friends and let us know who your favorite pair is:


Dog and Elephant: Tara and Bella

Probably the most popular pair of BFF’s on here, Tara and Bella are way too cute! Who would ever think that a huge elephant could love a tiny little dog so much?! This story literally brings tears to my eyes.


Lioness and Antelope

Think about everything you know about lions and then ask yourself this question: could you ever see one cuddling with a baby antelope? Didn’t think so. But it happened!


Crow and Kitten: Cassie and Moses

Cats hunt and eat birds… right? Not this kitten. Moses the crow basically saved Cassie’s life, and they’ve been close ever since.


Tiger and Dog

Even stranger than adopting a tiger (that’s just crazy), this tiger made friends with a little Jack Terrier. The dog actually acted as the tiger’s surrogate mother. Too cute!


Deer and Lynx

These two have regular visits with each other… just watch them clean each other up. It’s so adorable I can’t even stand it.


Hippo and Tortoise: Owen and Mzee

We’re sure these two have tons of fun together playing in the water and cuddling. Who ever knew a hippo could be so cute?


Cat and Fox

If watching these two cuddle doesn’t make you smile… I don’t know what does.


Rhino and Goat

It doesn’t even seem logical for a rhino and a goat to be BFF’s, but apparently they’re inseparable! They were both orphans, so they basically grew up together.


Orangutan and Dog

Even when these two were separated, they found their way back to each other. Aw!


Dog and Deer

Okay, so I think these two might actually be in love. Can you blame them?!


Which was your favorite pair of BFF’s? What did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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