Should The Guy or The Girl Make The First Move?

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hccraig1901 asked:

Should the girl or the guy make the first move? Tell me what you think! I like a boy, but I’m not sure if he likes me back. We flirt a lot when we’re around each other. Should I make the first move and just kiss him to see what happens? Or should I wait for him to?

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  • Heather

    I really like this guy and he winked at me yesterday, or so I think, but I’m really not sure if hes givin meh that sign if ya no wut im tlkn bout, help, should I ask if he likes, or if we should go out? we have same neighborhood, school, bus, and two classes tagether, HELP!!

  • NewOrleansman

    Yeah … I’m a really OLD man. And a LOT of experience. My first was Playing Doctor with girl-next-door when we were 10 years old – – – and WE DID. I have given this thought, and over the years…. the girl ALWAYS invited ME to be with – or IN HER.

  • Dan

    Guys are supposed to make the first kiss. Girls are supposed to make the first sex initiation. Girls should not be afraid of initiating sex. The fact that the man has already kissed and cuddled with you means he’s ready. We hate the waiting game!!!

  • Julia

    what do you do when your crush talks about weird things around you like farts and always has a combak to what you say

    • meow

      just.. wow

  • edel mitchell

    Hiya, a guy has recently moved and we are housemates and good friends but I really starting to fall for him and I don’t know if he likes me in that way or not. What should I do about it. Any ideas??

  • ray

    i have a bf and well our fiends made the fist move for us

  • Robyn

    Go for it! you never know..he could be thinking the same in his mind but is too shy! if you like someone you cant hold back cause if you do you’ll never if something great could of come for it 🙂

  • laylacomfy17

    I think the dude she make a move first but if their too shy then the girl should step and take that guy in her hands and kiss him so he nose how she feels:))) I’m single and hot with black brown hair green eyes big boobs and I’m 17

  • mentola

    It true dat the guy should mak the first mov but if he dose not then d girl should mak her mov to c what is on the guys mind period im a guy nd dis is my 2 number$ 08062688479 and 08093395253 dat is it friend oòø

  • Solcali

    I agree with the user above me 2 space above or the one above me. I like a guybut everyguy in my class already has a girlfriend so no one likes me.

  • djswaggacitie

    Call me old-fashioned but I think you should wait for the boy. I mean what if you get rejected? Boys are much more likely to tell their friends about stuff like that and if it gets round the school, it could be very embarrassing! I say wait and if he’s doesn’t make a move then maybe he isn’t ready to be in a relationship.

    • Kayla

      I definatly agree. But seeing as I’ve never dated anyone, maybe I’m wrong. But I definatly think the guy should make the first move.

      • lexasweetheart

        really you shouldn’t listen to me im as shy i wouldn’t do anything ill wait for him to make the more.

        • iloveremiah

          LOL, same here. i cannot make the first move. but ima go into a diffrent little subject then this. Hey? have you ever wonder’d about your first kiss? well mine wasnt really bad it was werid n a good way it happn on the bus and..he kiss me and i kept going it was romantic cause we were under neath his jacket and no body was bothering us. I dearly loved him untill he broke my heart and the only thing he wants is to be friends? but i wanna be more?? and he dated my bestfriend? like what the F*#$! but …im kinda over him know and i barely talk to him.. at least he says i cannot go with out him but i can he just doesnt know it! o.o BYEE XD