The Best Easter Candies Of All Time

Cadbury Creme Eggs

Robin Egg Malts

Mini Eggs

Easter Gummies

Hershey Reeses Miniatures


What’s your favorite Easter candy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. avatarcajun roze says:

    Seriously? Why Reese’s miniatures? As someone else said, they’re available all year.
    The thing that’s actually special is the REESE’S EGG. It is the best holiday Reese’s. Better than the pumpkin, the Christmas tree, or the heart.

  2. avatarJC says:

    Russell Stover marshmallow eggs (with chocolate on the outside). My favorite is the strawberry marshmallow.

  3. avatarCara says:

    You can buy the miniatures all year..

    • avatarRita says:

      Llama OMG! As a Norwegian living in Wales I’m experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms this easter. Cadburry Creme Eggs just won’t cut it when you want Freia Påskeegg

  4. avatarexiter says:

    The best Easter Candy in europe is Kinder Surprise!

  5. avatarAlli says:

    OMG hahhaa the entire time I was reading it I was saying OH MY GOD! yes…yes…yes…yes…yes…yes….YES! yes…yes..

  6. avatarjuliagrace says:

    Yum! Happy Easter, everyone!

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