Do You Like Him Or Just The Attention? How To Know For Sure

do you like him cute young college couple in loveYou like HIM if… your heart goes pitter patter whenever he calls or texts.
You love the ATTENTION if… you can take his calls or leave them.

You like HIM if… you blab non-stop to your BFFs about his awesome qualities.
You love the ATTENTION if… yeah, he’s cool but you could pop him out and pop any other dude in without missing a beat.

You like HIM if… the conversations between you two are always give and take.
You love the ATTENTION if… when you’re with him it’s still the ME Show. You both gush about you.

You like HIM if… you have eyes only for him even if other guys are around.
You love the ATTENTION if… you’re always looking over your shoulder just in case there’s someone better.

Get it? Got it? Good!

True love is a two-way street. You should both feel like you got lucky when you met. If you don’t really like him, keeping him around as a BF of convenience is just not cool. It’s awful love karma.

If he’s not making your heart do back flips, throw that fish back into the sea so his heart can be captured by someone who will return his affections. Someone you can like, love and respect is out there. And you’ll be so much happier once you find them!

Have you ever dated someone just for the attention? How do you know if you really like a guy? Tell me everything in the comments!

Need To Turn Him Down, But Not Sure How? Here’s Help!

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  • ItsCarolinex

    I don’t know if I like a guy (don’t know if he likes me) and it’s freaking me out!!! I can’t think of anything else!!!!!!!


  • Anaymous

    So, we have family friends in Germany and every few years or so they come and visit us. They have a boy that is the same age as me as he told me he likes me 7 years ago and his sister still says that he’s crazy about me. I don’t like him the way he likes me; I just like him as a friend. Last time when they were over, he kept trying to hold me hand and put his arm around me and somehow he always ended up sitting beside or walking beside me the whole time he was here. His sister keeps asking me if I like him and says it would be totally awesome if I became her sister-in-law and our families try to make us do everything together. For example if I go for a run they ask me to take him with me or if I go to the bakery to buy bread for breakfast they make me go with him or if I go out with my friends they ask me to take him with me for ‘protection’ and so on. I think both families think we’re in love but it’s just awkward for me. I told me best friend that I don’t like him that way but she asked me “why not” and it really got me thinking about him. He makes me so happy when I’m around him, he is very funny, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much than that summer when he was here, and I’ve never felt so free to be myself around anyone but him. I just feel comfortable around him and treat him like my best friend but I’m not sure if I like him and I don’t really know it. I don’t know why I feel so incredibly happy around him and every time we meet up again I can’t stop smiling and can’t look him in the eye out of embarrassment that I’m so overly happy to see him. I’m afraid that he will try to kiss me the next him. Two things I don’t like about him is that he does’t listen to me sometimes when I’m talking; he just stares at me. The second thing that really turns me off is that he can be very immature at times. I honestly don’t think I like like him but I don’t want to hurt his feelings because he was liked me for so long. All his friends on have girlfriends and he’s never had one…I’m afraid he is waiting for me to fall in love with him. I don’t know whether I should give him a shot or wait to date someone who I actually like. I wonder if he comes over this summer if he will be more mature; I might actually like him then. I’m so mean to him sometimes because he tries to take it to far and I can’t believe he still likes me. Growing up, he has seen me through my absolute worst times and some of my best. I don’t know he seem like a trustworthy person…not sure if I should give it a shot though because I don’t want to let it go to far and then tell him I’m not into him. I don’t want to crush him.

  • Emilia

    There is this guy that likes me, it started off as playing a game of 20 questions where he was saying these sweet things so I replied with kind answers. Before I found out, we started talking a lot, we would tell each other things we haven’t told anyone else. When I talk about him, I always seem to smile or blush. We talk all the time over the phone but when it comes to school, I get embarrassed and suddenly have nothing to talk about. I’m not sure if I like him or like the idea of him. I have in my head, the idea of having a boyfriend who has the same likes, and things like that. The thing is, everything about us is different, but maybe that’s a good thing. We do have things in common and I miss him a lot. He’s always the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep. I’ve never had a boyfriend before so I guess I need some clarity!

  • Chick

    I have no idea! I think I really really like him but I’m just not sure if I really like him or if I really like the attention. It’s this guy friend that I’ve known for about 2yrs now. I know he’s had a major crush on me almost the entire time. I notice it, his family notices it, my friends & family notice it. Anytime we’re hanging out in a group he’s always by my side talking to me, smiling, and laughing at things I say. Also he ignores almost all of the other girls. But, when other girls flirt with him I can’t help to get a little jealous. Thing is, is that he’s a couple years younger than me so at first I didn’t see him like that. But now i can’t wait to see him again, I think about him almost everyday 😀 We text alot, I get excited each time i get a text from him. BUT, I have no idea what to do. There’s a 1% chance he only sees me as a really good friend or even as an older sister 😛 so I don’t want to ruin our friendship or make things weird. Any tips at all?

  • Jessica

    So there is this guy , I think I might like & I have myself pretty convinced I might love him. And sometimes I wonder if I love him or the attention & compliments he gives me because he makes me feel good about myself. When we first started talking he would always compliment the way I look & I didn’t like him that way so I didn’t get all excited about it. I actually didn’t really like talking to him. And then he got a girlfriend & I got jealous , & I’ve been wondering if I got jealous because he’s paying attention to someone else & not to me or if its because I like him. He stopped talking to me for about 3 months & we started talking again after they broke up. We became really good friends & I really liked him & he told me he liked me first which was a surprise & I told him I liked him back. Now when we talk & all the attentions back on me , I just don’t really feel that I like him as much as I used, but I get sad when we go a day without talking because I expect him to text me everyday because that’s what we were doing at first. We would talk everyday & now we barley even talk anymore. So can someone please explain to me if I like him or just the attention because this has been bothering me.

  • Emma


  • j.c

    so there is a guy that i think i like and im pretty confident he likes me. i have a big smile when he texts and calls me. I think about him almost all the time and I cant wait to seem in between our visits. but I don’t blab to my friends about him and I can take or leave him. I think I could take or leave just about any man that showed an interest of liking me. our conversations are a give and take. I think its only nature to took at others. hell i look at ladies and compare myself to them. So I have had my heart do back flips for a few guys in the past and had my heart crushed now i know not to get to excited over guys so does that mean that if my heart doent do back flips or i dont run my mouth about the guy i might like, i dont really like him. I am not ready or ever will be ready to find that right guy. am I going to stay single for a lot longer then I would like to. am i not ready for the dating world. Just because i have excepted being single doesn’t mean i like it. i would like to find someone great and I know what kind of guy i want but is this not the right time of my life to be looking for him. I am willing give most guys a shot, i have standards, but if he shows interest im willing to see what happens because you never know what could happen.
    Im so confused about this all.
    I like him but he has 2 habits i dont really like. and yes he likes me and im pretty confident about that.

    • A.M

      J.C reading what you wrote sounds EXACTLY like the voice whirling around in my head. I’ve never been in this predicament before, and frankly it’s frustrating…*sigh*

  • Jessica

    LOVE himm….5 years now 😀

  • Madison

    So theres this guy i dated, only because HE liked ME. I dumped him 2 days later cuz i really didnt like him… Just felt good cuz i thot he luved me. But now 5 months later i ACTULLY like him, but idk if he likes me still. WAT DO I DO?!?!

  • Florence Moises

    Omigosh! That’s mean, talk to him & tell him how you feel, because if he only dates you so you can pay his rent, that’s not a good boyfriend, I think his using you :/ , you can find someone better 🙂

  • NewGurl

    I love him… but i question whether he loves me… He sometimes acts like he does but then sometimes its like if i disappeared he wouldn’t notice till its time to pay rent again.. :/

  • Riah

    I don’t like him, I LOVE HIM….. How I know? I cry when something bad happens to him and he laughs at me while wiping my face saying ” I LOVE U”

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  • Darcie

    I def like HIM 🙂

  • Guy

    Smiley smiley