Good People Can Make Bad Decisions–Can’t We Forgive Them?

sorry written on a chaulkboardMy point is that good people sometimes make bad decisions, and that those bad decisions don’t necessarily make them bad people. I have friends who sometimes say bad or stupid things are “retarded.” Does that term upset me? Yes. Do I tell them that? Yes. Do they apologize and we all move on? YES! Have I said irresponsible things from time-to-time either not realizing they were offensive or not thinking about the implications of what I was saying? Of course–and I bet you have, too. Think about it.

Why shouldn’t we let celebrities make mistakes, too, without labeling them forever as bad people? I get it that their words have a greater impact because all eyes are on them–but nobody’s perfect. We’re all just human here (even the stars among us), and the great thing about life is that it’s not static. We all (you, me, and even Katy Perry) have the ability to grow and learn and be better people each and every day. We all do totally stupid stuff from time-to-time, and hopefully those experiences make us better people instead of worse.

Let’s try to look at people (and yes, even celebrities!) with a little compassion before we go labeling them as “phobic” this or “anti” that. After all, how can you expect anyone to change for the better when you don’t give them a chance?

Have you ever forgiven a friend for saying something hurtful? Do you think good people can make bad decisions sometimes? Tell me all your thoughts–including your thoughts on Katy Perry–in the comments!

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  • Dan M

    Key problem being, she never apologized for her comments, even after GLAAD asked her too.

    Until she acknowledges the mistake and apologizes for it, this is all posturing

  • lolwut

    There’s a HUGE difference between being gay and being transgender. Just because she supports gays doesn’t mean that she supports those who are transgender. Also, why did you not quote the tweet for us to know what she said? And you never said if she formally apologized for the tweet or not. This article is lacking quite a few major points.