Let’s Stop Freaking Out About Early Puberty, Okay?

young-girl-could-face-early-pubertyBesides, studies show that by age seven, 1 in 10 white girls, nearly 1 in 4 African-American girls, and close to 2 in 10 Hispanic girls are already developing breasts. With numbers like that, this “early puberty” thing seems pretty common (and normal!) to me.

Apparently, some parents are insisting on their daughters getting hormone shots to slow down the progress of puberty–but the scary thing is that these same shots that can keep a little girl “little” can also cause things like osteoperosis, a serious condition that involves the weakening of your bones. Is that worth it? I don’t think so, and I bet if girls were given a choice, they’d say they didn’t want the shots, either!

Nobody knows for sure what’s causing really young girls to start developing breasts, but if I know anything about girls, I know that when we start getting breasts or our period starts or–whatever–it’s mortifying, and we just want to be left alone about it.

It seems like there are some things parents can do when their daughters are babies and toddlers that might help prevent early puberty–like making sure their kids eat healthy food without hormones, that they exercise, and that they do not become obese–but once a girl is already hitting puberty, no matter how old she is, isn’t that time to just accept it and try to support her the best you can? I think so, especially since girls who develop early are already at higher risk of having low self-esteem, depression, and eating disorders. Youch! Girls who hit puberty early need extra love and hugs–not prescription drugs!

So if you started developing early, maybe even before all your friends, try not to freak out. It’s actually pretty normal now. No, it’s not super fun to go through all these changes, but we all go through it sometime. You are not alone!

How old were you when you started developing? Did you feel kind of embarrassed about it? How old were you when you got your first period? Do you think early puberty is something we should freak out about? Tell me everything in the comments!

Still Waiting To Get Your Period? Don’t Stress About It, Girl!

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  • Thyanna Ho

    I developed breast at age 9 but i dont remember what age my period started or when i wore bras

  • Julia

    I started wearing bras (trainer bras at least) in third grade, but I got my period at a normal age, in sixth grade.

  • Talia G.

    I am turning 13 in a month. I got my period like 2 months before I turned 12. My mother forced me to start wearing bras but I thought that they were sooo uncomfortable so I just wore training (fitness) bras even though my mom thought it would be better for me to wear normal ones.