10 Clues: Guess Our Gurl Crush Of The Week



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  1. avatar TrendyNerdLuvMB says:

    I GOT IT! I remember she was in Barney & Friends and her strong struggling BFF is Demi… and of course, the superstar BoyFriend is Justin Bieber….


    -TrendyNerdLuvMB Out! 8^D

  2. avatar pumpkinprincess says:

    Sel gomez <3

  3. avatar Alannita says:

    I got as far as she was named after a Tejano singer which I know is Selena b/c she is my absolutely fave singer & knew it was Gomez.

  4. avatar Sarabeth says:

    SELENA GOMEZ…….I new it after they said Texas, plus her boyfriend(:

  5. avatar Kay-Kay says:

    new it on the 1st page. :) ;)

  6. avatar Emiliana' says:

    Selena Gomez, knew when they said Texas,

  7. avatar Hazel says:

    Selena ;)

  8. avatar Animal Lover says:

    Selena Gomez-the last clue COMPLETLY gave it away! Especially since I recently watched a movie in Spanish class about the original Selena (pronounced differenly tho) Her fan club president killed her! :o I almost cried at the end, but I was in Spanish class so that would have been embarrasing! YA, so it’s Selena Gomez :P

  9. avatar Samantha says:

    Selena Gomez

  10. avatar Ashley says:

    that took me a while to guess…

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  12. avatar Missfiction says:

    eh….selena gomez duh who else was on a show on barney and born in grandparie tx and has a superstar bf?
    Shes boring tho

  13. avatar Brisa says:

    Demi<3 and Selena were both on Barney.
    So, one or the other. :)

  14. avatar LylaAi says:

    Selena Gomez…. Of Course!

  15. avatar Lila says:

    my guess is Selena Gomez. eew.

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