Guess Who Keeps Getting Girls Pregnant?

Levi Johnston will be a dad again

Levi Johnston will be a dad again. Doesn't he have another hobby--or access to condoms? | Source: Shutterstock

After infamously impregnating Bristol Palin in 2008, Levi Johnston will be a dad again.

Following his tumultuous relationship with Bristol (the former couple can’t seem to agree on anything, from whether Tripp was planned to whether or not they were drunk on wine coolers when they first had sex), you’d think Levi was too busy posing for Playgirl and penning tell-all books to handle another kid. Despite his busy PR schedule though, the 21-year-old Levi Johnston will be a dad again, this time with girlfriend Sunny Oglesby.

We don’t know for sure, of course, but it could be that this pregnancy happened because this Alaskan Romeo was too preoccupied to use protection: Levi has admitted that his new baby wasn’t planned, but that he’s “so excited” to be a dad again. He told TMZ, “Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it.” Interesting that these “things”–aka an “accidental pregnancy“–happened, and were announced when Sarah Palin is co-hosting the Today Show this week. Just sayin’!

Here’s the thing, though: pregnancies don’t just happen. They happen if you and your partner don’t take the proper steps to prevent them. Levi’s getting a lot of flack for this, but Sunny Oglesby is equally responsible for her body. (We think the world just figured that Levi would know better from experience by now.)

Seeing as you can’t get yourself pregnant (at least not without lengthy paperwork and a plan), pregnancy prevention and contraception isn’t just up to you–or your guy. It’s a shared responsibility. Even if you’re on the Pill, a guy should still use a condom–it’s the only way besides abstinence to prevent STDs, and it provides extra protection against pregnancy. Plus, sex is better when you’re safe, because you can relax and enjoy it instead of freaking out.

Levi Johnston will be a dad again

No glove? No love! | Source: Shutterstock

Fair enough, but how can you talk to your guy about safe sex? Check out this video for tips on how to explain to your partner that condoms are non-negotiable if he wants to sleep with you–and that they can actually be pretty fun!

Have you ever been with a guy who didn’t want to use protection? Have you ever had a pregnancy scare? Do you think birth control is the responsibility of both partners? Do you think it’s good that Levi Johnston will be a dad again? Sound off in the comments!

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  • Kimmy

    Who cares…

  • basschick

    you can not blame someone for being super friendly. 😉

  • Gurl_1

    “…but Sunny Oglesby is equally responsible for her body.”

    I don’t think that this is a fair argument. I’d recently read an article about how some woman were being forced into pregnancy through actions beyond their control.

    They could be forced through marital rape (because it does exist), rape, emotional and physical abuse, as well as other reasons.

    Some men like the feeling that they’re in control and can get that, sometimes, through the knowledge that they impregnated the woman they are with.

    I know that this is a far stretch, but for the same guy to get two of his girlfriends pregnant “accidentally” while under the public’s eye… is, well, quite a coincidence.

    Nevertheless, there is also the off chance that the guy really is that clueless about sex along with the girl he is with at the time.

    To conclude, I just wanted to move some of the light to shine on this not-so-talked-about topic.

    Thank you

    • Marise

      Well, if that WERE actually the case, then someone would have heard about it by now, right? It’s true that it doesn’t always get out, things like that, but Bristol Palin has a moronic mother who blabs nonsense all the time. I doubt that she’s too different.
      I think it’s just a case of a guy who loves the media and a girl who loves famous guys. They come and go, but nevertheless, they annoy me to death.
      Girls are so stupid sometimes.
      Just like guys, who are stupid half of their lives. I’m not kidding.

  • girly

    Hes an idiot.

  • blazebabygurla

    I simply would not BE with a guy if I wanted him to use a condom and he refused. I was on birth control since I was fifteen (now twenty-one) but I didn’t actually lose my v-card til seventeen. I think birth control is the responsibility of both partners but, more the girl’s responsibility to get on the pill if the sex is on-going and not just a hook up. And I can’t believe this moron got someone else pregnant!!! UGH! I can’t stand this pig!