My First Time Going Down On A Guy

banana my first blow jobTruthfully, I’d had a massive crush on him forever, but had realized that he was never boyfriend material. This seemed like a good compromise. Besides, why fumble through countless awkward hookups when someone could teach you once and for all?

My mistake, of course, was assuming that hooking up with him wouldn’t be awkward. Since we couldn’t exactly get it on with parents in the house, we took refuge in his mom’s Mercedes SUV (omg so small and uncomfortable) and I got down to business. He had given me some pre-action tips like, “pull your lips over your teeth so you don’t scratch Mr. Wiggly” and “keep it as wet as possible.” Well, I tried.

I remember being shocked at how it tasted—normal. Like your finger. I don’t know why but I always assumed a penis would be flavored. Once I got passed that great shock, I realized that the word “job” is in the title of this activity for a reason. It’s a lot of work! Coordinating your hand with your mouth with your teeth with your other hand, all while wedged inside a compact luxury SUV. Thankfully, as a 17-year-old boy he didn’t take long to finish–but that’s where things went wrong.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but there was a lot more, you know, than my mouth was prepared to hold. I panicked, I didn’t know whether I should spit or swallow and then the most horrible thing ever happened: I coughed. And “it” went EVERYWHERE, spewing into the air and all over Zack’s mom’s leather upholstery. He burst out laughing but I wanted to crawl into the glove compartment and die.

And that’s the story of my first time going down on a guy–and how I got the nickname “Fountain.”

So if you’re worried about your first time being perfect, just know from a girl who has been there that well, it probably won’t be. But that’s okay–you’re normal, and anyone you hook up with (when you decide to!) is lucky–even if it is a little awkward!

Are you nervous about getting physical for the first time? Do you have a funny story about a first hookup? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. avatarKayla says:

    Funny I ran across this story. I just went down for the first time on my bf yesterday & it was awesome. We’re both virgins and that was the first time i’ve ever sucked a dick & first time he’s ever gotten it. Does anyone know why he didn’t cum? Im thinking its because we had limited time because he parents had left us alone for about 20 mins to go to the store, so we kept looking out the window of his room making sure they werent back. He did have a hard time staying hard…that normal?

    • avatarwow says:

      It’s normal, not like he was not into it but he had tension on him of his parents arrival and didn’t want to be caught off guard. Next time it should be in a more comfortable place, you would enjoy it to the fullest.

  2. avatarDon j.j says:

    I just relieze my gf liike oral sex

  3. avatarBrian says:

    So many girls are told to grip a guys cock as tight as they can. It’s so funny. Obviously everyone likes different things…but my first girlfriend grabbed me so tight the first time we fooled around that I couldn’t imagine why she would think I would like that. Luckily, I gracefully suggested a lighter touch and she adjusted and that led to us discusssing what we each liked, throughout our relationship. She later explained that her friends had told her that guys love a hard grip. We laughed about it together for years. The moral is, I guess, to realise that we are all different and that talking about it together and exploring together is the best solution.

  4. avatarJenelle says:

    The first blowjob I gave, if you could call it that, was a DISASTER. I could barely it it in my mouth, much less make any sort of motion or do anything. It kept bumping into my teeth and it put both of us out of the mood within seconds.

    I am still with the guy 4 years later, (and our oral sex is great now BTW!), so if you are nervous about being bad don’t be. If a guy leaves you or makes fun of you because you are bad the first time, that’s not the kind of guy you should be with anyway.


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