Funny (But True) Things We Say On The Phone


She said: Uh oh, I think that’s my mom calling—gotta go!













She said: Oh no, I totally didn’t get that text!


She said: Hey I’m actually walking into work right now, I’ll call you after my shift!


She said: Sorry, dropped my phone last week—lost all my contacts! Who’s this?


She said: I think my VM is broken or something, I can’t check my messages!












She said: “Hahah omg yes! Let’s totally go sailing this weekend!”












She meant: There is actually no one on the other line. I’m holding up a dead phone to my ear just to sound cooler :/







What was the last excuse you gave when you “had to” get off the phone? Tell us in the comments!

On The Phone With Mom? Here’s What Not To Say!

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  • matt

    I got something important to do but im really watching television

  • Lucy

    I said ” gotta go my mum is calling me”
    But meant ” I’m getting bored of talkin to you now”

  • AnnaMarie

    I said: ‘I’m sorry, I don’t want to date right now.’

    I meant: ‘I’m actually in the process this one really, really sweet hot guy fall for me, but hey, I feel for you dude.’

  • Courtney

    I said: Oh I’m so sorry I can’t make it, I’m doing *insert random activity, i.e. shopping* with my parents.

    I mean: I’m really bored right now. I can’t even think of an interesting excuse since I’m that bored. Problem is, if I hang with you, I’ll get so bored that I’ll be inspired to run you over with my truck… lets not and say we didn’t.

  • Larken

    I said: Sorry I don’t have money and my parents said no anyways
    What I meant: I don’t want to hang with you and your slutty girlfriend and I am NOT asking for money

  • Daneka

    “Hahaha yeah we’ll I’m about to shower so uhm….ttyl ” I meant dude I’m freaking tired of this Convo. Itz boring (I did take a shower but didn’t call back until 11pm rite b4 I went to slp so all I had 2 say was “well boutta go 2 slp so ttyl n dha mornin sleep tite!!!!!!! “)

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  • *Misguidedghost*

    “Oh shoot my family and I are having a movie night. I’ll call you back later girl!”

    I mean: “I’m bored of this conversation already and don’t want to talk to you.”

    Haha works everytime.

  • Missfiction

    last one killed me LOL