5 Things We Hope Lindsay Lohan’s Learned By Now

lindsay lohan is giving up dating but we hope she's learned drugs are bad too

Lindsay can deny her drug use all she wants but I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, girls. And besides, you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, so hopefully Linds has learned that pills, powders and anything else you put into your body doesn’t exactly make for a smashing career. Drew Barrymore learned the same lesson the hard way, landing in rehab at just 13 years old, but look at her know–successful, sober and happy! See, Lindsay? There really is hope.


2)   Bad Manners Aren’t Cute

Linds with her infamous F-U nails in court | INFDaily.com

True, we all have our little brat fits now and then, but we def prefer her professional looking manicure to her F-You nails she wore to court a while back. Plus, you’ll get a lot further in life with a well placed “please” and “thank you” than a shrill “Don’t you know who I am?!” Play nice, Lindsay. We know you’ve got it in you.


3)  Even Stars Can Get Fired

Crying after getting the axe! | INFDaily.com

Getting the axe from a job is one of the most humiliating, hurtful things that can happen. Now imagine if your firing was courtesy of a public letter from a producer, and suddenly you’re out millions of dollars, and your professional rep is in the toilet. Linds has gotten the boot from more than one movie because she was deemed un-insurable thanks to her endless partying and stinking attitude. It’s a rough lesson to learn, but just like Beyonce says, don’t you ever for a second get to thinkin’ you’re irreplaceable.

4)  Natural Trumps Fake

Like all of us girls! Don’t let us down–you have talent, opportunity, and great boobs! Leave the drama behind, and show us what you can really do.

So girls, what’s your take on Lindsay Lohan giving up dating and her 1,487th comeback attempt? Do you still care or should this pony be put out to pasture? Would you want to see her as Cady in Mean Girls 2? Dish it all up in the comments!

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  • yssubramanyam

    i wish all the best,, and good fortune.

  • Katherine

    I. Heart. Parent Trap. It’s like my favorite movie ever.

  • BrookeHanson

    I agree Lindsey, stay AWAY from all the botox, surgery and whatevery else, and please go back to a red head! My favorite movie ever with you was Parent Trap, it was adorable and perfect! I was so little when I saw that, I’ve been in love with you as an actress since then! What were you thinking doing Machete? That movie was a JOKE! You have talent, stay away from the crap and get your life back on track! We, your fans, miss you!

  • blazebabygurla

    YES i’d love to see her as Cady in Mean Girls 2. Lindsay was in some of my favorite movies and I LOVED her character. I really hope she CAN change, I don’t have much faith, though.