I Shaved Down There And Now It’s All Bumpy And Stings. WTF?!

If you want to shave it all off, take your time and don’t rush through it – that will definitely cause some painful cuts. The best time to shave is during or after you shower. Use a decent amount of shaving cream that is also moisturizing (no bar soap!), and a really good, new razor. Old razors are more dull and are much more likely to nick you or give you irritation. Use a mirror so you can see what you’re doing, and work slowly, using lots of warm water. Once you’re done, pat some baby powder down there, or use something like Sally Hansen’s Bikini Spray, which soothes the area.

But keep in mind that no matter how slowly you work or how much shaving cream you use, you’ll probably still end up with some bumps, just because that’s what happens when you shave. To avoid that completely, you can start getting waxed. It’s a little more expensive, and definitely a little more painful in the moment, but a lot of people swear by it. There’s also laser hair removal, which is a lot of money and a permanent solution. If you’re just looking for a little less hair down there, you could also try trimming with scissors – just be careful and don’t cut too close to the skin. Scissors should only be used to trim super long hairs.

For now, treat your bumps with the bikini spray mentioned above or some baby powder. And don’t let yourself completely stress out – shaving down there isn’t easy for anyone!

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  • sprinkleofsarcy

    I’ve shaved down there for ages and let me tell you, I regret it now. It isn’t pretty. I have sores, scabs and marks from where I’ve caught myself in the past. Now, I try to use creams to soothe irritation. You could try hair removal cream but be very careful you don’t get any too close to your nether regions because it might not make your vagina too happy:) Just be careful because I used to shave regularly and wish I hadn’t now 🙂

    Take Care :)x

    • Sally

      Im a virgin and im too scared to shave down what can i do

  • Lucy

    very simple solution against bumps: cut your hair short bevore shaving, shave always after a shower. use shaving cream and a new razor. Cream or oil the shaved area well after shaving. Even massage the creame into the skin, or better, let your friend do it ;). I follow this prinziple for years and am smooth like freshly born

  • hello kitty

    i have really tiny bumps everywhere on the front of my virgina they dont itch or burn but i started to notice them a day after i shaved and i am still a virgin i need a anwser ASAP

    • Briana

      Those are just razor bumps if u pat some baby powder on it and take warm shower they should be gone away no time soon i had that once happen to me and after i did that they was gone a few days later

  • hello kitty

    i have really tiny bumps everywhere on the front of my virgina they dont itch or burn but i started to notice them a day after i shaved

  • TeenGurl

    Was readin through all these just a little curious on some tricks others have found. Might be a tattle on myself to say what I found works 100%! I’ve always had problems with bumps and nicks when I would shave but yesterday my boyfriend had me use some baby oil to rub on myself as a mosturizer. I rubbed it all over and worked it in really nice. Afterwards I took a shower to clean up and decided to shave. I didnt nick myself once and this Mornin reveals no bumps! It works!

  • Donna

    I really want to shave everything off but i’m too scared. I just go halfway because i’m scared to do a mistake. I get alot of red bumps and it itches so much, but I guess that’s normal.

  • christina

    i regulary shave down there and i always shave against the direction of growth as i find that it feels alot smoother. i used shaving gel and most of the time i always us a new razor. however i do always get very irritated down there and ALOT of shaving bumps, ive used sudo cream and it helped abit but i dont know what i can do to not get any shaving bumps after i shave down there. are there any more tips?

    • Eryn

      I found if use a sensitive skin exfoliator with less beads works really well. Aveeno has a cream exfoliator that works wonders!

  • aylin

    wow,in my country shaving is not used much as waxing.Actually shaving makes them darker and thicker,it makes them itch too;when waxing makes them thinner (but hurts more) so there is noone shaving

  • Brittany Ropinets

    Hi…I’m 13 and I don’t shave down there but I do have a little redness and even a few bumps. I’m a virgin, but do I have an infection? It doesn’t hurt at all, but should I call a doctor? I wash down there regularly…

  • Brittany Ropinets

    Hi…I’m 13 and I don’t shave down there but I do have a little redness and even a few bumps. Do I have an infection? I wash down there regularly. Should I call a doctor, or is this not a big deal?

    • Wolfgurl

      When i shaved down there i got red bumps and it itches sometime

  • Tanya Smith

    I have been shaving down there for a couple of years now. I like to change it up with different ‘styles’ its kinda fun. I used to get serious irritation and ingrown hairs, but I started using disposable razors because the multi-blade razors are like shaving the same spot multiple times, which is bad. Also, by bf uses Kind Shave Oil on his face. I tried it down there and it works like magic. Check this out http://www.kindshaving.com/shaving-down-there

  • Gurl

    I use those small little nail scissors and it works just fine! It may not be perfect with no clothes on, but u shouldn’t see it when wearing a bikini or leotard. (I do gymnastics.)

  • Cassie

    you should always pull skin tight when shaving and exfoliate the skin down there!! If you exfoliate then chances are lower that you will have ingrown hairs. To help with the little red bumps use a tiny bit of baby oil!!! Its my secret lol Im as clean as can be with no bumps or ingrowns!

  • AliCat-Isnt-a-brat!

    Gurl what wrong wid ya?!?Ya dont and i repeat DONT shave down there!If its really that bad SCISSOR IT!ive never dont anytin with it!just luv ya body as it is!

  • Angela

    I just shaved my stomach hair cause I got mean compliments in how hairy it was and I was mad and accidentally shaved it off. And now I’m nervous cause I fit want it to grow back really fast and bushy cause girls have enough to shave and I don’t want this to be another thing for me. Please help me find a solution on what to do !:(

    • someone

      laser it when your older….idk. but dont shave anywhere you dont want to grow back.
      PS: ik how u feel

      • rocky

        I did the same thing and I regret shaving my stomach too. Wen it grows back darker you can just pluck them and it will grow back lighter and it will last longer

  • Casey

    I’ve shaved down there a few times, and I think I’ll continue doing it, but I’d never be able to convince my mom to buy me baby powder or bikini spray. Aren’t there any other less obvious tricks?

    • Prakash

      sweety, this is what you do: get after shave or hand cream(better) and gop your face with it, then get a towl, and heat it up with hot water and then leave it on wherever your shavnig. do this for 10mins. then, get more cream/aftershave (with no alcohol!!) and shave all hairs in the direction they grow, then finnaly against the grain. top it off with NIVEA after shave sensative, this shit works miracles hunny. i have thick ass facial hair and it works for me.

    • Kamal

      Sometimes I use the stuff made especially for women, but I’ve found that the men’s svhaing stuff gets more lather and is cheaper! Now, what sucks is that it SMELLS LIKE A MAN, but a quick rinse off with a girly smelling soap usually takes care of that for me. 🙂

  • Susan

    Deodorant works to just like it helps your armpits! Old stripper trick someone taught me!

  • Evola

    I’ve heard that Miracle-Gro works very well, pretty much overnight.

  • Ami

    I don’t understand why young women want to shave all their pubic hair. I know it’s the fashionable thing and people say it’s “cleaner” and “prettier”. To each her own, but I think that having hair down there is a part of me being a woman. I don’t want to look like a prepubescent! I personally just keep it trimmed, but I will never shave it all off. I mean, who has the time?

  • Nikki

    I’ve shaved down there for a few years now, and irritation and such is normal. I generally shave every day, and it’s something you get used to. In fact, I now have a hard time letting it grow longer than like two days. It gets super itchy and irritated. I’ve never used shaving cream or anything like that, I found that it makes it harder to shave and WAY easier to cut myself, but I pull the loose skin tight so I can get a really close shave. I can’t pull it tight if it’s slippery, you know? I think the baby powder is a great idea, and I’ve also heard Gold Bond foot powder helps too.