Reader Hookup Confession: We Got Caught In A Movie Theater Bathroom

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Okay, so I went to the movies with my crush, D. When we got there, he was being very polite, and we went to go sit down in the back because that’s my favorite spot in the theater. Then he did that corny arm stretch and put his arm around me, and then he kissed my cheek. I wasn’t all that surprised, and when I turned my head, he kissed me. I asked him what was that for and he told me, “because I like you a lot”. I told him, “well so do I”. We started kissing some more, and we ended up making out. He started going in my shirt too.

We got a little bit horny, so we decided to go in the girl’s bathroom – we were getting it on on the sink, then we moved to the stall. Well, apparently little girls have no patience when it comes to having to pee, because this little girl crawled under the stall and saw us hooking up! She crawled out quickly, went to her mom and told her two people were wrestling in the stall. Her mom came in and said, “you two need to stop”. So we did a few minutes later of course; because we couldn’t stop laughing. We were so embarrassed that night.

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Think that was bad? Her BF’s dad walked in during oral sex!

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  • Kaitlyn

    Why would ANYONE crawl under a closed bathroom stall…no matter what they were doing?! EVEN if they were just actually using the bathroom it would still be awkward…what a dumb kid! and that mom shouldn’t have let her kid crawl under a bathroom stall..that’s not okay…

  • brie

    except for the whole bathroom situation it sounded quite cute and romantic, But lol

  • Jus Me

    Yah tht must have sucked i got caught at school we werent doing much except kissing but it got waaaay blown out of porportion. It was HUMILIATING! I had to swich schools.

  • shane(im a girl)

    u ppl need to stop being so serious abt all this it’s for ppl tht judge so if u don’t like it don’t read the confessions infact don’t even bother usin this site

  • hottie

    This is an obviously made-up story, sorry. Not that it’s impossible, it’s just extremely unlikely.

  • Tiffany

    How about Growing up? Obvisiously they are going to be little kids in the movie theather. Public areas are no place for sex…PERIOD!

  • nathernotsay…..

    lollllllllllllll if that was me (like that would ever happen to me?ya right.) i would have screamed SOOO LOUD! lol

  • basschick

    this made my day! so sorry it happened, but hilarious story!

  • Destiny

    You are lucky. If that was MY child that saw you doing that you would not have gotten off so easily. I would have made sure, at the VERY least, you were banned from the theater.

    • Animal Lover

      Funny how a GROWN WOMAN would be on a teen site. Seriously!

      • Daiana

        Hahahahahah yea hilarious

    • lilyoblack

      Well don’t let ur child crawl Under stalls

      • brie

        IKR! That mom was a friggin’ bitch. If i was OP I would have told that woman to kiss my ass. And I’m 13… lol But i would never do that

  • Violagirl1996

    So did they have sex? because i dont completely understand what they mean when they say they were ‘getting it on”

  • Shelby Williams

    When they say getting it on, do they mean actual sex? I know, I don’t understand things but I would like to be informed!

  • ciara

    okay if its a movie theater im pretty sure it was more then 1 stall that little girl just happened to crawl under ya’ll stall lol that had to be embarrasing!

  • Lucid Dreamer

    I cannot imagine how funny and embarssing that could have been for you!