Your Complete Guide To Menstrual Cramps

yoga bow pose can help with menstrual cramps relief

Yoga poses, like this one, can really help! | Source: Shutterstock

1) Over-the-counter Pain Relief
Ibuprofen is your best friend, and is much more effective than naproxen sodium. (Think Advil over Tylenol.) Carry it with you at all times! When you know you’re due for your period, take some ibuprofen at night before bed, so that you don’t wake up in agony. If you’re looking for relief in the middle of intense cramp pain, it’s generally okay to take three pills instead of the recommended two, but definitely check with your doctor first.

2) Yoga
Believe it or not, there are specific yoga poses aimed at relieving menstrual cramps, like the cobra and the bow pose. These poses target the pelvis and the lumbar region, two muscular groups that often bear the brunt of soreness and tension during period pain. Googling “yoga for cramps” gets you a wide range of exercises and instruction videos, so you can choose what works best for you, or ask a yoga teacher for advice.

3) Hot Water Bottles
Yep, the same kind your Grandma uses for her back pain. Hot water bottles may seem old-fashioned, but they really, truly help warm and relax the muscles in your lower abdomen. At about $15, it’s a worthy investment that will bring you relief month after month.

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  1. avatarBethan says:

    Got really bad cramps today, I’ve tried quite a few things before & nothings really ever worked. Just fed up of the pain now so read this article & comments today & tried a few – took ibuprofen, did a bit of running on the spot & around the flat, yoga, drunk loads of water & ate a banana… I don’t know if it was one or all of them but the pain is no more, it’s such a relief, and I feel like I can carry on my day as normal. :)

  2. avatarJenny says:

    I’ve tried everything! Hot bath, pain relievers, yoga, and these cramps will still not go away! It feels as if every month they get worse. Also I get kinda sick from it all, any other suggestions?

  3. avatarJulie says:

    I have a hot water bottle on now but the cramps are really bad and sore,I’ve had ibuprofen and still nothing works?whats the best advice??

  4. avatarLaura says:

    I was also up last night at 4 am with crazy cramps… I know this is late in coming now but if you don’t have a water bottle in a pinch you can throw some rice or lentils in a sock, tie it off and pop it in the microwave for 25-30 seconds. It makes a great heat pack and for me anyway, sometimes heat is the only thing that works (even when its 26°c at 4 am >:/ ).

  5. avatarari says:

    Laying in bed right now(4am) because I can’t fall asleep due to the immense pain. Everthing hurts. Feels like somebody’s trying to shove a potato up my uterus or something, oh and they’re kicking my vagina too. I can’t get hot water bottles is there SOMETHING that’ll help

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