Your Complete Guide To Menstrual Cramps

girl lying down wants menstrual cramps relief

Youch! Cramps are NO fun. | Source: Shutterstock

Oh, menstrual cramps are the worst. They seriously, seriously are. For a pain that’s “normal,” (in other words, pain that doesn’t signify something being terribly wrong with your body,) they hurt like hell: much worse than someone who doesn’t get bad cramps (your annoyingly lucky friend, every guy you will ever meet for the rest of your life as long as you live) can truly understand. The pain can be so debilitating that sometimes you end up missing school, work, or fun social activities in favor of lying miserably on your bed, wishing you could cut out your own uterus. (Anyone who’s ever had truly bad cramps knows that’s not an exaggeration!)

The very worst thing about menstrual cramps is that they happen every single month, for the rest of your life. In other words, the future is pretty bleak if you don’t figure out an effective strategy for controlling the pain of cramps, rather than letting cramps control your life. What you need, my friend is menstrual cramps relief!

I’ve learned a lot of tricks to dealing with cramps over the years–so go to the next page to read all about them!

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  1. avatarMakayla says:

    Right at this very moment I like to have a little talk with Mother Nature! Cramps HURT I get them almost every time I start my period on the first day of my time of the mouth it feels like someone is pushing as hard as they can on your lower abdomen then punching it continually for hours and hours . My best advise hot water bottles on your worst pain spots , ibuprofen, and distractions like t.v or YouTube videos hope it works for you

  2. avatarA says:

    I’ve had cramps since I was 10 and now I’m 13 and idk what to do I have them soo bad every month.. I’ve tried drinking ground ginger in hot water, laying in the tub, and taking ibuprofen and nothing seems to work, I can’t lay down and my heating pad barely works..
    I have to take off school once a month because the first day is terrible. What should I do?

  3. avatarjay says:

    Im 14 so do i take birth control. To stop cramps??

    • avatarRachel says:

      Have a talk with your mom and your doctor. I take birth control because of my period. Without it, it gets to the point where i’m not a very nice person to be around and the pain is over barring. If it’s horrible to the point where you miss school. Talk to your mom, you may be a bit on the young side to take it. Just try aleve and see what helps.

  4. avatarAnonym says:

    I got my first period today and the cramps are horrible. I have never felt anything like it, It’s like I’m dying, from the inside out. At these moments I just want to be a guy, like really bad, but I tried that yoga pose at the picture, and it really helped. The only bad thing was that I could not stay like that forever.
    PS: I have heard that having a cat laying on your belly helps against period pain, as long It’s not too heavy. Worth a shot!

    • avatarRachel says:

      Get a heating pad and either lay on your back and have it on your stomach or lay on it. But do NOT sleep with it on. Hot water bottles help and aleve works wonders. or ibprophen works too take four in the morning then some before you go to bed. That will help out a lot. It’s up and down too and it will vary. One month it will be fine not to much pain next month painful as hell. It has a lot to do with stress.

  5. avatarJessica says:

    My cramps are so bad I’ve taken pills and I’m laying on a heating pad and being super still and it still feels like I’m being repeatedly stabbed with dull spoon.

  6. avatarMicha says:

    My periods are the worst! Matter of fact im off of school now because of them! Hot baths seem to help but as soon as im out I get karate chopped in the stomach by cramps! Distractions work and so does paracetamol not ibruprofen!! Try evening primrose oils too or feminax and that sorta stuff. My doctor put me on mefenamic acid (or something like that) and it works to the extent I was a little lighter and it reduced my period to 3 days. That plus paracetamol seems to work well for a while!!! Good luck to everyone and just remember your uterus is just letting you know its there and it works ;) lol

  7. avatarJess says:

    Distraction helps. I know how tempting it is to cancel plans, but if you take your mind off the cramps they’re not as bad

  8. avatarJamie says:

    I hate everything about my period. It last for eight days. It is also super heavy. I never ever want to leave my bed. I feel like I am overdosing myself because of amount of pills I take during my period. I hate everything especially college and my boyfriend!

  9. avatarCarly says:

    Oh my days, I have the worst cramps every. It’s
    Every single month for the 1st two days.
    It’s the worst pain, as in takes my breath away,
    Any suggestions would be great, as I’ve tried so
    Many but nothing seems to help.

  10. avatarR.P says:

    I am 35 years old and i have terrible cramps right now at work. 600mg of pain medicine is not working, Im drinking plenty of water and I had tea, WTF HELP!

  11. avatarDani says:

    I feel like I’m being ripped open and someone’s punching me all day long. My friends never get this. I’m like ughhhhhhh pain. Good tip: drink plenty water

  12. avatarEvy says:

    My cramps get so bad to the point I cry, I usually hug onto a pillow, and that pressure helps. To me it feels like someone is literally stabbing their fingers into my lower stomach and ripping it open, and at the same time I feel like I am beinh stabbed over anf over again In my lower back. Ib profen does not help me nor midol, a heating pad used to work but the older I get the worse the pains get. I really can’t move, I just want to sleep buy it hurts so bad I can’t.

    • avatarT says:

      I have the exact same pain, I was actually told by my EMT teacher I should go to hospital to see if I had cyst on my ovaries that was causing the pain. That’s the problem

  13. avatarComfort says:

    My cramps are very bad that i missed school for a week

  14. avatarAriana says:

    Im 15 and i started my period when i was 14 at the end of 8th grade. My cramps used to be very subtle and my flow was very light. Well i went on birth control because my doctor said my cycle needed to be fixed or something like that, ever since i stopped doing the pill, my period is heavy andy cramps are horrible! But i did find that eating a banana once a day and drinking magnesium supplements when they are really bad actually reliefs the pain quite fast.

  15. avatarAnne says:

    I started my period at the age of 12 but I never got cramps until I turned about 16 they were really bad I would miss like 2 days of school a month because of them. They get so bad that I do get physically ill (throwing up). I’m 22 now and I still cannot find relief, luckily they only last for like the first 2 days. I’ve tried almost everything on the list and well apparently I’m not normal. Midol seems to help but not fully (it takes the edge off but the pain is still there). I cannot do anything that raises my body temperature (like exercise, a hot bath, etc), for some reason when my body temp raises the pain gets 100X worse. Coffee helps me actually (it helps my mom too), when I drink it my pain subsides a bit. I have yet to try birth control but I just might since I don’t think I can stand this pain for another 30+ years.

    • avatarAngel says:

      I have really bad cramps every month too my some times last my entire period the only things I can find that help me is eating a peanut butter sandwich (you can just try a spoon of peanut butter its however you prefer) Drink lots of pineapple juice use a heating pad it helps a lot and take extra strength aleve idk why but they help me way more then midol

    • avatarPeach says:

      Have you tried magnesium supplements? I’ve heard a magnesium deficiency can be the cause of severe cramps.

  16. avatarJessa says:

    Drink tons of water! Having a full blatter relieves some of the pain. It’s like pressing into your lower stomach with your hand but it does the work for you. Also all the liquid will thin your period blood which can relieve some of the cramps as well since they can be cause by thick and chunky period blood.

  17. avatarjam says:

    My problems similar to dees, im trying to take a hot bath and its barely doing anything , my mom had to pick me up from school after I already took ibuprofen and I just threw up.(is that normal?)also I had a LOT of sugar yesterday, so its 2x as bad. Also mine is unpredictable, sometimes its on time zometimes its not, so what am I supposed to do?

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