Your Complete Guide To Menstrual Cramps

girl lying down wants menstrual cramps relief

Youch! Cramps are NO fun. | Source: Shutterstock

Oh, menstrual cramps are the worst. They seriously, seriously are. For a pain that’s “normal,” (in other words, pain that doesn’t signify something being terribly wrong with your body,) they hurt like hell: much worse than someone who doesn’t get bad cramps (your annoyingly lucky friend, every guy you will ever meet for the rest of your life as long as you live) can truly understand. The pain can be so debilitating that sometimes you end up missing school, work, or fun social activities in favor of lying miserably on your bed, wishing you could cut out your own uterus. (Anyone who’s ever had truly bad cramps knows that’s not an exaggeration!)

The very worst thing about menstrual cramps is that they happen every single month, for the rest of your life. In other words, the future is pretty bleak if you don’t figure out an effective strategy for controlling the pain of cramps, rather than letting cramps control your life. What you need, my friend is menstrual cramps relief!

I’ve learned a lot of tricks to dealing with cramps over the years–so go to the next page to read all about them! And watch this video for some extra help!

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  • Jennifer

    I get the worst cramps and the only thing that helps no matter what is chocolate, which my mom doesn’t allow. So when I get cramps I just stay in bed and watch funny movies, and it almost always distracts me and makes the cramps go away.

  • emily

    Oh my god! I’m 20 years old and I HATE PERIOD CRAMPS!! they make me feel like my legs are being crushed between to pieces of cement! I used to never have that feeling when I was a teen. I can’t sleep because I can’t get comfortable because of the cramps, my legs feel heavy because of the cramps!! overall I just HATE these stupid cramps.

  • Heather

    What I do when of have bad menstrual cramps is, after I get done taking a hot bath I would go lay down somewhere I feel comfortable at and I put something under my legs to were there propt up in a comfortable position and relax. Soon after that the pain starts calming down.

  • Annabel

    I curl up with a hot water bottle, wait for the drugs to kick in while reading funny period stories! Trust me, I get cramps so bad I throw up but laughing and taking my mind off it really helps. Search funny period stories- it really helps to know that it could be worse and some of them are hilarious!

  • Charlotte

    I’ve had horrific cramps since the age of 9. I’ve been to every specialist you can think of. They’ve recommended taking naproxen, birth control, exercise, heating pads and tea and none of that workS for me. I’ve even tried black strap mollasses, apple cider vinegar, dong quai and primrose oil. Nothing seems to help once I start bleeding. Does anybody have any other remedies besides the ones I have listed.

    • Classy Ashley

      Yes, I’m right with you girl. It sounds gross but I found that emptying your bowels right before the onset of your period can help tremendously. I use a tea called “Smooth Move” as well as take a strong medication with a high dose of milligrams right before the hell breaks loose like the author mentions. Just be sure to eat a small light meal with your meds to avoid regurgitating it.

  • Snowie

    Yho guys menstrual cramps are no joke when they got me i use desprine n put warm water at the bottom n take pain killers ,ibuprofen.

  • Berfin

    Humor! Watching something funny or being with a humorous friens usually helps me get through the pain.

  • fatima

    am just 14 yet I have the worst menstrual pain ever what do I do

    • joan

      I’m 13 I have huge pains 2

      • Ruth

        I’m 13 and I started today and I don’t know what to do. I’m up in the middle of the night because the pain is so bad. Plus I’m hungry so that doesn’t help.

  • Ellie

    Orgasms. Orgasms help relieve my cramps. Hitatchi magic wand on the clit and just ease away the pain. It doesn’t always last for long depending on how bad my cramps are but it definitely brings me relief.

  • Brown

    I have had the worse cramps for 2days now.

  • Alex

    Omg guys if your on your period right now , get a sock fill it up with rice you don’t have to fill it up to the top ( whatever you perferr ) tie up the end of the sock , put it in the microwave for like one or thirty seconds then take it out lay on your bed/couch flat and just set the sock on your stomach , put on a timer on your phone for every ten mintues turn over the sock opposite sides every ten mintues breathe and repeat .It worked so well for me and I hope it works for you :) it’s made a huge impact since before hand where my pains hurt so bad seriously it helps a lot .

  • Alice

    My stomach hurts so bad I don’t know what will help take away the pain tbh I ate a banana but I didn’t really work and I’ve drunk heaps of water idk what else helps advice anyone ??

  • Bryony

    Is it weird that I have cramps before my period actually starts? Like right now I have rlly bad cramps that have been going on for 2 days but I haven’t actually started bleeding yet ?? I can’t move without immense pain and sometimes it gets so bad that I start crying cus the pain is just too much… Any advice? I’m 14…

    • Vivien

      Same here. Except for me it’s about a week before I get it and then it gets really bad about 6hours after my period starts. It sucks. I find a heat pack works for me sometimes but lately it’s been getting worse. Drinking tea is okay I guess, but there’s only so much of that that anyone can stand.

    • Megan

      It’s not weird, don’t worry. I get them before too for a couple of days. I’m 20 and it’s been that way for the last 7 years.

  • Lucie

    Here’s a little tip if, like me, you can’t quit work and go home like you want to when suffering from these hellish cramps – I was in agony 2 hours ago and I thought I was going to die!!!! I’d taken lots of painkillers and tried to avoid caffeine. Found this article and tried the yoga pose (which is amazing!) but needed a hot water bottle, it’s ALL I wanted.. but it’s a bit awkward when you work in a shop! Well, I filled a kitchen rubber glove with hot water, an idea I got off the vet – they did this for my rabbit when he was cold after an operation.. So, then I sat at the till with a jumper on my lap hiding my fat fingered bright yellow hot water bottle – yippee!! Feeling a LOT better now, thanks for the tips, good luck to all the girlies suffering, just remember- this: ALL things must pass xxx

  • Cassie

    Plz…can someone help me am reali suffering from cramps and i’ve tried everything

  • Babyboo123

    OMG my belly hurts so bad I can’t even stand up

  • Bethan

    Got really bad cramps today, I’ve tried quite a few things before & nothings really ever worked. Just fed up of the pain now so read this article & comments today & tried a few – took ibuprofen, did a bit of running on the spot & around the flat, yoga, drunk loads of water & ate a banana… I don’t know if it was one or all of them but the pain is no more, it’s such a relief, and I feel like I can carry on my day as normal. :)

  • Jenny

    I’ve tried everything! Hot bath, pain relievers, yoga, and these cramps will still not go away! It feels as if every month they get worse. Also I get kinda sick from it all, any other suggestions?

  • Julie

    I have a hot water bottle on now but the cramps are really bad and sore,I’ve had ibuprofen and still nothing works?whats the best advice??

  • Laura

    I was also up last night at 4 am with crazy cramps… I know this is late in coming now but if you don’t have a water bottle in a pinch you can throw some rice or lentils in a sock, tie it off and pop it in the microwave for 25-30 seconds. It makes a great heat pack and for me anyway, sometimes heat is the only thing that works (even when its 26°c at 4 am >:/ ).