Your Complete Guide To Menstrual Cramps

girl lying down wants menstrual cramps relief

Youch! Cramps are NO fun. | Source: Shutterstock

Oh, menstrual cramps are the worst. They seriously, seriously are. For a pain that’s “normal,” (in other words, pain that doesn’t signify something being terribly wrong with your body,) they hurt like hell: much worse than someone who doesn’t get bad cramps (your annoyingly lucky friend, every guy you will ever meet for the rest of your life as long as you live) can truly understand. The pain can be so debilitating that sometimes you end up missing school, work, or fun social activities in favor of lying miserably on your bed, wishing you could cut out your own uterus. (Anyone who’s ever had truly bad cramps knows that’s not an exaggeration!)

The very worst thing about menstrual cramps is that they happen every single month, for the rest of your life. In other words, the future is pretty bleak if you don’t figure out an effective strategy for controlling the pain of cramps, rather than letting cramps control your life. What you need, my friend is menstrual cramps relief!

I’ve learned a lot of tricks to dealing with cramps over the years–so go to the next page to read all about them! And watch this video for some extra help!

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  • Judith

    I too used to have really horrendous period pains throughout my teens and until I went on ‘the pill’. Some things that helped me: cycling (especially up hills); rowing (or sitting on the floor and using rowing movements to stretch the abdomen and thighs); Vitamin B6; hot water bottle to the stomach; Feminax (when eventually that was produced). If very severe pains continue over the years they should be reported to a doctor for possible investigation in case of a medical condition eg fibroids or endometriosis.