From The Message Boards: Can Teenagers Be In Love?

kizzme14 said:
Well I’m not a teenager anymore and I can tell you that I was in love with my high school boyfriend. But it was a different kind of love.

Basically, I feel that love comes in all different shapes and sizes. I don’t think age restricts our emotional capacity to love another human being… but the more comfortable you are with yourself, the more comfortably you can love someone else.

S0Exciited said:
I’m on the fence with that. I am sure that teenagers CAN be in love, but I’m not so sure if they all really know what that actually means. I see teens have a different boyfriend/girlfriend every month or so and claim they love all of them. I thought I was in love with my high school boyfriend and I wasn’t. I love him but I’m not in love him.

I’m in love with my current and I know how that feels. It’s having the desire to still make that person happy even when you’re completely pissed at them. And to be there for their ups and downs with support and love every step in the way. It’s passion. I didn’t have those feelings when I was younger.

Okay, so here’s what we think: yes, teens can fall in love. Love isn’t about age or anything like that – it’s a feeling! But we do have to agree that it’s probably a different kind of love than what you feel when you’re older. That’s because as you get older, you naturally mature and change, and how you feel about relationships changes also.

You can definitely be in love with your high school sweetheart, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you can only have one love in your life. Just because you fall in love with your first boyfriend doesn’t mean you’ll be with him forever.


Who do you agree with? Do you think teenagers can fall in love? Tell us in the comments!


Would you be okay with only having one sexual partner ever?

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  • Karla

    I believe there are two kinds of loves. Love and True Love. The word “love” is thrown around all the time. It’s what a teen says to her best friend at the end of a text or what another teen says to her boyfriend of 2 months. But true love is the love shared between happily married couples and love felt between you and your pets and family. I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. And we say we love each other ALL THE TIME. I’m still wondering if it’s true. Maybe it’s just timing and commitment.

  • Luiz

    First of all…….love is love. There is nothing that can be done by others to break it down, or create it. But, there might or might not be a age to fall in love……when I was a teen….I was madly in love with this gal…..and she his her feelings pretty well until she let it all out one day …
    Teens are most probably in ‘ puppy love’ or infatuations. But sometimes it is true
    However a teen has raging hormones at this time and love can’t be helped…..also, rejection by the person you ‘love’ can be very painful.
    Love is just a feeling…a great one that should be enjoyed by everyone out there because if you where meant to be with a girl, you will end up with her at the right time, but if it isn’t meant to be, teens get quite dramatic about it

    Lastly, teenage love exists….but only in the rarest of cases. But hey, love is the actual universal solvent, that con dissolve everything!

  • Emily

    Teens can not fall in love for real, we haven’t got money to support ourself, we can’t buy a house!
    Most teens wouldn’t have a clue how to cope in the adult world.

  • Jane Smith

    I don’t believe teens can fall in love, well not real love. I had a boy friend- he told me sex wasn’t important. Well with in 6 months, he tried in on with me! His parents were out. It was just him and me alone. I thought he cared but it was all fibs to get me in to bed.
    Now I realise that teenager boys are Horney and really they won’t wait for sec for that long before they start looking elsewhere.
    That’s just teenager boys, well they don’t really change till in there twenties.
    All my friends called me easy and turned on me, was suppose to be my friends.
    Even my own parents wouldn’t look at me the same way again.

    • Luiz

      You might want to go through that again. You mention teenage boys as horny, based on the experience with one peverted mind? You might want to look at the signals u sent to him during the relationship or your body language towards him. I accept you might have been disgraced but if you truly felt for this boy before his stunt, isn’t it also your lack of judgement? And believe me, there are plenty of girls who act pretty horny with the boys too, even thought they aren’t dating
      I’m not hating on you, just think about it.

  • Vibz

    Okay well, what I feel is that Teenagers do have that capacity to fall in love with the opposite gender. It does not necessarily mean that everyone can, but some can for sure. I personally feel that I am in love! And it’s a bliss. Knowing that someone at the other end is thinking about you all the time, missing your talks, YOU, and everything else. That sudden electricity running through you when he touches you, how even after a bad fight he can make you smile in just a second. And the most amazing thing being showed is he sacrifices for you!
    Teenagers are self centered and egoistic, Even I at some certain stages am, but we, my boyfriend and I, bend down even if we are wrong. Why? Because love does not come like this.

    Sum up saying, I AM IN LOVE AND SO THE OTHER TEENS OUT THERE, don’t get disappointed reading stuff like this that we can’t be in love. You just ought to understand it, nurture it. Now the world doesn’t have to live with them, you have to!

  • Hannah

    You can fall in love at 13! If you love someone dearly and tenderly, then you can have a man or girl in your life at any age!

  • dramaqueen1311

    I believe that anyone, any age, any sex can feel love, most of my friends disagree but i fell as if my boyfriend and i have a special connection, we’re never awkward together and it fells like ive known him forever, i love him and he loves me and thats all i want to know <3 im 13 and people who say i dont feel love should spend sometime living my life…