My BFF Is Changing – How Do I Deal?

If it’s more than just feeling left out and you think your friend is putting herself in physical or emotional danger, speak up. Talk to her, tell your parents or reach out to another trusted adult. If it’s not to that extreme, and more just that that you don’t like how she’s acting, there’s really not much you can do. Your friend is going to do what she wants whether you like it or not – and if you want to stay her friend, it’s important not to judge her for her decisions. Try to appreciate the difference between you two. After all, you were probably drawn to her at first because of some of her quirks.

The truth is you and your BFF might be growing apart a little bit. That’s really, really sad for anyone to deal with, but unfortunately it’s also a part of life. If you want to stay friends with her, accept her new lifestyle and let her know she can tell you things. If you seriously hate what she’s doing, then maybe it’s time to move on. Either way, it’s important to realize that our friends aren’t always going to stay the same, no matter how much we want them to.

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  • Anna

    My exBFF started dating this guy last year, this guy that she’s STILL dating- it started out as ‘psh he’s just some guy’ and turned into (after three weeks) ‘I love him and that makes me an adult so I’m better than the rest of our friends’ she then started lying to me for months, and my OTHER and now only BFF was just like ‘let it go, you’ve only been talking to her because you’re trying to be nice, but seriously, b*tch needs to go’

    Things that happened while I was friend with this b*tch? I was fat and stayed fat, felt bad, was regularly told I was spoiled by my financially responsible parents, and was told to put up her her short, ugly, fatass (like 230 lbs on a 4’9″ frame) sister (people normally see her and think she’s an ugly guy) constantly stalking me (said psycho sister now tries to bully me. Hilarious? I think YES.)

    Things that have happened in the year since I stopped talking to her? I’m now in an appreciating, fun friendship where I’m ENCOURAGED to do stuff that I was too afraid to do before instead of being told I’m stupid, I’m now enjoying new hobbies, such as great digital art, modelling, and music, I actually go out, oh, and I’ve lost 55 lbs instead of being told that it won’t matter if I overeat and hate myself because I’ll always look like that.

    • K

      No offense, but you sound like a brat.

  • Lila

    Thats so wrog losing it at a park!

  • MusicBabyDoll13

    My best friend & i started to grow apart about a year ago…she had a boyfriend that was her WORLD and she didnt care about anything else. I felt REALLY left out & was REALLY sad..I didnt confront her about it..soo things just got worse until i started doing things that weren’t who i was (smoking, drinking) just to try to make some new friends & those people accepted me. Thankfully my boyfriend got me out of that situation before it got bad but you need to tell your friend how you feel before it’s to late. & you never know, she might be feeling like YOU’RE the one pulling away & that’s why she didn’t tell you. Tell her & everything will be fine no matter what happens