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HACHOO! Sneeze much lately? If you’re like me and millions of other Americans, you have allergies–and when the seasons change, swirling pollen, ragweed, grasses, and other fragrant stuff in the air–life can become downright unpleasant.

Before you grab another box of tissues (and some cover-up to hide that red nose!) check out these facts about seasonal allergies:

* One in five Americans suffer from symptoms of allergies or asthma
* Common symptoms include an itchy throat; dry, irritated eyes; sneezing, congestion, and a cough
* Some experts say using a Neti Pot or a saline nasal spray can help reduce the symptoms and keep allergies from causing a sinus infection.
* Drinking lots of water can help, too, as it flushes the irritants out of your body faster.
* Of course, over the counter medications help, but they can be tricky too. Benadryl will make you drowsy, so it’s not a good choice before class or work; while Claratin and many decongestants contain stimulants and will keep you up all night if you’re not careful.
* If your symptoms are really bad or last a long time, make an appointment to see an allergist. They can tell you exactly what’s irritating you and help you put a stop to it!

Now that you have all this allergy information, take care, feel better, and have a happy spring!

Do you have bad allergies? What happens when they strike? Do you have any tricks or tips to share about feeling better? let us know in the comments!

Got a red nose from rubbing it so much? So does this girl!

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  • Louise

    I’m allergic to dust, so i’m constantly sneezing! I go through a packet of tissues a day, and my nose is always red. Also, it means my eyes are constantly watery and itching-meaning my eye make up is a mess! I have very sensitive skin too, the only brand i’m not allergic to is Nivea. I’m also allergic to cats, dogs, and other animals with fur.

  • Jacob

    I have/had the same problem.I smimtoees use white vinegar and put iton a cotton ball and wipe under my arms.It somewhat works. But a month agoI decided to try the BAN deoderant and I’mglad I did. I really do feel more secure and I’mnever worried about being wet or having a nastyodor. I really reccomend that you try it.Shave under you arms if you are a girl every morning.And when you are showering throughly wash themto make sure to get rid of any dirt and bacteria.Also you can carry around baby wipes.When you feel yourself getting wet then take one outand clean and use your deoderant. Don’tbe embarrased to carry around those things!At least you like to smell clean! =)