I Can’t Believe He Said That

I’ve been on a ton of bad dates. TON. But this one takes the cake.

My dry cleaner set me up. (I know, WTF?) I went, because you never know when love could strike, right?

Well, it did not strike on this date. That’s for sure. The whole thing was going badly and then it took a real turn for the worse when he said:

“Tomorrow morning, when we wake up in bed together, what kind of bagels do you want?”

Um, gross! There was no way this dude was getting a goodnight kiss let alone a sleepover! I left the date right after that…and switched dry cleaners.

What’s the worst thing a guy has said to you? Tell us in the comments!


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  • caniloveu

    what a perv

  • Vyvan N

    I met this boy lets call him J. on the first day we went out, i pushed my booobs into his face and he licked them and he said they taste like skim milk so i took off my pants and told him to eat the hair off my pubes and so he did and he said it tasted like grass… what does this mean? am i transforming into a cow or somrthing? is it possible to get J to come back into my bed? PS i am 12 years old.

  • meg/grunge

    Well this wasnt the worst thing but i was still so mortiffing.well one day my boyfriend of a year came over and i wanted to show him my new shoes.when it comes to fashion im not the girly type but im deffinetly not the tomboy type.i like the laces and the cat eyes but i also like the studded belts and dr.martens.i always thought i whould look good in combat boots im brunet with blue eyes and vertically challenged.well anyway i walk out in a brand new pair of black dr.martens and he said o my dad has thos. I litterally wanted to burn them.dont get me wrong i love them but really!

  • Kelly K

    Hey ya so my dad owns a bakery that’s known for its cakes, in the town that my new school was in. So I guess people were trying to guess what I looked like? (WTF)

    So ya I walk in, I’m totally nervous. The first guy who walked up to me said “Hi, I’m Dan. Your not THAT fat.

    I was horrified. Keep in mind I’m 5’2 and 106 lbs.