10 Commercials With Celebs Before They Were Famous

Before they were the super famous heartthrobs that they are today, most celebs had to resort to doing whatever they could to make a name for themselves – and that almost always included commercials. It’s beyond adorable to watch huge stars like Mila Kunis, Leondaro Dicaprio, Kristen Stewart and more decked out in ’80s and ’90s gear and trying to sell things like dolls and fast food.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite old-school commercials featuring celebrities before they were… celebrities. Watch ’em for yourself and let us know: which was your favorite?


Mila Kunis for Telephone Tammy

Mila apparently starred in practically every doll ad of our childhood – besides this too cute for words Telephone Tammy commercial, she was also in Barbie Fashion Designer and Glitter Hair Barbie ads.


Leonardo DiCaprio for Bubble Yum

Way before Leo was dating tall blonde models, he was seriously loving some gum…


Sarah Michelle Gellar for Burger King

This literally might be the cutest commercial on this list. And how old does it make you feel?!


Lindsay Lohan for Jello

Look closely, and you’ll spot a super innocent-looking LiLo dancing around and eating Jello – with bonus Bill Cosby!


Seth Green for Nerf

That accent. That hairstyle! Oh, Seth… we couldn’t be happier that you got a haircut – and dropped the guido-esque accent.


Kristen Stewart for Porsche

KStew with blonde pigtails? We would never believe it if we didn’t see if with our own eyes…


Britney Spears for Maull It BBQ Sauce

Little Britney was way too cute for her own good! She still surprisingly has pretty much the same face, though.


Tina Fey for Mutual Savings Bank

So, this is pretty much exactly the Tina Fey we know and love… just in desperate need of some new clothes.


Raven Symone for Cool Whip

I think we can all agree that Raven was one of the cutest kids of the ’90s… and now I want some Cool Whip.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt for Pop Tarts

I literally could not stop myself from squealing “Awwww!” as I watched this. And by the way, where is the frosting?!!


Which was your favorite? What did we miss? Do you remember these? Let us know in the comments!


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