My First Time Having Perfect Sex

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I wanted my first time having sex to be special. Like, really special. I’d been with my boyfriend for almost a year when I decided the time was right. And as soon as I did, I went into planning mode for the big event.

We picked a weekend when his parents were out of town, so we could have total privacy. He bought a ton of scented candles and made a mix of love songs. I bought sexy lingerie and made my favorite pasta salad for a romantic dinner. The week before the big night, we had a seven day count down, leaving flirty notes on each other’s cars and winking at each other whenever anyone asked what we were up to that weekend. Sure, I was nervous for sex, but with all of our prep and planning, I knew it was going to be perfect.

I do! I do! |

The day of our special night, I went over to my boyfriend’s house in the morning to help him set up. I dropped off my sexy little outfit, put the pasta in the fridge, laid the condoms out on his nightstand in a perfect fan, and set up candles all over his bedroom. Once we had everything in place, there was still some time to kill before I had to be at the mall for work. So, we started messing around. And, well, things got really heated and we already had the condoms right by the bed and we’d both been thinking about nothing but sex for a whole week, so, sex just happened!

And after all of that prep, I lost my virginity with no candlelight, no music, no lingerie, and no special dinner. Nothing was special about it at all!

A little pasta salad to put you in the mood! |

When we were hanging out in bed afterwards, I decided I needed to do something special to mark my first steps down Sex Street. So, I turned to my boyfriend and started singing my own version of “If You’re Happy And You Know It.” Instead of the normal lyrics, I sang, “If you’re a VIRGIN and you know it, clap your hands.” Neither of us clapped and I made a huge deal of how this was the first time neither of us clapped to that song. As if anyone on the face of the planet had ever heard the virgin version of that song before! Whatever. I needed it to be special and that silly song made my first time special enough.

That night, we went through with our perfectly planned special night. Candle light, music, sexy outfit, and pasta dinner. And, I have to say, my second time having sex was totally perfect.


Was your first time everything you dreamed it would be? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Nichole

    If you are used to a dildo will it still hurt ????

  • Nichole

    If you are used to masturbating with a dildo, will it still hurt ?

    • Helen

      depends….if your hymen has not been broken it will still hurt a bit but that is not something you should worry about. If you have been using a dildo you may have broken your can check if it is so, by inserting one finger in your vagina and see if you find a hinder.

  • Helen

    Hi I’m Helen and I would like to share my story with you if that’s okay…well my first sexual intercourse was terribly bad. I lost my virginity when I was 15 years old to a guy who didn’t deserve it because after having sex he treated me really badly…we had been dating for about a couple of months and he seemed so nice to me…he would do anything to please me, make me feel comfortable and unique but things turned out to be much different. Although I had much experience concerning guys and I could figure out the way they behaved, I made a terrible mistake. To cut a long story short, we had sex in his bedroom. I never came because I was in terrible pain…my cherry was too tight and we had to do it twice to get rid of it…although he was 23 back then, he told me that it had been the best sex he had ever had despite the fact I was inexperienced. A couple of weeks later, he just dumped me after a fierce quarrel…the reason (he claimed to be) was that I wanted him to express himself more freely…I have nothing more to say…I think that every girl has to be prepare more mentally than physically to have sex because the psychological consequences are harder to get over than the physical ones.

    • Al

      I know where you’re coming from, almost exact same for me…

  • young

    god danm!! Sure those guyz had a gr8d time 4 guyz at once, why dont you invite me over i wil come wth my friendz

  • Ann

    Losing my virginity was the best thing that ever happened to me. It completely liberated me sexually! I remember my first time. I was twelve and it was the most intense pleasure I ever experienced. I try to repeat that intense pleasure every chance I get. I have sex almost every day. I am a happy girl!

    • Scarlett Eleanor Rose

      I’m 15 and I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly 6 months, he has just turned 16. We met in October last year and got together in February this year. We did lots of sexual things really early on. He has fingered me and performed oral on me and I have tossed him off and performed oral on him. We speak about having sex a lot because it is something we both want out of our relationship. I am thinking about losing my virginity to him this summer (we are both virgins, by the way). I am scared though; not of getting pregnant or anything like that, more of what he will think of me and of my body. I am really insecure and he loves me body and is always saying how beautiful he thinks I am, so its not a problem for him. I am scared for other reasons, but I don’t know what.
      Should I have sex with him? I really want to and I know he respects me and a loves me, he is putting no pressure on me. I just don’t know what to do. Any advise? Thanks

  • Julia

    My First Time was yesterday but first let me explain what led to this fantastic experience! When I was 10 my mom caught me masturbating. She told me what I was doing was perfectly normal. She also masturbated for me showing different techniques. On my 12th birthday she bought me some sex toys, a dildo and a small vibrator and showed me how to use them by using hers. When was 14 I told her I wanted to have intercourse with a boy. She wanted to prepare me for the BIG DAY. She got a video of soft porn and we watched it and masturbated together. That was six months ago and she started me on the pill. I was dating a cute guy, Bob, who I got to know very well and about a week ago we started getting naked in my room. Mom told me to wait a little while longer. Bob and mom get along very well and she makes him feel very welcome. Yesterday on my 15th birthday, July 18, 2013, mom and I put flowers and KY jelly in my room to prepare for the BIG EVENT. I invited Bob to dinner and all three of us talked for a little while afterward. I excused myself and went to my room and put on a very skimpy see-thru negligee that mom bought for THE OCCASION. When I returned, Bob’s eyes bugged out because you could see EVERY PART of my body. I modeled it for him and he blushed in front of mom. We both laughed and told him we prepared for this night for a long time and mom’s real birthday gift to me was a night sexual pleasure. Mom handed him three condoms and said if he needed more just ask and she would get some more. Anyway, we went to my room and quickly got undressed. Bob put on a condom and we lubed up with KY jelly. He started out slowly but since I felt no pain I told him to go fast and hard. God, it was FANTASTIC!! We both had orgasms. After thirty minutes he was ready for more so we did it again. Mom came in after the second time to see how everything was going and surprisingly Bob did not make an attempt to cover up. After about two hours Bob wanted to do it again and this time it took him at least 20 minutes before he came. We used all three condoms mom gave us. I got up and told Bob I was going to ask mom for more condoms and she was so very pleased that I was having such a wonderful time. I thanked her for the most magnificent birthday a girl could ever have. She gave me three more condoms and I went back to Bob. We fell asleep but this morning we had intercourse again, took a shower together, and went down to a great breakfast mom made for us! She thanked Bob for making my 15th birthday a fantastic experience. Bob thanked both of us and I thanked Bob and my mom who is without a doubt the GREATEST MOM IN THE WORLD!

    • gangxo_13

      Your mom must be pretty awesome. Geeesh i wish my mom was that way

      • Sally

        ganxo_13, are you thirteen? My sister Nancy is thirteen and having sex. You are old enough to have sex. Can you talk to your mother and tell her how you feel about sex?

    • Rhonda

      Julia, all I can say is WOW! Your mom is indeed super! It would be so nice if I could have sex with my boy friend while my mother was home. When you mom walked in and you were both naked it must have been great that you and Bob didn’t have to scramble to put your clothes back on. Bob must have been very confident and secure to not only let your mom see him naked but to continue to remain naked. If only I could enjoy sex out in the open at my house!

    • Nancy

      Wow! I am thirteen and I want my mom to this for my fourteenth birthday. I already watch porn with my mom, and sisters, Sally and Angela when dad is out of town. Dad knows and approves but when he home he allows us watch it in our rooms . He won’t watch porn in front of us but he and mom watche it together. But I’ve already had sex with some guys in the neighborhood along with Sally, fifteen, and Angela, nineteen. We have sex together with a group of guys at Ray and Al’s house while their parents are on vacation. Angela calls it SISTERS BONDING! Ther is more to this storybut too long to go in detail here.

  • Rosaloekks

    I literally shitted during sex is that normal ..? And then right after I got cum in my hair and got dumped

    • iWub. Pussy

      Haha lol that’s fucken funny ! No that anit normal xD

    • gangxo_13

      lol . thats not normal at all . most of the time you’d have to pee .

    • gangxo_13

      lol . thats not normal at all . most of the time you’d have to pee .

  • Jasmine

    I’m a virgin and I’ve been thinking about losing my virginity lately . It’s not because of peer pressure or anything its just that I’m confident in how I feel right now about it. I know it’s supposed to “hurt” & youre supposed to “bleed” & what not but I know I am nottttt gonna like that .. any advice?

    • Sally

      Read Julia’s story and see if you can get you mom to help.

    • Angela

      My advice is to prepare for your first time. Masturbate as often as you can. Watch soft porn (just sex between couples) to get you hot, take the pill of course and have condoms and Ky jelly to ready in your room or his room. If you can talk to your mom about sex, ask her advice. If you can’t talk to your mom ask a responsible adult, an older sister or an aunt maybe. My two younger sisters talk to me and we all talk to our mom and also our dad. My whole family is okay with us having sex and we do quite often. Sex is awesome!

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  • ananymous

    I’ve never had sex before, but I masturbate. I’m scared this will effect my first time. I (suprisingly) WANT it to hurt the first time. I want it to feel like I never fingered or anything like that. Honestly, I feel bad for masturbating. I want all the pain and love to go to whoever I really lose it to. What should I do? :/

    • Theresa

      ananymous, whoever you give your virginity to will appreciate it a lot more if you don’t feel pain. So keep on masturbating and do it often since you know it gives a lot of pleasure. Your first time should be as enjoyable as possible for your partner as well as you and he will enjoy more if he know he is not hurting you. When you finally have intercourse you will want to do it often. You have urges, girl, be wise and satisfy them. It is fantastic when sex becomes a wonderful part of your life. Just do it!

  • Melinda

    Okay, so my boyfriend and I known each other ever since we were kids and we finally went out together for 2 years. It was just a regular day hanging out alone in his apartment. We were wrestling around with each other when he was on top of me. We were staring into each others eyes until he started kissing me. We started making out, taking each others clothes off, and finally we were having sex.

    I wouldn’t say it was perfect or anything, but finding the right person to do it with is worth it.

  • Ashley

    I lost my virginity just about two weeks ago. I’m 18, and I lost it with my long-time boyfriend, of about 2 years. Nothing was special about it, actually.

    We were watching a movie at our friend’s house with our group of friends. We didn’t even plan on doing it. After watching the movie we were left alone at the movie area, just us two, a sofa, and a television. We started kissing, which turned into touching, and that went on for quite a while. We’ve been doing things up to second base ever since we dated, but never sex. He knew I was a virgin, and he didn’t ask me if I wanted to lose it already and I thought that he respects me too much to ask. I didn’t want to, anyway. This time, while making out, we were getting carried away already, and he was trying to remove my shorts and my underwear. “Am I ready? Is this it? The right time?” I thought. I helped him remove it anyway. There it was, he inserted it for who knows how many times (he couldn’t get it in because I was too tight) and when it got in, he started to thrust. Then, I heard my hymen pop. I bled (but I think this is totally normal) and yes, it hurt quite a bit. For the first few minutes it did but after quite a while, I got used to the pain. I didn’t come though. My second time was in my car just a week ago. I still bled but this time, my second time, was totally better than my first 🙂

    Cheers to the people who’ve waited for the right time!

  • eille

    im only 13 when i lost my virginity on my boyfriend.yeah i am so too young in having sex but when he ask me to sex with him isaid no and he respect it.many date is past and after our 5th date we went to his house even his parentd there we doesnt mind them we strickly went to hisown room i sit on a chair and try to watch tv he suddenly also sit on a chair and askme if i want to have sex with him isaid yes we started he put his condoms on and we started kissing he put his penis on my vagina i felt amazingyes!

  • Surekha sharma

    Plez………..i request all guys that not lose your virginity before 15 years of age

  • Leah

    I recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend, I’m 17 (born in january ’96) and he’s 16 (born in may ’96), and it was not awkward at all and quite comfortable.. amazing, even. It only hurt for the first couple of minutes hurt, but because we used a lot of lube (which we found helps A LOT), the other 20-something minutes were purely great! We talked to each other all the way through to keep it from getting awkward, and periodically checked the condom to make sure everything was going well… All in all, my first time was amazing and both him and I can’t stop talking about it – no word of a lie, that’s the honest truth.

    • Joan

      Leah, I am 17 also and my experience was very similar to yours except mine didn’t hurt at all, I guess this was because I’ve masturbated since i was about 6 and I masturbate a lot. We lubed up with KY jelly both his penis and my vagina and his penis just slid in easily. He pumped me hard for almost twenty minutes and he had me squealing loudly with pleasure. We not only talk about it I told him to put his hand on my crotch when he wants it again and I’ll rub his crotch if I agree. We’ve done it many times since!

  • J3n.84

    I lost my virginity at age 17 during my first semester of college. It was with my highschool sweetheart and to be honest it was really hard for me, mostly because of how painful it was. He couldnt get it in the first try so we gave up and just relaxed with eachother naked in bed. The second time it still hurt but he managed to get about 3” in and broke my hymen. I couldnt take anymore so we decided to rest and we ended up staying up all night talking. The next morining it finally happened. I lost my virginity and it still hurt but i got used to the pain. Weird thing is, we didnt even technically have sex, just succeeded in “getting it in” but it was something to celebrate and my boyfriend was so supportive and patient the whole time. Now we do have sex and though it still huts a little at first the pain usually goes away in a few minutes.

  • kdanielle711

    My first time was not special. At all. I was seventeen, and had just graduated high school. My bf at the time (who I later became engaged to then broke up with a few months later) and I had been dating for only a couple months, but I thought I was ready. Unfortunately, since I was a virgin it took a while to get started, and he became annoyed by it. It was not pleasurable at all, and I wish I would have waited. Because after it happened the first time, it sort of became a chore. I never had an orgasm with him. We dated for 8 months (six of them were after we had sex), and then broke up. It wasn’t until I started dating my current bf (who I’ve been with for almost two years) and we had sex that I had my first orgasm. And in those two years, I have had more romantic evenings then I could have ever dreamed of.

    • Julia

      My first time was perfect! Read my story in these comments..

  • sebi

    i think nvr trust any guy without knowng his background

  • Christa

    I was 18 when I lost my virginity. My boyfriend and I had been together for 2 1/2 years when we finally had sex (we had done virtually everything except have sex by this point). He was a freshman in college about 9 hours away and I was a senior in high school. I had an interview at a college about 2 hours away from where he went to school, so the day after my interview I drove to visit him.

    I got to his school a few hours earlier than I told him I would, so I surprised him by showing up to watch his basketball game. After the game, he and I got dinner with a few of his friends and we all hung out for a while. But as it got later, we headed off to bed. His roommate was out of town for the weekend, so we had the room to ourselves.

    And it was perfect.

    Long story short, he played music and danced with me for a while. Then he started kissing my sweetly and slowly as we undressed each other. Finally, after a while of kissing and foreplay, we did it. We made love. I know some people don’t like that term, but I can’t explain it as anything else because that’s exactly what we did. It was incredible. Although it hurt so bad in the beginning, he lasted for a really long time, and we took it really slow, so by the end it started to feel pretty good (although I didn’t come).

    My advice to anyone reading is that it’s always better to wait than to rush into it. If you don’t want to, then don’t do it. Your first time should only happen when you’re completely ready. If you decide that you’re not ready and don’t want to, a boy should respect that. You can always say yes at another time, but once you have sex, you don’t get another very first time. That being said, just because your first time wasn’t perfect or didn’t go just as you planned doesn’t mean that your second or third time won’t be amazing.

    Sex is an emotional and beautiful act. And you, reading this at this very second, deserve that! We have been together for almost four years now, and I couldn’t be happier with anyone. And the sex gets better each time!

  • Leah

    Okay… So last friday I made a huge mistake… My boyfriend and I had been dating for7 months. We we’re just chillin’ on my couch watching the lion king… We started making out and before I knew it, I was naked. The condoms were in my room so he went and I followed.. We had sex for 2 hours… I thought he loved me… 20 minutes after he left he dumped me. The day after I lost my virginity and got dumped I slept with his best friend… And the day after that, his brother…. I feel terrible. ):

    • raj singh

      u shud not waste urself only coz he dumbed u….

    • Gina

      Leah, you shouldn’t feel terrible. If you had sex with him for two hours it must have been good sex. Sleeping with his best friend and brother sounds like fun to me and the best therapy in the world to get over you disappointment. You shouldn’t feel bad at all. If you enjoyed the two hour sex session with him, invite him back to your room again for more; you can still be friends. Since you’ve had sex with his friend and brother, see if you can arrange for all three of them to have intercourse with you in your room and have them watch while each waits their turn. I have personally experienced sexual intercourse with four guys in my bedroom at the same time while each watched and waited their turn. All of them cheered as each of their friends were fucking me! This is the best way I know to spend an afternoon!

      • joan

        i’m sorry Gina but i think you’re a whore