Why Can’t You See Bully?

Bully movie

Being able to see the movie Bully would let girls like this one know they're not alone. | Source: Shutterstock

You’ve probably heard a lot about the movie Bully: Some of your favorite stars, like Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber, were fighting to get it down to a PG-13 rating.

The movie examines the horrors and heartbreak of kids who are bullied in school–and as you’re probably well aware, bullying is a genuine epidemic. Bully sheds light on the fact that these punching bags are actually people, and that just going to school without getting hit is considered a victory for some of them. Seriously, imagine that for a second: your definition of a good day is just not getting beat up.

Getting a glimpse at scenarios like that may be what it takes to stop bullies from picking on people. It’s a huge step in remedying the issue. The problem is, since it’s rated R, though you may have heard about the movie, you can’t actually see it, and it won’t be able to be shown in schools (where it’s needed the most).

Bully movie Demi Lovato

Former bullying victim Demi Lovato wants to repeal the MPAA's R rating. | Source: Shutterstock

The MPAA insists it’s for the foul language used in the film, but we think that’s sort of a bunk argument. Considering that the movie was filmed in actual schools, does the MPAA really think you guys haven’t heard this kind of talk already?

Keep in mind that the MPAA thinks it’s okay for teens to see The Hunger Games–which, for the record, we totally heart–where kids are murdering each other. So it’s okay to kill, but not to curse, even if the coarse language may save a life or two? Pardon our abbreviated French, but wtf? Anyone else see a problem here?

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W1g9RV9OKhg]

Check out the trailer for Bully above, and click here to find out how you can stop bullying in your own school. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to make someone’s day a little brighter–or at least a little less dark. Also be sure to sign the petition to get Bully down to a PG-13 rating.

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever stood up to a bully? Would you see Bully in theaters if you could? Sound off in the comments!

Did you know bullying drives some kids to get plastic surgery? So sad, but true.

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  • morning night

    I am happy to say that now I am better. I moved to a better place w my husband who has been a big support in my life and I will have a baby girl. I won’t let this happen to her ever. We have to be always there for our children. An no one has the right to make them suffer. Nor a child or an adult.

  • anastacia linn

    Well, let me tell you that adults or parents can also bully people. I was bullied from family memebers that tried to protect (over protect) their children and were also so agressive an mean to me an other members from my family who were children (from 7-10 years old). I was so young and they treated me so bad for childish reasons… for naive discussions with their children who were younger but sometimes had a bad behavior or even hit me so hard when they were like 3 or 4 and no one said anything about that ever “because they were children” yes, I also was but that didn’t matter… Many years has passed but they are still agressive and mean and I will never forget them because they will never change…

  • anastacia linn


  • brie

    So just have someone that’s 17 or older take you. The only way i get into rated R movies is if my mom takes me (i’m only 13 so i can’t get in by myself)

  • megan

    I think we should get to .. I have switch schools just to get away from the last group and yet no doubt it will happen at the other school uh we can her cuse words f its stupid people acutely need it

  • Kay-Kay

    thres a petition this gurl started 2 bring the rating down 2 pg-13 and she has 1/2 million signitures go 2 anderson.com its there stil i think 😛

  • Emily

    I haven’t really ever had much of a bully problem, but I have had friends that have. I am a fierce advocate against bullying, and I think this movie could help some of the bullies in my school see what they’re doing to their victims. It needs to be taken down to PG-13 so it can be shown in schools!! And the school allowed a sophomore English class to take a field trip to the cinema to see The Hunger Games!! What hypocrisy!!!

  • Kayla

    This preview made me tear a little. Gurl. com does make a good point about the Hunger Games vs. Bully. Maybe the filmmakers can censor the worst language. That way the movie can bump down to at least a PG-13.

  • Mary Ann Berendson

    I can relate to this theme on a personal level, I was bullied many times at school, by cousins, people my age that hurt me and made me feel like there was something wrong with me. Thanks God, I’ve had loving parents that listened to me and got involved, but not every kid does. It’s important to take action, and for this problem to be taken seriously by educators and the general public. At a young age, rejection and aggression is even harder and more painful to understand than later on… but it can get better if you have the correct support and love at home.

    • Gator

      I was also a bullied child, heck I’m bullied everyday by my family and peers. I wish that there was a way to stop it. I’m called fat and over-weight and ugly ALL the time, I’m glad that you have the support system you need, and I wish I was that lucky.

    • Gamze

      Janice, you can listen to my arcehvid radio shows . I believe that the Bullying radio show referred to in this announcement is podcast in two parts and is still available on the link. I look forward to your feedback!~RJ

    • greeny

      You’re so lucky. I bet that u don’t have anything wrong and that u are a nice person. I know that is so hard to be bullied. I have been bullied at school and from many members from my family, my cousins and uncles… for years and I am still bullied by one of them. But with kids ii was different …they had my same age. But it was horrible when my cousins tried to make their parents come and scream and tell me horrible things to solve our quarrels… that was not fair at all, they damaged me so much… I think that a child should be respected and protected by adults, especially if someone is not your parent, this person doesn’t have any right to do that. Sometimes adults should think so much before talking to a child because they can ruin someones life or self steem forever… if this hadn’t happen I could be a happier person , but when I needed my family more than ever, they dissapointed me… not everyone, but some people still do… and I wil never forget or forgive that. Would you? At school I learned to solve my problems, I didn’t have anyones support and I learned to be strong bymyself. Everyone became into my friend and when I think about those years, I feel sad but I think that they were teenagers and even if they damashed me they were growing up and learning and they needed help.

    • morning night

      Sometimes kids, teenagers damage others it’s true but many adults do it, too. They are so nice with their children but are so mean to other children, they abuse them in a psicological way, say mean things and make them feel bad to protect their kids. I’ve been there. I wasn’t able to deffend myself, because I was so young and I was alone this made me feel humilliated… this person tried to protect his/her child because he/thinks that me and other kids were damaging him/her but they were child quarrels, sometimes so naive and easy to solve between kids or in a good way with an adult. It’s horrible when someone who is not your father or mother comes and screams and offend you, and is not trying to solve the problem is only trying to make you feel so bad and I see this as an abuse. I saw other people close to me crying many times for the same reason, all of them were so young and were damaged by thisperson, and no one could say anything a,bout his/her children but this person damaged many of us(children) everytime he/she wanted and still does it now that I am not a child anymore. Still has an agressive attitude against me and other people that this person does not like… and it’s impossible to talk or solve anything… it’s so sad but I decided to forget about this person… The saddest part is that this person always told her/his child that we didn’t love her/him and horrible things about us and still does. And that was a lie, we were kids, maybe we made mistakes as her/his child did, too many times, but there are other ways to solve this kind of problems especially if this happens in your family, that’s the worst part. As you said, I also had problems with other people in my life who bullied me in a horrible way, but they weren’t my family and I can forget about that, but with this person from my family… nothing will change… adults should understand that they can’t treat children like this… every child deserves love, not this kind of abuse and hate.

  • Galina

    this preview made me cry and I didn’t even have the sound on.

  • Ashley

    well this movie better get bumped down to PG-13! this needs to be seen by school aged kids! school aged kids are the ones who get bullied the most , so whats the point in even making this movie if the kids cant see it! i think its–pardon my french–freaking ridiculous!!!

  • Allison

    I DO think the MPAA is being one fluffin’ ridiculous idiot making this movie R. Really? And you allow us to watch teens killing each other? SURE!!! WHAT ABOUT THE LANGUAGE IN THEIR?! This movie is for all of generations to see and what will happen if things continue!

  • Hannah

    Well, I agree the movie should be bumped down to a PG-13. Some of our middle school age kids need to see that. They need to see what bullying will do to other students.

  • K

    I find it absolutely ridiculous for it to be rated R just for some language. Are you kidding me? That’s just a tad bit extreme of a rating for just some foul language.

  • Lanah

    An R rating for only foul language? That seems very extreme for foul language, especially since we’ve all heard it and a lot of us have used it! In Canada it’s rated plain old PG.

  • niamh-guinevere

    Well dammit. That preview made me cry.