My Love-Hate Relationship With My Nose

my nose lea michele wanted a nose jobSadly, this nose-loving stage flew by in an instant. In seventh grade, I went to this boy Martin’s birthday party. He had invited some guy friends from another school, and there was this one super cute boy I’d never met before. Of course when we played spin the bottle, I hoped his spin would land on me–that’s until I heard him refer to me as “the girl with the wide nose.” I actually got up from the game and went to the bathroom to obsess over my nose in the mirror (naturally, it suddenly looked super wide to me) and, yes, to cry.

That one comment from that one (in retrospect, stupid and not all that cute) boy stuck with me and by the time I was in high school, I wanted a nose job more than anything in the world. Of course I knew my mom would say no, so I never even asked, but it was seriously my dream.

Melanie Abrahams

My nose. It's exactly like my grandfather's.

Many years later, my grandfather, who I loved more than anything, was very sick, and we all knew he was about to die. I dropped everything and flew out to California to be by his side. They were a very emotional few days, but of all the moments that I cherish with him, there’s one that I’m forever thankful for. The one that gave me “nose peace.”

I was sitting by his hospital bed, when he gave me this long, hard look–and grabbed my nose–hard! Then he laughed and said, “You’ve got your grandpa’s nose!” I looked in the mirror and then back at him–at this man I idolized, who meant everything to me–and he was right. My nose looked almost identical to his. And in that instant, I finally saw my nose not as something to be embarrassed of or to hide, but as something to be proud of. I look the way I look because my family looks they way they look. And that? Well, I think that’s pretty cool.

Do you have issues with your nose? Would you ever consider getting a nose job? Can you relate to how I feel about my nose? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • Anonymous

    I’m Italian and so my nose is huge. It never seemed to bad until I was in 7th grade and got black heads on it. Now even though the blackheads are gone I still think it’s huge. For a long time I wanted a nose job, but last week I saw a celebrity plastic surgery show that described mose jobs and I realized I would look way worse.

  • awesome__possum

    I HATE my nose!!!! Its huge and U-G-L-Y! plus the shape of my face makes it look even bigger. I have been begging my mom to let me get a nose job since i was in 6th grade but i know that is shallow and a stupid way to spend money… a girl can dream tho! My nose looks fine from in front but from the side it is aweful 🙁

  • Sara

    I absolutely LOVE my nose!!! Everyone in my family has either a big nose and a straight diagonal bridge, or a small nose with a bridge that goes diagonal, then has a bump in the middle, then continues straight. I think this is all part of my mom’s side of family, though. I’m the only one in my family with a perfect slope, and a cute little round nose :o) I LOVE it! My dad says it was his nose when it was little 😛

    • awesome__possum

      your so lucky (: I wish you and your nose much happiness lol.

  • Monica

    I dont like my nose because I see really pertty girls with skiny noses and my nose is wide and ugly:/

  • Jewpev

    Stereotypes and allergies; my enemies.

  • Harriet

    I hate my nose, I get called BigNose at school and everyone laughs at me 🙁 x

  • Rayna

    My nose is crooked. I think it’s kind of cutsie but I have a deviated septum and allergies so it gets kind of swollen like and is always stuffed up

  • clancy

    Gom ur really pretty,ur nose brings out ur features.especially ur afro latin/afro carribean and we tend to have wide noses n a weird nose bridge.when i was younger i used to hate my nose to.but then my abuela sat me down n explained why i look the way i looked.n why it was important for any women of any color or creed to love what she naturally has,if we dont love it first no one Will.:) im happy u left ur nose alone ur gorgeous naturally w/o all that surgery n stuff.

  • A-Person

    U r so pretty don’t let ny1 get u down. U rock!

  • Molly

    Unlike most here who have found a way to love there nose, I have not. I am un-blessed with a very pixie like nose. I would do anything to change it! None of my family members have this petite and pointy feature….. I am at a lost on who I enharted it from. One day I hope to learn how to love my nose, but its hard to when you get the nick names “Tinkerbell” and “Pixie nose” This is a great advice piece though. Thanks 🙂

  • I Love Orange

    Okay, first of all, you are gorgeous. XD Not fair. I’ve always been really self-conscious about my nose, too. It isn’t wide, so from the front it doesn’t look that bad. But, from the side… I have a large bridge. I definitely got it from my family. We all call it the, “Roman nose.” Even my brother is self-conscious about his Trojan trait. I got side bangs back in 4th grade, hoping that’d cover my bridge a bit… It did its job, (on one side of my face) but it also gave me a lazy eye in 7th grade. What the heck?!! So yeah… Over the years, I’ve learned to accept my nose. I don’t quite love it yet, but I’m making progress. I try to look at the good features about it, like, freckles. I personally love freckles. <3

  • Bea

    Are you kidding me? She’s gorgeous!!! Definatley jealous of her 🙂 I’m super- Italian, so my nose is slightly larger than normal. I never worried about for one second though. Who wants to have a dainty little fairy-nose anyway??? Big noses rock!!!

  • Jane

    K does anybody else have a chronically red nose? Because mine is rather large too, and while I’ve never wanted to make it smaller I would kill to get rid of the redness(I haven’t found a foundation that works yet)! And she is pretty

    • Ali

      MisterKnott : Because it’s only ONE nose. Think about the millions of defrifent noses! (haha) (and what is a nose without anything else?)By the way: No “how to …” vid can help you! If you want to learn drawing you have to practise, daily!

  • Zaira

    I feel like my nose looks like a shrimp, I’ve hated it since 7th grade when I first really noticed it. About a month ago I found a picture of my grandma from my estranged father’s side. Tears filled my eyes because I couldn’t believe it. I immediately said “So you’re the one who gave me this nose that I hate.” We have the exact same nose, I guess I had a similar experience to you. Now I’m learning to accept it because it does make me, well me. I still have my downs, though.

  • Tealialovesyou

    ` My nose is some what big… but I pierced it so it’s not that notciable I guess? haha…

  • kristen

    snape has a big nose but it dosnt difine his character he is AWESOME

  • Brisa

    I feel you. I absolutely detest my nose.
    I always dream about getting a nose job, but if I did I think I would be ashamed of myself for the rest of my life. To live with another nose? To have surgery done because I was so shallow?

    But it still bothers me, people comment on it all the time and tell me it’s big, or long or even pointy. I’m still searching for reason’s to love mine, even though all I have is negative reminders on why it’s so gross.

    I think I dislike it the most because it’s my father’s nose, and he hasn’t exactly been there in my life. One of my goal’s is to be as little like him as possible, and staring in the mirror and seeing that thing on my face is crushing.

    But thanks for the article, I want to try harder to love myself. (:

    • Aysha

      I get exactly what you mean. I have the same nose as my dad (wide and big, a typical “Arab” nose), and I haven’t seen him in over 7 years. I keep getting reminded that I physically look just like him, but I hope that I won’t be like him in all other aspects. Even though I hate my nose, I won’t ever get a nose job. I was born with that nose, and getting a nose job would mean wanting to change yourself. I know it sounds silly, but it’s the way I think.

  • Missfiction

    Your so pretty…lady gaga has a big nose and i think big noses are beautiful!

  • Vivi

    Omg my nose is like yours, too! Except I’m tan, but I do have that same red nose problem!

  • MagicalRaspberi

    She’s pretty. (: