5 Reasons Why I’m Glad Justin Bieber Isn’t My Boyfriend

Away games, summer tours, movie sets in Canada–there are a million and one things that will pry him out of your arms, all for the sake of his career. And while he’s off shooting a film or selling out a stadium, you will have PLENTY of time to sit around and obsess about the fact that…


2. He’s All Over the Internet

Even if a guy isn’t into hooking up with random fans, there’s a good chance that he still likes the attention. If he didn’t, um he probably wouldn’t bother being famous. And even if he’s totally proper and non-shady with fans, who says they will be? Lots of celeb romances have been derailed by loose-lipped groupies who blab about hooking up with an A-list guy–even if they haven’t!


4. You’ll Always Come Second…Or Third

Trust me, I know. The love of my life is a pro athlete who I have a really hard time forgetting because he’s on my TV all the friggin’ time! And it’s a special kind of hell to see your ex’s name on a jersey or t-shirt, or hear it chanted at a concert. Regular guys can be de-friended, unfollowed and generally ignored but famous fellas? Not so much.



If Justin Beiber–or your biggest celeb crush–wanted to be your boyfriend, would you say yes? Tell me in the comments!

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  • anonymous

    this can also be applied to famous youtubers unfortunately.

  • Glueallthings

    I used to love JB back when he was still singing “One time,” I was all like “OHMEGERD! I gonna marry that boy!” until I noticed how fame made him into an arrogant ass. Now as I watch all these “beliebers” of his I’m like ” thank you lord for letting me open my eyes” I can’t believe how pathetic I was

  • roselove445

    im going to prettend that this artical was about dating celebs and not justin bever (who i completely dislike in ever way possible). i mean dating a celeb just seems like so much work. And like what if they write a break up or hate song about you then you will be all over the tabloids in not such a flattering way. i think if a guy is famous its a turn off (unless he is a famous violin or cello player because im an orcestra geek and i dont think many girls apreciate how hot some of the orcestra guys can be you want proof type 2cellos album cover into google and you will see those two beautiful guys that never get appreciated like guy models do)

  • BananaSprinkles

    I’m so not a Belieber……….i feel sorry for anyone who is

  • BrookeHanson

    And on the topic of dating a celebrity of any type, you’ve got to get used to that life, that life is not for me, I want to come number one with my man, I couldn’t handle the long distance for long periods of time like that. Groupies would be hard to handle too, one of JB’s groupies attacked Selena once! I mean seriously, would you really want that?

    • Anslee

      I wouldnt mind dating One Direction though(:

  • CoCo

    If wiz khalifa came up to me an wanted to be my man
    Damn right I wud say yes !!! I wudnt pass dat up for NOTHING. lol taylor gang !!! Wooooo !!

  • blazebabygurla

    I’m totally glad I read this article. I saw the title and was like UMMMM are you kidding me? And then read it. Wow. I never thought I’d want to actually date a celebrity anyway because I’d never feel like I was “at their level” but this article just totally reinforced that. Plus I have a bf who I love more than anything =)

  • Susie

    Not to mention the fact that I’ve spoken with people who’ve met him, and he’s apparently a pompous, spoiled, arrogant little ass. He also looks way to young. Sorry, but I’m into mature and rugged-looking men who’ve actually gone through puberty.

    • blazebabygurla

      AGREED! I don’t think he even HAS to shave his face to get it to stay smooth like that.

    • BrookeHanson

      I despise JB and his “beliebers”. I am disgusted by the old women into him and let their little daughters worship him. He’s an 18 year old, immature, self absorbed BOY. When you get married or in a serious relationship, do you want a man or a boy (a boy like JB?). I got myself a man, strength be with the girl that settles down with JB.

  • anonymous

    thank you so so so so so much for this!!!!!! Total wake-up call and eye opener. I am so NOT A BELIEBER but in love with an actor. I thought I was going to marry him until I saw this…….

    But!!!! I would deal with ALL of this for true love. 🙂

  • marikamccauley

    if josh hutcherson wanted to be my bf OH MY GOD i would say yes in a heartbeat! no doubt about it!

    • Khira


  • Missfiction

    Omg, i used to love him . I was all like ” oh ima totally marry him when i grow up!” i still cant get over the fact i said that. Im like so ashamed ! My family will torture me with that foever