Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus Engaged?

Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus engaged?

Miley may be wearing another white dress soon! | Source

Photos of a certain former Hannah Montana starlet sporting a huge rock made the world wonder: Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus engaged?

While Miley and Liam are apparently not engaged, according to her Twitter this morning, the idea of them getting married is still on our minds. I mean, the cute couple paraded on red carpets together for Liam’s The Hunger Games premieres, and they hit up a Celeb Fight Night party arm in arm, with the rock still clearly visible–and they’ve been together for years.

While it may well be a brilliant “are they or aren’t they” publicity stunt (Liam did have a huge movie just come out), it raises a big question: Miley is 19, Liam is 22. Are they too young to get married–or if they really were engaged, would it be cool?

Consider: Miley and Liam met on the set of their film, The Last Song, when Miley was 16. Most if us are pretty different when we’re 16 than when we’re 19, let alone when we’re old and gray. If marriage is, ostensibly, a lifelong commitment, is it too soon for them to be tying the knot? If they got married in the next year or two, Miley wouldn’t even be able to legally sip champagne at her own wedding!

On the other hand, Miley grew up faster than a lot of other girls because of her career in the spotlight. While most of us want to see, learn, and experience new things before we settle down, she’s accomplished so much already. She’s well beyond financially secure, which is a big reason a lot of young couples put off a trip to the chapel (or courthouse, temple, or white sand beach). Because she’s been working hard since she was so young, she may feel she’s emotionally and mentally mature enough to tackle matrimony.

Are Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus engaged?

They're a cute couple, but that doesn't mean Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus should be in a rush to tie the knot! | Source

For the rest of us, the circumstances are different. While marrying young has its benefits— for instance, your dating pool is a lot bigger, you can grow together, your chances of childbearing are really good, your boobs are still perky–it’s also more risky than waiting it out until you’re older. Because your dating pool is so much larger, there’s a lot more room for temptation. Think of it like channel surfing: How do I know what I’m watching is the best thing that’s on if I haven’t scanned through the rest of the premium channels yet? Additionally, growing up together can also mean growing apart.

The scariest part of marrying young? Couples who marry between 20 and 25 have a 60% divorce rate! Miley’s not even 20 yet. Yikes!

Then again, it is Liam Hemsworth she’s dating.

Are you married or thinking about getting engaged? Would you rather wait until you’re older? Would YOU marry Liam Hemsworth if he proposed today?! Sound off in the comments!

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  • Glitterlouimjl

    Miley is not 19 shes 20,21..
    but u have have an awesome artical!

    • Mary

      I am all for it. My parents started dating when my mom was 16 my dad was 17 or 18 but they got married three years later. Last summer they celebrated 25 years of being married…with 10 children to help show their love (yes your childbearing chances are GREAT at that age hehe). But I have never seen two people more in love in my entire life. Miley has grown up so fast and she and Liam already have a very strong relationship going.

    • HUD

      Miley is 19, she’s a week or so younger than me and I’m 19. I remember her 16th birthday on the Disney channel right after I turned 16 🙂

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  • strawberrykitty

    I don’t see anything wrong with Miley and Liam’s engagement. I think they’re old enough. They seem happy, they’re in love, I’m for it. Back to that one question, Liam belongs to Miley but I’m seventeen and I would marry Josh Hutcherson in a heartbeat. xD

  • Jane

    Heck yeah god the earliest I’m will to get married is 26. those should slow & just have fun they’re young theirs tons of time to get married. down i don’t even the they make a good couple.

  • jasmine

    i’m 19 and i got engaged when i was 18. i’m getting married in july so i’ll still be 19. my fiance is 22. i dont think it’s too young assuming that you understand the responsibilities. me and my fiance live together so it wont be a huge adjustment when we get married. i understand my decision and i am positive my marriage will succeed because i could never imagine life without him. i have no desire to ever date anyone else or to live a wild free single life. im content with my honey.

  • Elizabeth

    I’m only 15. I haven’t really been in any serious type of relationship. Just since August I’ve changed so much! Plus, I have college–who knows where I’ll go? Where I’ll end up? I, personally, can’t even imagine being married and/or engaged right now. But for someone like Miley, whose career is practically already set in stone, who’s already where she’s going to go in life–more power to her! 🙂

  • Allison

    My parents got engaged when they were 16 and got married when they were 19. They have been together for 20 years and have 5 kids. I am 15 now and while Im not engaged(yet!), me and my boyfriend have promised each other that as long as nothing happens, we WILL get married when the time comes. I honestly do believe we will stay together because we have for 2 years now. I know its rare for teenagers to find the person they are going to marry at such a young age, but when it does happen, it a beautiful thing. Ive had my ups and downs in the last year(rape,suicide,etc) and my boyfriend has been there for me the whole time. I know we will get married when we are ready because I know Im not ready yet…but by the time im 18? Who knows?

  • niamh-guinevere

    *shrugs* I got married two weeks before I turned 19. We’re still happily married 8.5 years later. Most people that age aren’t ready… but some are. I doubt Miley is ready for marriage, but “engaged” does not necessarily mean they will get married soon. Either way, who cares, lol…

  • AR

    I see nothing wrong with being engaged young. Being engaged doesn’t necessarily mean getting married right after–I know couples who are/were engaged for years before they finally got married. Only you know what’s right for you. Some young relationships last, some don’t, it depends on the people, their personalities, and their wants.

  • Missfiction

    Ok, marraige is a lifelong commitment im tired of people taking this too too lightly. Dont get married if you cant see you and your dude holding hands together when your 90. Even if you can, dont rush. take at least five years and pretend your married and live together. See what happens. Just to make sure you dont end up getting divorced the year after you get married!