Testing 1-2-3: Growing Lush Lashes

EnvyDerm Products

A pretty quick regimen--and surprisingly easy!

Full disclosure: My actual eyelashes are short and thin. Without some sort of enhancement, my eyes tend to look like they’re sinking into my face. Combine that with a ponytail (and maybe some duct tape), and I can easily look like a dude. One of my remedies for this? Mascara by the bucketload. No one knows quite how much I’m wearing because I need so much of it just to look normal, let alone overdone.

I’ve seen ads for prescription eyelash lengthening products and have heard about eyelash extensions, but each of those require deep pockets and commitment. I don’t have the former and I’m terrified of the latter, so those were each a no-go.

EnvyDerm mascara

The mascara and eyeliner combo makes my otherwise nekkid face look somewhat presentable.

That said, I was stoked to get my hands on the EnvyDerm lash growing line. It consists of the Eyelash Growth and Conditioning Serum, Volume Mascara for Lash Growth and Conditioning, and Intense Liquid Eyeliner for Lash Growth and Conditioning. (For the sake of length, we’ll just call ’em “serum,” “mascara,” and “liner.”)

EnvyDerm’s mascara is pretty standard and works reasonably well, but with three caveats: First, I found it tended to clump a little bit (especially close to the tips). Secondly, I crave a little more length from my mascaras (this one was primarily volumizing). The third issue was that the spoolie brush is deliberately made larger than the tube it comes out of. This is to prevent excess mascara from getting on the brush, which is brilliant in theory–but the handle was a little bit wobbly when putting it back in, so I was always terrified I’d break it. Out of the three products I tested, I’m least likely to buy this one.

The eyeliner was pretty awesome. I have terrible motor skills with liquid liner and tend to avoid it in favor of powder or pencil formulas, but this one was surprisingly easy to use compared to others. The brush was simultaneously flexible yet firm, so you could only screw up by your own hand. It’s also fast drying and doesn’t smudge (even after laughing until you cry!), which is great. Also remarkable? It still comes off easily with your regular cleanser, no weird oils or special removers required.

EnvyDerm Miss Piggy

This is what I hope my lashes will look like someday. | Source

EnvyDerm’s serum claims to “repair lash damage and add volume, length, and fullness.” Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Even better? One tube will last you six months if applied correctly to your upper lash line nightly before bed. So does the serum work?

After applying pretty religiously for four weeks, my lashes do look a wee bit longer and thicker than before, which is rad. I can wear fewer coats of mascara now, and I still have five months of the serum left to go. I’m not quite batting a .500 with my lashes, but I’m well on my way.
Have you tried lash lengthening products? Do you have a go-to mascara or eyeliner? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Missfiction

    Hey, i have an idea ok when your done curling your lashes take a business card and put it over your lid and put of your mascara . it lifts them up while applying mascara. And if thats you in the pic putting on mascara, your face shape would go perfect with a shaggy bob!

    • Heena

      Dont pump your mascara stick in the tube as this pumps air into it and clogs it up, lstoof people do this and dont realise its no good for the mascara.For fuller lashes try using a volumising mascara, I have long, curly lashes and use Max Factor Masterpiece Max to make them look fuller- Its the best one ive tried and ive tried lots!!Good Luck =)Oo and dont sleep with your mascara on take it off before you go to bed as your should with the rest of your make up

      • Inocent

        This product is awseome, it really does work, I also tried it not really expecting it to work much and was pleasantly surprised, my lashes really grew and were thicker, in fact I stopped using mascara cause with mascara on, my lashes look too large and fake..lol. Only problem is u have to keep using it, I found that out the hard way. Oh and also I didnt use it twice a day, only used it at bedtime and within about a month I saw a HUGE difference. Im still using it now but only every other day.