Disney Princess Slam Book: Top Secret!

Ultimate Mean Girl Regina George had one, and they’re banned at schools all over the country–but that doesn’t mean the Disney Princesses we know and love don’t have their very own Slam Book! That’s right, these ladies aren’t just royal, they’re rebels–and they’ve got a few secrets under those sparkly tiaras.

We won’t tell how we got a hold of it, but we will spill all the dirt (and catty gossip!) those girls wrote down. Guess this just goes to show that nobody’s perfect. Not even a Disney Princess.

Snow White’s Slam Book Secrets

What’s your most prized possession:
Diamonds. Why do you think I keep those dwarves around? They’re miners! They get all the gems!
Who’s your BFF?
Dopey. We understand each other so well. He’s pretty deep.
Who do you hate most?
The man in the mirror. That’s right MJ, I’m talking to you.
What song best describes you?
I’m Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO. But it should be I’m Sexy And Everybody Else Knows It, if you know what I mean.
What celebrity do you have most in common with?
Katie Holmes. We both love short dudes!
What’s your favorite perfume?
Candy Apples by DKNY. Prince Charming is really into the smell of apples.
When you’re bad, you . . .
Put the ice cream on the top shelf so I don’t have to share. Actually? I do that all the time.

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  1. avatarellaizzah jane says:

    so nice

  2. avatarJellymoon says:

    I like Sleeping Beauty “I was SLEEPING”

  3. avatarjosie says:

    ha i liked it it was funny!! 2 cute, gotta luv princesses!!

  4. avatarKay-Kay says:

    ok wow is all i have to say. so, WOW

  5. avataranjie says:

    yes you are weird lol

  6. avatarTanya says:

    I see a little bit of myself in Sleeping Beuty! LOL

  7. avatarAwkwardBlackGrl says:

    I thought it was a burn book in Mean Girls, not a slam book.

  8. avatarJenny says:

    badass cinderella <3

  9. avataremrald says:

    it’s toooooooooo borrrringg…..!!!!!!!!!

  10. avataranonymous says:

    I’m failing to understand the point of this…. :/

  11. avatarsam says:

    It’s probably an american thing because i’ve never heard of it in the UK. I thought it was a burn book in mean girls not a slam book?

  12. avatarann says:

    Never mind I looked it up on google lol

  13. avatarann says:

    Im sorry but what exactly is a slam book? Am I weird for not knowing? Lol

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