From The Message Boards: Would You Be Okay With Only Having One Sexual Partner Ever?

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Jbabiie03 said:
Personally, I don’t think you are “missing out” if you only have one sexual partner. I think that if you only have one sexual partner and you marry him/her, somewhere in the future one will wonder what it would have been like with someone else. I don’t think this applies to everyone but I do think most people will have these thoughts of what it would be like with someone else.

iamsodrunk said:
From my perspective, it’s hard for me to understand how somebody can be happy doing what I see as limiting their experiences. I love experiencing life as much as possible, especially when it comes to personal relationship, and I feel that sexual relationships are a big part of that. I can be really impulsive about sex because in the end, if I DON’T do it then I will always regret not having that experience.

All three girls make great points, and when it comes down to it, we’re going to have to say what they all pretty much ended up saying (check out their full responses here): it really depends on what you want and how you feel.

If you only have sex with one person, and you want to be with them forever, there’s nothing wrong with that! Not everyone needs tons of sexual experiences in life to be happy. But if you want to experience sex with a lot of people, that’s fine too. It’s really about what makes you happy – don’t let society tell you what’s wrong and right.


Who do you agree with? Would you be okay with having one sexual partner? Tell us in the comments!


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  • Ang

    The fact that this is a question bothers me.

    • Mary

      I want to like your comment, but I can’t.

  • nmpn7

    I am soon going to be twenty and engaged my man and I both were virgins and did everything sexual for the first time together even our first kiss. We only ever want to have sex with each other and no one else. We both agree it is great to have one sexual partner especially if that person is your perfect match then why on earth would you want to change that? Any person in their right mind would not want to change that. And for those who say things can become: “boring” there are many, mant ways to spice things up in your sex life. So personally I think it is perfectly fine to only ever be with one person especially in these days you need to be extra careful!

  • OlderGuy

    I’ve had one single sexual partner for the past 4 decades, my wife. No one else. Sex is more than two sets of genitals, it is the heart, soul and mind. I lost my virginity to my wife and have never felt even remotely cheated by not having others. She is my soul mate, my life mate. My reason for living and she makes me complete. So I don’t need anyone else.

  • Dante Cobaly

    Having ONE sexual partner in life has a good and bad “Reason”. The good part is that the person you are with, your “One True Love” really respects you, believes you and will love you more, because he thinks you saved your virginity for him, plus he will never call you a whore, but the bad part is you don’t get to experience a wild sexual life plus you might get bored of him or your sexual life with him is close to nothing or only “First and last”
    by the way im a Guy…

  • Anonymous

    Tall and thin blue eyes

  • Love him

    Well I have only had sex with one person and I really want it to stay that way. I almost had sex with some one before him and I am SOOOOOOO glad I didn’t! I saved it for someone who i feel like he is my soul mate 🙂 I can’t imagine what it would be like to be with someone else. And it’s painful to think about him sleeping with some one else 🙁 My boyfriend has dated many many people before me but he choose me to loose his virginity to,it really shows so much love when you have only one sexual partner because you to now have this special bond that you can only feel once. It’s like you know that,no matter what,they will always be in your heart. It’s a great feeling 🙂

    • happy

      This is nice…this is something I wish I had…unfortunately its hard to find someone who hasn’t been sleeping with a whole bunch of people these days.

  • Gina

    Hell no! I’ve had twenty four so far and want even more!