Your Complete Guide On How To Get Good Grades

5) Have a Study Space
If you have trouble concentrating, it really helps to have a place to do your homework that’s far from the computer, your cellphone, and the TV. If this means that the only place in the world where you can really buckle down and concentrate is the library, then by all means, get yourself to a library. Otherwise, set aside a space in your house where your family knows not to bother you, and make sure it’s a different spot from where you usually relax and hang out. That way, you’ll be able to easily put yourself into “work mode”.

6) Learn from Old Tests and Projects
Lots of people get a test or essay back, see the final grade, and never look at it again. But if you really want to improve, you have to see what you’ve been doing wrong in the first place! If it’s an essay, what types of things did you get marked down for? Was it your examples, was it grammatical errors, or was it your word usage? On tests, do you tend to do better on multiple choice than on free-answer, or vice versa? Bring your test to your teacher and ask him or her what you should focus on next time to improve your grade.

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  • Ebony23

    Another good way of learning something is to attempt to teach someone else.
    helping someone else to understand forces you to explore whatever concept you are trying to learn.
    (Or just pretend you are teaching another by instructing your walls/ceiling/floor)

  • shakira black barbie

    i cant focus in class and am ntt so gud in studying
    in grade 8 of course need a higher gps