Your Complete Guide On How To Get Good Grades

3) Make Friends With the Smart Kids
No, we’re not suggesting that you befriend someone so you can copy their homework, or that you ditch your current set of friends for an entire new crew. But don’t be afraid to socialize with the kid who gets perfect scores in Trig, or who manages to write killer essays. Kids who get good grades often have (shocker!) good study habits, and we all know our friends’ habits tend to rub off on us. If they hang out in the library after school, then maybe you can, too. And if you’re struggling with a subject, they’ll probably be more than happy to tutor you. Sometimes kids your own age can explain things better than the teachers.

4) Don’t Procrastinate
Omg, I know the internet is sooooo enticing, and your big project isn’t due til the end of the month. But procrastination brings nothing but stress, the wrath of your parents and teachers, and those late-night white-lipped trips to Kinkos to buy a poster board for a presentation that’s due the next morning. Honestly, life is too short to get stressed out like that! And it’s also too short to get grades that could have been higher, if you’d only studied a bit more.

Working on a project or studying for 20 minutes a day doesn’t take a great chunk out of your free time, and can really help cement the material. Put a master calendar with all your long-term assignments up in your room — or better yet, the fridge, where your parents can see it, too. This will help you keep an eye on what’s coming up.

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  • Ebony23

    Another good way of learning something is to attempt to teach someone else.
    helping someone else to understand forces you to explore whatever concept you are trying to learn.
    (Or just pretend you are teaching another by instructing your walls/ceiling/floor)

  • shakira black barbie

    i cant focus in class and am ntt so gud in studying
    in grade 8 of course need a higher gps