Your Complete Guide On How To Get Good Grades

1) Take Notes In Class!
Sometimes, it’s hard to focus during class. Especially if it’s not your favorite subject. Especially if some major drama went down at lunch that you feel the need to pass notes about with the person next to you. And especially if it’s the last class of the day and you just want to go home.

The best way to keep your brain on track is to force yourself to take really diligent notes. Don’t worry about writing down everything the teacher is saying, but be sure to jot down all the most important parts of the lesson. The human brain is an awesome thing: the simple act of writing something down means you actually remember it better. This means that not only will you have a better chance of remembering the content, but you’ll also have helpful notes as a study tool come test time.

2) Take Advantage of Teachers
Contrary to how it sometimes feels, your teachers want you to do well. If you feel like you’re struggling in a class, make sure to let your teacher know! Often, they’ll be able to explain the lesson in a different way, or work one-on-one with you. Sometimes, teachers offer extra study sessions at lunch or after school. Go to these! An extra 30 minutes of going over the material with the teacher is invaluable, especially because they’ll often focus directly on the stuff that’s going to be on the test. And best of all? If a teacher sees that you’re really putting in the effort, they’re way more likely to go easy on you, or to give you opportunities for extra credit, even if you don’t quite manage to master the material.

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  • Ebony23

    Another good way of learning something is to attempt to teach someone else.
    helping someone else to understand forces you to explore whatever concept you are trying to learn.
    (Or just pretend you are teaching another by instructing your walls/ceiling/floor)

  • shakira black barbie

    i cant focus in class and am ntt so gud in studying
    in grade 8 of course need a higher gps