Your Complete Guide On How To Get Good Grades

Let’s talk for a second about something you probably don’t love talking about: your grades. I know, I know, you don’t come to this website to talk about schoolwork, and you probably get enough of this from your parents, teachers, etc. But knowing how to get good grades will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

But before you roll your eyes and close this browser, hear me out: Yes, homework sucks. Yes, studying for tests is not as exciting as texting your friends. Yes, it can feel really frustrating and sort of hopeless when your grades don’t seem to reflect how smart you know you are: so hopeless, in fact, that sometimes it seems easier to just stop trying.

Unfortunately: grades are important. Not only are they great leverage for working things out with parents (a later curfew, car privileges, etc. are easy to bargain for when you have solid grades), but they definitely determine where you go to college. (And here’s the thing no one tells you in high school: college is way, way easier than high school.)

But on top of that, as stupid and pointless as you may feel grades are now, if you actually work towards improving them, and see a result, you’re going to feel so good about yourself. Which is really the best reason to do anything.

At a loss as to how to start working towards that A (or, hey, even B-)? The tips I’ve got for you should get you well on your way.

Ready? Let’s Go!

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  • Ebony23

    Another good way of learning something is to attempt to teach someone else.
    helping someone else to understand forces you to explore whatever concept you are trying to learn.
    (Or just pretend you are teaching another by instructing your walls/ceiling/floor)

  • shakira black barbie

    i cant focus in class and am ntt so gud in studying
    in grade 8 of course need a higher gps