Poll: All About Celebrities

Celebrity Poll

Who's your favorite star?

No matter how much you are or aren’t into the Hollywood scene, you have to admit that celebrities are pretty much everywhere. Even if you don’t religiously read the tabloids to find out all the gossip, everyone has a favorite celeb – or a star they wish would just go away.

So we want to know which celebs you guys are loving, and which ones you definitely aren’t into. Are reality stars your guilty pleasure? Do you have a major crush on one of Hollywood’s hotties? Is there an A-list star you’re so over? Fill out these poll questions and fill us in!


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  • Raven

    what about Ariana Grande???

  • Skylar

    What about Austin Mahone people

  • mockingjay

    Why is Ellen not nominated?

    • Jillian

      OMG! I completely forgot about Ellen!

  • Luna_Lost

    Betty White is the funniest bitch ever.

  • tiffany

    justin bieber is hot

  • josie

    OMG victorias on nick not disney get ur facts straight LOL btw fave male star is josh hutcherson ADORABLE

    • Julianne.

      Omg me too! Hes sooo hot! I <3 him in the hunger games!

    • Laila Gurl

      well, she was on zack and cody before

    • kaya

      i know right so dumb… And i LOVE Josh Hutcherson tooo!!

  • Sarah

    Victoria Justice is Nickelodeon… Not Disney. Awwwkward. 😉 Just thought I’d point that out. 🙂

    • Raven

      she did disney too

  • Missfiction

    i soooooo dont think any of those guys are attractive! actually i dont like the usual looking guy much. they are all boring. i like guys like skrillex and ones that arent afraid to show their unusual style!

    • Raven

      thats a really good way to put it…i respect you