Confession: I’m Addicted To Shopping

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

It doesn’t matter that I rarely wear the same thing twice (too many options), that my clothes are literally overflowing from my closet and drawers, or that my friends go “shopping” in my room when they need something cute. Nothing stops me. It’s safe to say that the majority of my paycheck goes towards buying myself things I don’t need. I even prefer going shopping by myself so that I don’t have to hear the constant nagging of my friends and family to stop spending money.

It’s not like I haven’t had a few bad experiences. When I turned 18, I eagerly got my first credit card – only to max it out almost immediately (to the surprise of no one). The anxiety of debt barely bothered me, though – my parents bailed me out and paid it off. And they did the same thing the second time… and the third… and the fourth – until my dad came home one day and cut up my card into a million plastic pieces.

When I start buying things, I can’t seem to get myself to stop, and it’s not only clothes. Yes, I have tons of shirts, pants, dresses and shoes, but I’ve also purchased 20 new nail polishes within the span of one week. I recently ordered a few hundred dollars worth of books in one month. I’m obsessed with makeup, designer bags, jewelry, movies… pretty much anything. My latest habit is religiously checking the website – and almost always buying something.

Here’s the thing: shopping makes me feel better. When I’m sad over a dude, fighting with a friend, stressing over work or am just feeling massively bored, I shop, I purchase, and I am instantly cheered up. Even when everything else is falling apart, I can still find something I want – and that’s comforting.

I know it’s irresponsible, careless and superficial, but I can’t get myself to find a cure for my addiction. I really wish I could start being more serious about money and start saving more. I mean, I have so many clothes I don’t even know what to do with them! I’d love to be able to make my parents stop yelling at me and feel like I actually have money in the bank. Any tips on how to help me out here, girls?

Are you a shopaholic also? What are you kind of addicted to? Tell us in the comments.

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  • shine orchid

    i love shopping….

  • Ladida

    Maybe have a garage sale? If letting go of stuff is really hard and unthinkable for you, you may be a hoarder. My older sister even has a hard time taking out trash because of her connection with it (that or she’s just lazy and using it to get my mom off her back). Any-who, therapy sounds like a good use of your money.

  • emeclaire

    I only read the first 3 paragraphs, but I can totally relate even though I’m only 14. Ever since my parents got divorced when I was 9, I love the feeling I get when I get something new. Whether it’s just a tube of new mascara, super cute wedges, or a whole outfit, I’m instantly in a better mood. Now that I’m almost 15, I’m starting to worry if I’ll always be like this.. If I’m always going to spend money in just ME. I’m scared to get a job, cause I do want to save up, but I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself once I get a car..

  • Loren

    I love shopping, and maybe I love it a little too much. I always say to myself, “i’m not going to spend any money today”, which ultimately makes me spend more. Telling myself not to shop is like being on a diet. If I can’t have a slice of chocolate cake, I end up stuffing my face with the entire thing, only to feel guilty afterwards…..only when I shop, I don’t feel guilty. To me it’s like the best legal high out there. I wish I had advice for you, but I don’t, all I can do is sympathise with you…. as can my bank account 🙁

  • Alana

    First of all, get a financial adviser. It sounds like something for old people, but as soon as I get out of college I may be talking to one. They can set up an account that draws money automatically from your paycheck–you don’t even get the chance to deposit it yourself. It’s extremely handy and helps build up savings. It sounds silly, but therapists are there for a reason, too. Maybe talking to one will help find the cause of the addiction, or find a substitute. Some insurances even cover the expenses.

  • Darcie

    I am also a shopaholic.

  • anonymous

    I’m addicted to buying expensive lotion and then i never use it and it goes to waste.

    • shine orchid

      lol……..i am particularly into body lotions and here we have summers all the time and i have oily skin ,hence i dont use them much

  • Bobbie

    find something else to get that great feeling from. the closest thing I can relate to is I used to cut, then I got my bass guitar and every time wanted that pain I’d work on my bass until my finger hurt and viola! maybe find somewhere to volunteer that you can walk into every time you want to go to the mall.