I Hate My Big Boobs! Can I Make Them Smaller?

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Hi Heather,

So I just read something on here about a girl who wished she could have bigger boobs. Well, this is the opposite. I can’t stand my boobs! I’m only 14 and they are gigantic! It’s really weird and awkward for me because I hear all these girls saying they want bigger boobs and I’m like NO you don’t! But they never listen!

I had heard something one time before, that you can stop breast growth with something like a food or something… is this true? They are still growing! Also, if that isn’t bad enough… 1. My parents are really big on the “not showing too much skin” and since I have big boobs, I can’t wear more than half of my wardrobe! I feel like a… sausage!! 2. I can’t run in a regular bra without having them jump around and I’m very active. I don’t want to wear a sports bra my whole life!

I feel awful! No amount of boys liking me will help either! Help?!

I’m going to tell you the same thing I told this girl who has the opposite problem: there’s no reason for you to hate your big boobs! I know right now you feel totally awkward about them and you don’t know how to deal – and that’s normal. But I promise one day you’ll grow into them and you’ll probably even learn to love them, as crazy as that might sound right now.

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As much as you want to shrink your breasts, that isn’t going to be possible unless you have plastic surgery – contrary to what you read online, there is no magic food that will make them smaller. Having breast reduction surgery is a big deal, and isn’t something you should be considering at such a young age. If in a few years your boobs are really hurting your back or really getting in the way of things, then you could think about it. But since surgery changes your body forever, you should first try to learn to feel comfortable with yourself.

That being said, I know finding clothes that fit or sports bras that really work can be very difficult with larger breasts. But it’s not impossible! If you don’t want to show off too much of the girls, steer clear of low-cut shirts like V-necks. If you want to wear those, cute tank tops should become your new best friends. Layer them under pretty much anything – they’ll cover you up, and layering is totally chic.

As for the sports bra issue, you’re unfortunately going to have to invest in a good one in order to play sports and run around. But don’t freak out – every athlete should be wearing sports bras when they’re being active.

I know it’s hard to learn to accept your body, but try not to feel too uncomfortable about your boobs. Obsessing over them is only going to make you feel worse – feel lucky about what you have! There are a lot of girls who would love bigger breasts, so remember that the grass is always greener on the other side.

take care,

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This girl learned to love her big boobs

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  • Alaina

    Well I guess I have to buy some more sports bras because my other ones ripped .-. I hate having big boobs so much, sometimes I wish I could just rip them off and never have to deal with them anymore 😐

    • alexa

      I hate my boobs too. They r so big and disturbing. I hate them I wear a DD and I’m only 12. But a trick my mom told me is that if u put a sports bra on top of a normal bra then it makes them look smaller and they don’t bounce around all the time so…. yah

  • sam

    Im 19 yrs old..my boob size is 36.
    I hate big boob..
    How to make small boob in home tips plssssssss plsss tell me

    • Stephanie

      You can do exercises that burn boob fat. Weird, I know.

    • Kiva Redwing

      if you become flat chested all men will hate you and never give you anything you need or want, not ever, look at playboy, look at hustler, look at penthouse, none of those mags have small breasts in them, and there are over 100 big tit mags on the market, and none for small breasts , do men stare at small breasts, fuck goddamn motherfucking no, shit no, do they stare at big tits, fuck who can`t figure that out.

      • dadof3

        Please stop generalizing ‘men’. If you do a survey based on hustler and playboy you will have greatly skewed data. Unless that is the type of porn-man you want. I for one as a man like breasts, but I am not particular of the size. To be honest the person is SOOO much more important.

        I was reading this since my 13 yr old daughter has been complaining. Besides telling her, she is beautiful as she is, I wanted to be able to tell her how to be more comfortable, and they are not huge. My impression that reduction of fat and toning exercise/cardio would help seems verified. But I don’t want her to stress about fat as she still has some baby fat and that I believe is healthy.

      • Aeolyx

        Okay. I was about to ignore you again but you’re really getting on my nerves now. Listen: some people don’t give a fuck* about what men think, clearly you do, and that’s a-ok. But please stop telling everyone that hates their boobs that they’re wrong and should appreciate their big breasts because “men like big boobs”(note the quotation marks).

        Now I know this might be shocking, but some women have no interest whatsoever in seducing men. I’m talking about lesbian, asexual and really any other sexuality that makes women not attracted to men at all. (there’s quite a few so I won’t list them here)

        There are more “big tit mags” because of how society thinks big breasts are more attractive, and by the way: society≠all men. Just how not all men want a skinny woman like those in the ads. Some do, and that’s fine, but some prefer women who are a little chubbier. Just how some men prefer women with bigger breasts, and some prefer women with smaller breasts. From what I understand you’re having trouble finding the latter, but what am I going to do about that.

        There’s a point that you obviously haven’t considered: this person probably wants smaller breasts because their current size is making them uncomfortable. Maybe it’s physically, maybe it’s mentally. Maybe they feel weird having big breasts because of the exact thing you’re describing, people tend to stare more, which is very awkward. Or heck, maybe they’re genderfluid/agender/bigender and their big breasts are just, not right. (not stating any of this as fact, just speculating here, the original post doesn’t really say why they wants smaller breasts).

        That’s what I had to say about that, I’m sure you’ve gotten plenty of replies to all of your other posts, but if you ever do get around to reading this one feel free to reply, I’m up for a debate on the matter.

        *(wasn’t really sure whether I should use a swear or not, but you’ve used plenty and I figured it was stronger than asterisks.)

  • Akki

    Am at 5’4″ & weigh only 47 kgs. Am puting on 32E & am suffering from back & neck pain. As like above, my body fat is hard 2 b seen so kindly suggest what could be done.

  • Jackie

    Hi all–I am 26 and can definitely relate to the issues of having large breasts — it’s not been easy finding what worked for me. I come from a family that has more of a normal size breast and so ending up with larger breasts was something we didn’t quite know how to deal with. I have a small frame (5’2″) and even with weight loss (I weigh about 105), I am a size 32F or something around that size depending on where I shop.

    About 3 years ago, I wanted to start exercising but I couldn’t even find a bra that let me run comfortably! So I went in to the doctor to get a referral to see a specialist about breast reduction. Some of the side effects scared me off even though I know plenty of other women who have and love their breast reduction–I thought I might want to wait since that meant I might not be able to breast feed if I had children later on (along with possible pain that might never go away if the surgery didn’t go properly).

    So there I was at my highest weight unable to run because the bouncing motion was painful and was possibly causing tissue tearing within the breast. I took up swimming some (wearing a rash guard to hide my boobs) and the elliptical at the gym and it helped a little with the weight. Then I really did some research to see if I could find a bra specifically for larger breasts because the 3 sports bras I’d wear during workouts weren’t cutting it. There may be other bras around, but the one I tried and liked was the Enell sport bra. Felt like the first time in forever that my breasts felt actually secure!! Wearing that bra is sometimes a pain because it’s a bit tight, but I managed to finish a half marathon in it just fine (after 13 weeks of training).

    After that, I looked around and found places that carried my bra size. I got a sizing (I had mine done at Victoria’s Secret) and was able to go from there. Note that Victoria’s Secret didn’t carry my size, Soma did, and after a lot of trying on different bras (that weren’t cheap), I found the support I’d been lacking for years. One way to tell if your bra doesn’t fit right is too look and see if the underwire in the midsection between your breasts is touching your chest. If it isn’t, it’s not fitting properly–you’re probably a smaller number and higher cup letter.

    Finding the right bras saved me from looking into surgery for now and I would really encourage you to invest in the support that is right for your body. I’m still working on figuring out the best swimsuit for me, but I guess I’ll just have to do a little more research.

    • Lulu112

      Jackie, how can I contact you ? I’m a 15 years old girl who need help (and desperate for it!!!) I want to contact you about the bra-fitting subject :((( thank you

      • dbme

        go to bratabase (website) – you can get great bra advice there. amazon sells tons of bras in tons of sizes

  • Cathy Yutko

    I am a 36 DDD, 54 years old, and I’ve absolutely hated my breasts all my life. Let me give you a lot of reasons: 1. In the hot weather, I sweat constantly under my breasts. I have to put deodorant or baby powder under there every day to keep from sweating. 2. I just went bathing suit shopping, and most bathing suits don’t fit my large bust. I tried on about a dozen bathing suits, and everything looked terrible. Everything hangs out and nothing supports my bust. I would love to be a 36 C and have a bathing suit fit nicely on top. 3. I can’t wear snug or skinny fitting tops. Too tight and everything bulges out. 4. In fact, I can’t wear solid colors. I only wear prints to hide my bust. 5. I feel uncomfortable all the time when I wear a bra. I have to wear big, support bras that feel like a harness around me. I go braless when I’m at home, but I still feel uncomfortable, especially in the warm weather because of sweating. (See above). 5. I have to wear a heavy duty sports bra when exercising, and that still doesn’t support my bust. Exercising is uncomfortable and forget running, my shoulders hurt too much from the bouncing up and down. 6. If I have gotten male attention, I haven’t noticed, and I would be too embarrassed anyway.

    So there are my many reasons . I’ve considered breast reduction, but it is very expensive and I am worried about the pain, recovery time, and complications. If you have a smaller bust, be very grateful, believe me!

    • humera

      I want to do my breast small and fitt

    • Kiva Redwing

      so what, you don`t know what it is like never having anyone stare at you and saying you are beautiful, I am flat chested , I have always been treated like dirt. fucking dirt. I have sat around watching men rubberneck women with big tits , ad they never stare at flat chested cunts, never , and they say breast size does not matter. this is called double messages, and or lies. when do you see flat chested cunts in playboy, or hustler, or any one of the hundreds of other mags. there are no fat chested cunt mags. never have been. never , only big tits, and all of porn reflects this.

      • vero

        ok kiva,
        the thing here is you say you are “flat chested” I know way so many flat-chested girls and they are not treated like dirt or whatsoever, actually people treat them really nice and most of them have long term relationships, I’m 17 and my boobs aren’t exactly huge but they are bigger than all of the other girls my age and yes most of them are flat-chested and how they praise me for my boobs just makes me uncomfortable because its not as good as you could think, it is so awkward to accidentally bump someone’s arm or elbow or any other thing with your boob and to me it happens a lot, worst part most people think it’s on purpose and it is not.
        Also I do have a boyfriend and it is really awful when he says he likes them and knows and when he compliments me it can go two ways, whether he says appearance doesn’t matter or he says they look good on me which is a lie.
        If you want big boobs it totally ok but you can not tell somebody else to like her boobs because “men like porn so men like big boobs” which is also wrong actually I once got ejected his “reason” my boobs are too big and no this isn’t the reason I feel uncomfortable with my boobs.
        BTW I don’t want a boyfriend who only likes me for my boobs so I do not want big boobs I want to feel comfortable on my own body and big boobs do not make me feel comfortable they are annoying.
        plus I know more people have answered your previous comments but I keep on finding more and more of yours if you don’t want smaller boobs then I don’t know what you are doing here, want bigger boobs go have a surgery or stuff your bra that is none of our business we do not want bigger boobs so your comments are just both IGNORANT and ANNOYING

  • Nondumiso

    Iwaz thought im crayz when ihave abig boobs bt then isee the is nthng wrong abt it nw iluv it alt.<3

  • Kat Tsol

    No one’s mentioned running. Don’t you think running, as in a good 5-7 miles several times a week, ie training for a 10k, helps to reduce breast size? Especially if you throw in a bunch of sprints?

    I have struggled with large breasts all my life but every time I’ve gotten serious about cross country they’ve reduced in size.

    • Olivia

      it hurts to run with big breasts

  • shareen

    i am 26 and have extra large boobs and i am married since 7 years. i am a housewife and i have one child of 6 years and i face some very difficult trouble at home and my all life please tell me the solution.

  • kimberly

    I want my large breast gone. My back, neck, and shoulders are ruined thanks to them. I am ashamed of them. I am little everywhere except for my top. Cute shirts and big boobs are not in the same sentence. I can afford my bras, and the ones I got are very uncomfortable. I love to exercise, but my breast beat me to death. I want a reduction or I would be happy if they would completely remove them. I would be happy. I think they are horrible, and I don’t understand why women want them. I would happily give mine away.

  • rakhi mallick

    i have the same problem .what i do pls help me to make me happy.

  • Patricia
  • omega

    I have big boobs very big and i am only 14 please I am in gr9 and its disturbing I play hockey I am very good but I hate it when I run my boobs jump

    • Yuuta

      There’s this girl in youtube that gives you advice look up * how to get smaller boobs * in the videos section… Hope that helps!!! And btw I’m doing the same exercises she is doing and they are getting smaller!!! I lost like an inch in a day 0.0 i was really impressed

      • Kuldp

        Hello yuuta can you please tell me what’s the video name

  • tamanna

    my breast is so large…thats size is 38+ & i want my breast make small….so have any solution…

    • Darcy styles

      Look at me iam just 12 and my boobs are REALLY BIG and always being bullied and the solution is excersise and wear dark colored t shirts

      • YameH165

        Don’t get bullies get to you. They are probaly jealous about your breast size. Trust me, i started growing my breast at the age of eight and people made fun of me for that but i learned to love them but later ended up changing my gender. Bu t you can exrisie or wear large or XL shirts, not tight ones. (Also sorry for spelling erros)

      • secret

        me too i have a big boobs but i’m still 12 i like my breast will become smaller ppppppppppppppppppppppplllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss help me in school sometimes my friends bully me

  • no

    i have a small waist and big boobs and i hate my boobs, they make me look bigger and i dont like showing them off and i have to wear a size bigger to hide them and even then you can still tell. its terrible. some of the clothes i want i cant have because theyd only look good on flat-chested girls

    • Kiva Redwing

      if you run around reading fashion mags, that is what you get, men hate small breasts that is why they will not stare or look at them, no man looks at stupid fashion mags , they look at playboy, are there any other flat chested cunts in playboy, not a one , and there are over 100 big tit mags on the market, and not a one for flat chested cunts. not a fucking one. men do not care about fashion mags. and neither do I

    • alia

      i have also like this problem what i can do

  • kickmedic #2

    I hope you know previous Miley Cyrus and the new one, that’s what happen to people ignoring themselves, so when others try to make boobs bigger don’t try to get rid of the gift which you have….

    • Kiva Redwing

      it is not a gift to be treated like shit totally in or out of bed by big tit men who make up the total vast majority of men. they hate small breasts, what gift is that. to be hated by men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid.

  • alena

    i hve big boops i hate them but my bf like them but still i wnt 2 make them small

    • Aeolyx

      Weigh out the pros and cons of making them small, if the only con is that your boyfriend will be upset (I don’t know to what extent, I don’t know you nor him) it’s probably worth making them small anyways.

      But then again that’s your choice 🙂

  • sana

    hi my name is sana .mera breast size 34 hai.laken is ki sahe shape nahi hai ar loose bi bohut hai matlb soft hai.ar m chahte hun ki hard hojay .meray mangetar nay 2dafa is k sucking ki hai.plz ap log muj kuch mashwara day may bohut tension may hun.

  • Eugen

    If you shrink your boobs you’re going to have to increase your IQ, and that’s painful.

    • maya

      i hope that you are joking! what an idiot!!! -.-

    • vero

      I don’t see the problem in that actually I’d rather have a high IQ than bigger boobs, hope this is a joke if not, well we know your IQ is way lower that your boobs size

  • Norban

    I am also having big boobs,even uptil now i can,t wear proper bra but my bf loves big boobs,he loves to play with them,so do,nt worry if u will hav bf,he will surely love it and u will hav goood sex,

    • Lilian

      Its not all about the sex . Your comment was unappropriate . Some people dont have the confidence to let someone feel on them . Personally i can see where the author is coming from .

  • Lilian

    I feel your pain. I have large breasts (DD) but I’m very petite. I’m actually a size 0 or 1 in trousers/skirts. I’m 1.61 in height. And it just makes me look so not proportional. My sister is even larger than me, but she has wider hips and a smaller rib cage, and she’s 1.76, so it looks a lot better on her. Even she hates them and wishes they were smaller. It makes buying clothes (especially dresses) a real pain. Nothing fits right. Unfortunately the only thing that helps (aside from getting surgery, and I draw the line there for myself) is minimizers, wearing heels (it makes you more proportional) and knowing how to dress to hide it. Also losing weight if you can. When I was 10 kg lighter I was a C, which was much better. I’ve gain a lot of weight the last few years and now I’m trying to lose it again – not because I think I necessarily need to, but because I hope my boobs will get smaller again.
    The question is, at the end – do you hate the way it looks or the way it feels? If you hate the way it feels, you can try loosing weight or even the drastic way of surgery. If you hate the way it looks, then you can do a few things to minimize the damage. Maybe you’ll even grow to love them one day, who knows?

    • Kiva Redwing

      men hate small breasts , what is there not to love, they hate us, they shit on on us, they will not stare at flat chests, all you women with big tits think men read fashion mags, they do not , they only read playboy, full of big tits, and that is just one of over 100 big tit mags they jack off too. there are no men jacking of to stupid fashion mags, not a one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!they hate small tits, and treat you like dirt. stop looking at fashion mags and turn to playboy, that will tell you the truth in how men feel