Katy Perry “Part Of Me” Video–Watch Her Kick Butt Military Style And See Our Other Uniformed Faves!

Katy Perry Part Of Me

Check out those guns! Er, gun. One big gun. | Source

Katy Perry kicks some serious behind in her new video of “Part Of Me.” When a cheating douchebag breaks her heart, she doesn’t just get mad–she gets uniformed!

Katy joins the Marines in this clip, which shows her chopping off her hair in a public bathroom (in the video she dons a black wig instead of her usual blue bob) and going through boot camp. Of course, her sleazebag ex sees how well she’s doing and wants her back, but by then she’s too busy wrestling underwater and running through muddy obstacle courses to care. And, you know, spinning in circles under giant American flags. No biggie!

Check out her minimovie, then read on to see some of our other favorite stars who’ve donned military garb onscreen. While they’re not quite as awesome as our actual troops, they’re still pretty amazing. And don’t be fooled by how glammed up they are here–these ladies (and one gentleman!)–know how to get down and dirty!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuwfgXD8qV8]


G.I. Jane

One of Demi Moore‘s most distinctive and gorgeous features is her cascading dark hair. So imagine the shock audiences got when she legit shaved all of it off for this role. Even more badass was the actual character–she did pull ups and told an officer who tried to break her to, well, do something physically impossible without some surgery. Props to that!


Private Judy Benjamin

Once a rich, money grubbing diva, Goldie Hawn‘s character, Judy Benjamin actually joined the Army by accident. Defiant in the face of dismissive superiors and one helluva training session, she pulled through and made us all laugh hysterically in the process. Who knew she’d fit in so perfectly?


Petty Officer Raikes

There’s nothing petty about saving the world from giant aliens. Rihanna handles big guns–literally–in her role in this year’s Battleship, proving that she goes “Hard” indeed. Fun fact? She’s also onscreen Marine Katy Perry‘s real life bff.


Ellen Ripley

Dude, Ellen Ripley is not playing around. The warrant officer in Alien was the only crew member to escape the terrifying extraterrestrial attack on her ship. She survives the sequel and saves the butts of her fellow crew members to boot. In the third installment, Sigourney Weaver‘s character makes the ultimate sacrifice to save our species–like a lot of military men and women make to save our freedoms. And seriously, this woman’s arms would make Michelle Obama cry, so there’s that.


Damon Salvatore

Though we don’t necessarily like what he fought for in The Vampire Diaries, where he was a Confederate soldier, we do love that he was brave enough to fight at all. We also like that Ian Somerhalder‘s character realized he was on the wrong side and was brave enough to break away and bail… Granted back then it was probably a lot harder to track him down. (It’s not like he had FourSquare or anything.) And uh, hello? Those eyes.

Did you like the Katy Perry “Part Of Me” video? Who’s your fave onscreen (or real life!) soldier? Have you considered joining the military? Sound off in the comments!

Life Lessons From Katy Perry Herself? We’ve Got Em!

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  • Savannah

    My Uncle,grandpa and great grandpa
    on my dads side is in the marines. my moms dad his dad and his dad and so on and so on have all been in the military. My older brothers who are 21,18,17 all plan on going to the military next year. So I have a lot of family who is in the military i cant say im proud cause im anti war but i do respect them. My family wants me to go to the military when i turn 18. I probley wont but i might rethink it.

  • Missfiction

    my dad is a marine- or he was when he was young- he was in it for 12 years. My sis is in the airforce. my mom was and army brat…. and me and my bro are going to go into the military when were old enough…..my dad signed up for the army two years ago … so yeah military family…