Depression Sucks. Here’s How To Deal.

drawing of a girl alone suffering from depressionHow long have I been feeling down?
If you’ve been feeling sad, super cranky, or just sort of numb almost every day for at least two weeks, you could be depressed. You might also feel empty, or like you don’t really care about the things you used to care about.

Is my mood getting in the way of my life?
Depressive symptoms get in the way of everything: school, social life, work, family—if you’re feeling low enough that it’s stopping you from living the fabulous life you could be living, it’s time to check in with a professional.

What other symptoms am I experiencing?
If you’re depressed, you also notice a few other things are off. You might not be able to sleep or eat, or maybe you’re eating and sleeping more than usual. You could feel exhausted, or have a tough time concentrating on school or work. Maybe you’re feeling more jittery than usual, or like your body has slowed down and it’s tough to find the energy to go about your day. You could be feeling worthless, or start to have thoughts of suicide.

All of these symptoms are serious, and if you’ve been struggling with any combination of them for two weeks or more, you might need a hand to get back to normal. Talk to your doctor–and know that there is absolutely no shame in needing help. If you think your parents might freak and think you’re “crazy,” or think you’re being overly dramatic, talk to a school counselor or school nurse who can help you get the help you need.

The thing to keep in mind is that you’re absolutely not alone. Just like many people get sick on roller coasters, many people get depressed–especially girls, who experience clinical depression twice as often as guys. The good news is that depression is treatable, and things can get a whole lot better. Better to the point where you’ll be smiling again. Promise.

Everyone is different, and a single blog post like this one isn’t a substitute for medical advice. If you’re worried you might be depressed or you have questions about depression, have your doctor recommend a good mental health therapist.

For girls who have struggled with suicidal thoughts, please call a help line like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255). I may not have met you, but you matter to me.

How are you doing? Have you ever needed help? Tell me in the comments.

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  • noma

    Wow i read all your comments and it makes me abit beter to know i’m not alone. I was abused as a kid by my stepfather, i had a horrible time at school through my primary years i never had anyone to talk to, my mom and i never spoke it suks i was raped by my stepfather last year i kept quiet as a result i’m scared but he tried again and i ran away from home this year then you know the police came i went to the lawyers ect.. i’m still going through the case it suks been almost 8mnths i cant wait for it to be over, i’m lost i feel empty, sad and alone like all the time i want to break down cry whatever jst the pain is in there. My mom and i dont talk shes realy mean most times, i mean i try comunicating with her but she doesnt seem to care, i m hurting i’v got MDD (major depression) i feel sick almost everyday know like i want to throwup i’m ok 1 min but jst horrible the next i tried killlin myself but i just …it doesnt work i breakdown very easy i feel like a mess, i havent seen my therapist in about 2 months cause my mom doesnt have transport money to take me, i know sad ryt, my best friend left the school this year so it made it much worse i’m finding it sooo hard to trust people i feel awkard i mean i got alot of “‘friends” also a bf (which my mom TOLD me to breakup with him along time ago but i havent) i dont know how to tell him how i feel i know i should trust him but…i cant get it through i’m scared he might not understand i love him i guess but i shut him out i know its wrong….if you read this thank you for bothering PLEASE GIVE ME ADVICE i’m lost screwed and i’m thinkin abwt cutting miself wenever i get put in a corner i also want to start drinkin again even smokin its sOOOoo hard to think i was a A student class star ect…know i’m just a reack i dont know how to deal with any of this ALSO my mom says she doesnt see the point of me having friends or socialising she banned me from using any social network with no reason…HELP

  • Elli

    I was depressed most of the way through years 10 and 11 (not sure what school year that is in America), I felt empty and was convinced that no one loved me and I couldn’t love. Consequentially I pushed everyone that actually DID care away. It was rough and there were times I did think I would be better off dead, once I actually sat in the bathtub with a razor and when I didn’t slit my wrists I berated myself for being too much of a coward to kill myself. I think I’m better now, I have a boyfriend that loves me and that feeling of being wanted meant the world to me. I still get that empty feeling sometimes, but now I know that I’m not alone. I never want anyone else to feel like that, but I know other people do. If that’s you, I know I’m a total stranger but I’m thinking of you and wishing that you get better. Find help, because I promise, even if it doesn’t feel like it, people care about you. Friends, family and total strangers included.

    • A

      Hey, I totally agree with you. I did that bath thing once, holding the razor – then realised that I really didn’t want to do it. Sure, things seemed like it wasn’t worth living for a while there, but it got better. Now, I just occasionally cry, exhausted or feel excluded from everything. Like I’m missing out on something.
      But we both can get better, it always does right?:)

  • BlackLittleHeart

    When I was 15 (last year), me and my best friend were just sick of studying and we skipped school and hung out with these two other guys (just friends) and just didn’t care about our studies or our. We had our exams coming. So one day, we decided that we’ll not study for this exam but instead, we’ll purposely pretend we met with an ‘accident’ and purposely throw ourselves lightly in front of a moving bus to try and break a few bones. But we didn’t have the guts to do that. Then I suggested ‘falling’ from the 3rd floor off her balcony window. We agreed and when the day to harm ourselves arrived, we just couldn’t do it. We were extremely close to falling, but we didn’t. And I think that’s the best decision I’ve ever made in my life. None of our friends or even our family knows about this and I don’t intend to tell anyone either. It’s just something that I need to push away and move on.

  • Jan

    I can’t deal with depression like this. I’ve been depressed for pretty much 2 years. I’m always called the shy girl and I’ve always been shunned. I’ve been called names behind my back, and I’m always ignored.

    I don’t have anyone to talk to about this because: 1) I have no friends; 2) No one would bother listen to me. “I’m not good at expressing my feelings, so I keep everything bottled inside. Half the time, I want to tell someone what I’m feeling, but I don’t even know how to describe it…so I stay quiet.”

    • Flo

      Something like that happened to me, though not as deep as you. I was seriously bullied all my way through elementary, middle and high school, and had no friends, or those I had, betrayed or backstabbed me. I was feeling really down too, and the year before I finished high school, I failed a couple of subjects that almost costed the hole school year. I’m also very shy, and was called names behind my back as well.
      But it all ended as soon as school ended. People who treats other that way… I won’t say they do it because they feel insecure themselves, but school isn’t life. People who succeed in school aren’t meant to succeed later in life. And let me assure you, they don’t. I don’t know how old you might be, but it all changes, everything. I finished high school around 5 years ago, dropped nearly 20 pounds and became a model. Found real friends. Found a carreer I love, and I’m currently studying. Everything will get better in a short while, you will see. And also, even though we’ve never met, you are not alone. Always remember that.

    • Jenn

      I know how you feel. You’re definitely not the only one. Things will get better.

    • haileywale11

      I dont know who you are , but i would like you to know , that i will be your friend if you EVER need someone to talk about .. I will listen . Im a good listener .. i may not give the best advice , but i love listening to people .. So im here , if you need me ..

    • Kelly

      I know how you feel… Trust me I’ve been there too, my exstep dad was caught cheating on my mom while she was deployed (marine) so she devoted him 2 years latter we moved in with my new step dad and on top of being.confussed and depressed I’m also dealing with my original dad issues.. Because of that I decided to steal and cheat and abuse people mostly myself then I went suicidal. I better now but all the friends I could have made are kinda lost and my real friends keep their distance, so I know how you feel and I hope it gets better for you too

    • Kaps

      So nice dear, u’r superbb

  • caseymm12

    Starting this year, I had A’s and B’s, I hung out with all my friends, and always have fun with my family. But, during the second marking period, I just didn’t want to try anymore, I had D’s and F’s, I wanted to randomly break down and cry, and I also noticed that I never disapoint people. By disapoint, I mean never say no. If someone were to ask me “Hey, can you go get a milkshake from Alaska for me?” Sure enough I would do it. I wanted to tell someone, anyone, but everytime I ever thought about my feelings, I would brek down and cry for not being used to acually telling someone these things, It felt like I didnt matter. I’m never found outside of the house, and if I could, I’d be sleeping and dreaming forever. I daydream constantly, and I think too much, more than my own good. When I do sleep, I feel like I just want life to past by, and to get on with adult-hood so I can truely start my life. My mom started to notice how my grades dropped and asked me if everything is alright, and I broke down. I struggled to tell her everything, anything, when she finally understood, she told me it was perfectly normal for me to have depression. Me and my mom have the same exact personality, and if you were to make a list of how we’re similar, it could go on for days. She used to be a pleaser too, neer saying no, until one day, she freaked out and punched someone in the face! She couldnt take it anymore. Even when she was a senior in high school, she remembers nothing. She mostly slept in the nurses bed, and no one stopped her. When she was 20, she felt really sad and attemped suicide, but my grandma got her to the hospital in time. Not once has a day passed where she doesn’t regret what she did. Now, she is a mother of 3 kids, goes skydiving, kayaking, and having one hell of a life. I tell her everything, and I mean everything. Shes my roll-model and shes supporting me one step at a time. 🙂

  • Kay-Kay

    I hate my family and spend most of the time in my room or on the computer. My whole life is at school and on the computer and i can only keep my self going cause i now that there is my GT classes, books, and something interesting on the computer. I have hardly any1 2 talk to and all of my friends are boys and i am bullied by practically every girl in my grade. They all say that i hang out w/ boys so much i should be one. And then there’s my family. My dad is a trucker and comes home, like 2ce every month. Whenever he is here i hear him and my mom having disscusions about him sending a sexy text or something to another person like a massuse (idk how 2 spell it) or something. My mom does nothing but yell at my brother and i, eat, and sleep. I can practically only be at home at school. I want to run away from home but i have so many books that i have no idea how 2 carry them or where 2 go. I also mite have an eating disorder. I recently became a vegitarian, and my mom yells at me every nite bcause she doesnt no wat to fix me. i feel like i cant go 2 any teachers cause they all tell my parents that they love me and that im amazing and i dont want 2 disapoint them. I dont even know who my docter is cause we had to switch insurance or watever and now i have a new 1. i hate the world, and i dont no what to do.

  • LollipopPuppet

    Well I’m glad you guys have someone to talk to. My boyfriend hates me (yes, he actually told me that). And I know, “Why not just break up with him?!” Gosh, I can’t help it. There’s just something about me that refuses to let him go. I’ve tried talking to my parent’s about my problems every now and then but they don’t bother to listen, where as for as long as I can remember, they’ve been listening to my sisters’ problems whenever there is any. Even then, my dad could probably care less if I were dead in a gutter or something. Then there’s my only two friends:
    One of them (girl who’s been my best friend for 6 or 7 years) isn’t the kind of friend I can talk to about problems without making it short and sweet, even though we’ve both cut ourselves for a while and we have A LOT of the same stuff going on, which is creepy.
    My other friend (boy who I have everything –as far as likes and dislikes go– in common with) has this idea that if somebody wants to kill themselves, go for it, because they’re worthless anyway if they don’t see that there’s a bright side to life (and I apologize in advance if anybody gets offended by what I’m about to say, but I actually had that attitude up until about January, too.) so I can’t talk to him about anything.
    Then there’s teachers. None of mine really liked me to begin with (except for my English teacher who only liked me because she liked my sister when she had her, and my science teacher because I have this thing for ’80s punk music) and they certainly don’t like me now since I’ve been slacking off and goofing around in their classes lately.
    Even if I had the guts to talk to anybody they wouldn’t listen. Nobody ever listens to me. If I get in an argument with somebody I try my best to make my points calmly and rationally whilst still taking into account their point of view while they stand there and yell at me because apparently everything wrong in the world is myyyyy fault. So I just don’t talk to anybody about anything. Which explains why this comment is so long, ’cause I really just had to get that off my chest. And if you bothered to read all of this, then thank you. 🙂 A lot! :]

    • Sexy_Cookies18

      I’m going through the same thing as in nobody ever listens to me and everything is my fault. I even get yelled at by my boyfriend because I tell him be careful. Apparently I say it too much. Never knew caring could be so bad. I’ve lost 10 pounds since I started going into a deep depression and had to go to the ER to get checked out since I was weak and feeling like I was going to pass out. I’m down to 109 lbs. Anyways I know how it feels to be ignored and shot down again and again. If you ever need to talk I’m here… even though i don’t know you.

  • Ambie

    I struggle with depression on and off. When I do it’s really bad. I just don’t care about anything that I normally would and I don’t take care of myself at all. I got into cutting a couple months ago and it’s gotten really bad.. I hate having to hide it but at the same time I want ppl to see so they can see I’m hurting. It kinda goes in a circle. I havnt cut in a few days (amazingly) but I get worried for myself sometimes. Normally I’ll cut like everyday sometimes more then once and the few ppl that no want me to stop but it’s easier said then done. I get so depressed once I cut and I’m not myself and I’m scared of losing friends and I can tell ppl don’t like to b aroun me as much. I want to learn to b happy again. And to stop cutting so I can wear a bathing suit again!

    • Ryley

      Story of my life.

  • Marley Godfrey

    I’ve suffered from depression for a few years I just never realised it till now. Before it was an on and off thing. But since about 4 months ago its been constant. I’ve talked to therapists and specialty counselors… I wanna take the pills but i dont think it’ll help.

  • Nami

    I’ve cut myself but due to recent events my mom forced me to stop. She thought if i stopped that my sadness would just end magically. I have a teacher i’m thinking about asking for help but he doesn’t really /know/ who i am beyond just another kid in his class, and i really don’t know how. I just imagine the whole scene would go really awkwardly.

  • Jolene

    Oh God! I’m going through the same thing. I have been having these symptoms for 2 months now. I’ve talked to people and got so many advices, they make me feel better for a little bit but, then I get back to being stressed, sad and very anxious. I need serious help! I’m changing from being popular to being socially awkward at school even though I’m a senior! HELP!

    • Stephanie

      Well I’m a freshman and I’m already awkward and depressed. At least you have friends.

  • jade

    i told my parents and all my mom said was “oh it’s not depression, you’re over reacting”. my dad has been pretty supportive, but i just am not the same as i used to be…i really need to get help, oh and for all the other depressed people, you’re not alone <3

  • Liv

    Always eating, but sleep less than 1.5 hours every night, so tired but can’t sleep-no meds work. Getting chuppy but have to eat, made myself puke a few times. Feel like everyone h8s me. Ppl @ school + my fam have all said or implied that they can’t stand me. Wht should i do?

    • Missfiction

      i feel the same way. my mom sort of abuses me. i cant stand myself. i cant tell anyone either.

      • Em

        Aw, girls! that stinks, I’m sorry 🙁 You can definitly tell someone though! remember that, try a teacher or your doctor, and remember people on here are willing to help and just be there for you! hang in there, we all have our struggles, trust me

  • Liv

    I have tried to kill myself. The most recent time i almost succeeded, in the hospital for 2 weeks. It was a miricle i didn’t die. Took 2 bottles of tylenol and went to sleep for a while. I stopped cutting for a while, but now I have started again. Help?

    • Em

      Hey! Remember, it is actually OK to be depressed. It is actually similar to having the stomach flu or a chronic illness, and it really is treatable! Don’t worry, Liv, hang in there! tell a teacher you like or your doctor and they’ll know how to help you feel better and not feel like you have to do those things ever again! Way to go asking for help, by they way, that’s really awesome that you took the first step, keep going strong

  • Nothing

    I’m being ignored by everyone, and my BF just stopped caring about me. But I don’t think I can live without him.

    • Kat

      1. Make yourself heard, and of no one is hearing, fund someone else.
      2. If your BF is ignoring you, then move on. There’s more fish in the sea, and he’s clearly missing out on this one.

  • Adorian

    Wow, I’ve had all those symptoms for YEARS, haha, that is very unpleasant for me.

  • Kassandra

    I feel so emotionally unstable. i feel like my worlds crashing down. i cant stop eatting or sleeping. or some day i cant stand to look at food or ill stay up till 3 in the morning with no problem. i cry my self to sleep nightly.:(

    • Em

      that sounds like mild depression to me, you should tell your doctor and I’m sure he/she will know how to make you feel better again! hold on girl!

    • _bubbles_14

      I’m the same way. except the eating and sleeping part. but i am an emotional wreak and i have no idea what to do

  • Reign

    Every year i go from Winter and Fall = depression
    Spring and Summer- Super happy
    I dont know why its really weird

    • Zainab

      Same here! I hate when it’s winter; it makes me feel really low and empty. But I think there is a type of depression that’s due to the weather. Just remember that you’re not alone.x

    • EmmyGween

      some doctors say that people are more sad in winter and fall because there is little sunlight to give you vitiamin D, so thats probably why. And it does look sad in those seasons because flowers arent blooming and you cant wear cute tanks and shorts! hope i helped:)

  • reed

    yeah, i was gonna say, if i ever told my parents i was depressed, they’d say i was being over dramatic. and that pisses me the fuck off that they wouldn’t help me… it kinda makes me sad, i think i’m PMS-ing.

    • Em

      Tell your doctor then or a cool teacher, even if you are PMS-ing you might need a little help controling it, sometimes my PMS gets bad too! hang it there girl! I’m sure you’ll find a way to fix it