I Wish Someone Had Told Me Guys Didn’t Know More About Sex Than I Did

what does he know about sex? maybe nothing.There was lots of groping and sailing into third base with our hands all the way. It was hot and steamy, but not all that satisfying. Bombshell confidential: When I masturbated in the shower it was much hotter than my sessions with him. But he was a dude, so he had to be a sex wiz, right? He knew everything about sex? I just didn’t know how to enjoy it or something?

When we decided to go all the way, it was over before I even knew it started. Later I asked him if that’s basically, you know, all there was. I couldn’t understand what all of the fuss was about. It was then that he explained that he was a virgin too! We both had our first time together. My “love guru” didn’t know anymore than what I knew.

My point in telling you all of this is that some guys–even the guys who are just as inexperienced or less experienced than you–will try to tell you what’s “right” or how things “work” with sex. Some guys tell girls that if they have blue balls and don’t get sex, they’ll die (HA!) or that there’s no way that you can get pregnant if you have sex, say, in a swimming pool (soooo not true!). Some of these guys are flat out liars, and those guys should be avoided at all cost, but then other guys are just telling you what their friends or older brothers told them. Chances are, they don’t know any more about sex than you do.

So, educate yourself, girl. Poke around this site–poke yourself a little, too!–and be honest with your partners. You’ll figure it all out in good time.

Did your parents ever tell you about sex? Have dudes tried to tell you things that weren’t true about sex? Tell me everything in the comments!

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  • OlderGuy

    My wife to be was much more experienced than me. She literally had to take me by the hand and drag me to the bedroom and teach me. I was shy and so in love with her. I still am all these years later.

    Young men are no more knowledgeable than young ladies. Perhaps less, because while girls talk with one another about sex, men don’t. They brag. You don’t learn by bragging. I would say that most young men who are virgins know less than any girl, even virgins.

  • Marii

    My current boyfriend is a lot more experienced than me. He’s had quite a few ‘casual’ girlfriends before, but he told me I was the first he’s had real feelings for, and that the other girls were just ‘physical’. It surprised me so much when he first told me, though mutual friends have told me the same, it was just so strange hearing it from him. He’s a bit older than me, so I know he ‘expects’ certain things. I really trust him and am comfortable around him, but how can I nicely tell him I’m not ready to go all the way?

  • icantloveu

    im surprised u no why? 3 words: guys are perverts.

  • ayana

    hey my parents tried to tell me about sex but it was really wierd my mom told me when i got my first period that guys are gonna “want me ” now but my dad had beat her to it like 5 years before that he tried to relate humans to salmon but then in the end just came out and said because me an my sis were giving him the ‘ what-are-u-talking-about ‘ face and then he just said it but id snooped around my brothers porn collection and really ddnt need it but its nice to know that he did it anyway

  • Melissa

    Okay, so what if your boyfriend is way more expiranced then you, and you don’t know what you’re doing at all? Does it change the method of letting him know?
    Cuz my boyfriends good at a lot of things, but there’s one or two that I need to correct him on, one being his kissing. Which he’s very sensitive about (I get the feeling that someone at some point told him he way lousy). He just kinda waves his tounge around wildly. How do I let him know that if he payed a little more attention to detail while kissing, it would be soo much better?

    • Kayla

      you have to lead him into it. of course a guy isn’t going to like to hear he is wron but mabe if you show him how it’s really done you won’t even have to speak teach him without saying a word.

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