10 Clues: Guess Our Gurl Crush Of The Week



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  • Sharlee

    I didn’t realize it was Jennifer Lawrence until the last clue. 😐

  • Akash

    I have to admit that I’ve never heard of her before and she just doesn’t look like Katniss to me… Elizabeth Olsen (Mary-Kate and Ashley’s yognuer sister)is a new commer and her face looks to me what Katniss would look like more… Any news on who Peta will be?

  • MsLadybug121

    Jennifer Lawrence. DUH!!!

  • Puanani


  • K

    The clue that said that she appeared in a film as a shape shifter KIND OF was what made me realize that it was Jennifer Lawrence haha

  • Brooke

    Jennifer Lawrence, obviously.

    • Dylan

      Yup, Jennifer Lawrence..

  • guinevere

    Emma Stone

  • uvy

    kristen stewart

  • leilane

    Gosh.She’s my girl crush on real life. I’m not a lesbian but she is so sexy that makes me go wild. I really don’t know what i would do if i have just 5 minutes with, but probs some promiscous things. She got me going crazy, and i really think that i could eat her if we met up one day!

  • leilane

    Gosh! She’s my really girl crush. I’m not an lesbian but, this girl makes me go wild. I really don’t what i would do if i have 5 minutes alone with her, but probs promicous, she got me crazy and i just have shore that i could eat her if we met up one day!

  • maddy

    Jennifer Lawrence

  • Hazel

    Jen Lawrence! 😀

  • Miranda

    It’s Jennifer Lawrence! I only had to read the first two clues to figure it out. 😀

  • Sarah

    I didn’t actually know her name until I saw the other comments, but I know she’s from Hunger Games… right? 😛

  • madhu

    I knew from the last clues!Jennnifer Lawrence all ryt

  • Kathrina

    I have no idea who Jennifer Lawrence is

  • Sara

    jennifer lawrence.

  • Emily

    Def Jennifer Lawrence!

  • Lexa

    Jennifer Lawrence <3 <3 <3

  • Caitlin

    Jennifer Lawrence!