What Is World Water Day–And How Can You Help?

International World Water Day

The resource we most take for granted is scarce in a lot of the world. | Source

Happy International World Water Day! You’re probably like, “Thanks! Wait, what?” Let me explain.

International World Water Day is recognized every year on March 22. It was set up by the United Nations to let people know that there’s a serious shortage of fresh, clean, drinkable water in developing nations. This year, maybe inspired by The Hunger Games, they’re honing in on water’s effects on food, agriculture, and, yes, hunger.

Could you imagine giving up your dreams of getting into your dream school just to have clean water to drink? In a lot of developing countries, girls have to walk almost four miles every day just to get clean water–adding up to more than 15 hours a week! And if they’re walking four hours a day just to have some water (something you and I often take for granted!)–how do you think these girls have time to go to school or study? The sad answer is, many of them don’t.

International World Water Day

Participating in a Water Walk will help build a well in Africa. | Source

Relating further to Katniss and Co., keep in mind that clean water is a big part of reducing hunger–it makes farming possible. And if farmers don’t have water to grow food, people go hungry.

So what can you do to improve the H2O situation? Our pals at Do Something came up with The Water Games, and we’re kind of obsessed.

It works like this: you’ll assemble a Water Walk team (register your team here!) and walk to support clean water efforts. If 15,000 walkers register, The Thirst Project will build a well in Africa!

Where should you walk? You can try using Google maps to find a local body of water (creek, river, lake, pond, etc.). Don’t live near any? A high school track could be good, since it’s public–just make sure there are no meets that day! You’ll want to do about 16 laps around. And yes, your legs may be sore the next day–but now imagine doing that every day, while also carrying jugs and buckets. See what we mean?

World Water Day the Hunger Games

Why not get dolled up and make your good deed a fun one, too? | Source

Obviously, you’re going to want to have fun with it, too. Since the focus this year is on fighting hunger, why not get dolled up like Effie Trinket or sport a Katniss Everdeen braid? You and your girls can don matching tees to show your solidarity. Find other cool water walk ideas here.

There’s something in it for you, too! Aside from the warm fuzzy feeling you get from giving back, participating in a registered Water Walk has other benefits, too, like free movie tickets and other rad prizes. If you invite five of your friends to join your walk, you’re also up for a shot at a $2,000 scholarship and a chance to go with five pals to the Do Something Awards.

Are you recognizing International World Water Day? Do you have tips of conserving water? Are you participating in a Water Walk? Let us know in the comments!

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